10 Best Alternatives to 1337X in 2021


Torrent websites are the best-known way for netizens to download content without any charge. These websites use the peer-to-peer network for providing third-party non-affiliated links for fulfilling the objective of free download.

However, if you are not acquainted with reliable and trustworthy websites, then it might be an uphill battle for you to download the subject you wish for. Torrents are known for some good quality features, but still, there is a need for improvement in their software.

1337x was founded in 2006 gained mass popularity after it survived the mass ban on torrents. It offered the download of various movies, songs, applications, games, tv, anime, and so on for free in HD quality. It was a reliable source as the content was posted from verified websites and people of all age groups enjoyed watching it, but an innovation turned into a blunder, and the website was taken down by google.

The innovation was giving a perplexed and fresh design to the website that included some discriminatory and defamatory content. Due to a  large bunch of under 18 age, people were using the website, so it was made inaccessible to netizens. Some mirror sites were created, and VPN became a necessitate for approaching websites, so its fame declined drastically, and thus, a need for new alternatives rose.

10 Best Alternatives To 1337x In 2021

So your wait is over as you can use the below-mentioned torrent sites as an alternative to 1337x.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an old champion in the field of peer-to-peer networks. Founded in 2003 by some Swedish developers, the site provides movies, songs, anime, games, etc., without demanding a single penny from you. What you need is just a VPN to visit the website, and no registration is required for streaming your content.

The main attraction is the simple and facile interface which helps in easy navigation of the mass collection of the torrent files from its impressive database. Its reliability and security are commendable as it has a legal license for operation. It has been banned but in few countries only. The best part is that not all the files are taken from torrents.

Some are taken from verified and trusted users that have uploaded files in the database itself so that you can binge-watch them directly in the portal without any advertisement. So you can dive into the world of Pirate Bay now.

2. ExtraTorrent

Extra torrent is a less known but great website with features a cut above The  Pirate Bay. The white interface is fabulous and beautiful, but it is recommended to use a VPN or proxy while visiting the website. Not just only movies and songs, it also renders picture torrents and documentaries for zero charges.

It is known for the categorization of different torrent files of its database for easy and thrilling navigation. If you want to watch trending, it lists the top 10 torrents from each section. If you are made your mind to the latest, then you can browse the Today heading, which shows all the relevant files. For movie watchers, it offers an HD movies section and top 250 movies rated by IMDB that proves its reliability and trustworthiness.

3. KAT.cr

“Some things are not easy to forget, no matter how far life can go, even when your old, they will keep on coming back to you every now and then”. This quote faultlessly defines the torrent website KAT.cr. This website needs no introduction as it is a mirror website created by Kickass Torrent after it got banned in several countries. It is similar to 1337x. You can download the content from its vast directory of files.

4. YiFyTorrents

Yify Torrents, a.k.a. Y.T.S, is a prestigious torrent that is popular for providing 4K  quality movies for free. It provides all the movies from 1980- present in 1080p, 3K, and 4K quality. It has a dedicated place for all the 4K movies if you are specially visiting the website for 4K  picture quality movies.

The website has made all the preparations for you if you are visiting randomly. Also, it will introduce you to the Popular movies section, Trending section, and the fascinating Marvel section. Thus it is a perfect destination for movie likers.


If you prefer binge-watching full series in one go-over-watching episode from time to time, then EZTV is perfectly fit for you. You can catch up with your applauded series for free. It has a separate list that contains Full Season TV packs where you can select and watch series in one flow. In terms of filters provided for browsing and the latest and trending sections, it is a doppelganger to Extra Torrent.

6. TorrentReactor

The torrent reactor is an alternative for those who believe that only applications works and online streaming are harmful. The torrent reactor works if you download its software from the verified website, which increases its reliability and safety.

It is quite similar to 1337x concerning the torrent files available for download. It requires a simple registration to enable you to run this application. The torrent reactor does not have any mirror website. It only has software; thus, if you are looking for a download, do it only from the website.

7. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another torrent website offering massive torrent files for free download. It includes software, animes, movies, games, and even books links that are affiliated with the third party. The site is operated by all the netizens as one can upload the torrent files ourselves.

You can even download its free binary channel and IsoHunt client for free for a better and hassle-free experience on the interface. It also lists top searches and trending torrents for a wonderful experience.

8. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a popular torrent website founded in 2003 and managed by Flippy. Torrentz2’s main website has been closed down, but it still has a proxy website that has 60 million torrent files in its huge database. It has a no-nonsense index that helps you discover your favorite content within 3 seconds.

For instance, you can type just a movie name with year, and it will pop up the link for downloading or streaming on your screen. It also has a beta search engine that allows a wide variety of content to be searched.

9. Toorgle

Toorgle is a search engine for discovering your favorite torrent file just by typing in the search bar. It is the most facile torrent platform for downloading content. It is also called Google of torrents by netizens. It provides you links from over 400 websites for online streaming or fast downloading. No silly advertisements will irritate you, and it is most preferred for tv viewers.

10. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent galaxy is a galaxy of various torrent files solar systems like apps, software, music, books, and so on. It also has a forum section for discussing things with other netizens. It now has a streaming section that is the main attraction of the website. Otherwise, it has hot picks and trending searches available for you. So dive into Torrent Galaxy today.

Final Words

These are the 10 best alternatives to 1337x in 2021you can try with the help of proxy or VPN to overcome the problems faced while using 1337x. They are free to use, and most of them are free from silly ads. You can download or stream live according to your choice in your country only. So concluding I say, torrents will form a new future in the internet world.