Bruce Springsteen to Appear in Federal Court on Drunken-Driving …

Bruce Springsteen to Appear in Federal Court on Drunken-Driving ...

The government admitted on Wednesday that the rock star’s BAC in a November incident was too low to support charges of drunken driving or reckless driving.

In regards to the third count, Springsteen did admit to drinking alcohol within the restricted Gateway National Recreation Area. Sandy Hook is the common name for the peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean from which you can see the skyscrapers of New York City.

Bruce Springsteen to Appear in Federal Court on Drunken-Driving ...


In a Federal Court, Bruce Springsteen will Face Charges of Drunk Driving.

Springsteen and his lawyer Mitchell Ansell appeared via video conference before a judge and a crowd of more than a hundred people. Springsteen admitted that he knew it was illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in the park.

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Springsteen said, “I drank two tiny shots of tequila,” in response to questions from the deputy U.S. attorney. The court case was held at the park because it is officially federal property.

U.S. Magistrate Anthony Mautone fined Springsteen $500, plus $40 in court fees, for the offence.

“I think I can pay that quickly, your honour,” Springsteen said Mautone.

“He is thrilled with the outcome,” Ansell stated on behalf of Springsteen in an email statement.

Springsteen, at age 71, pled guilty in an electronic arraignment before U.S. District Judge Earl H. Larson. More than half a century of his career has been spent writing songs about the Jersey Shore and other aspects of his home state. The Newark District Court’s Honorable Anthony Mautone.

Mautone slapped $40 in fees and asked the rock singer how long he would need to pay the total of $540 after announcing that counsel had agreed to settle the dispute before the hearing.

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In Closing

Prosecutors said that the alcohol ban at Sandy Hook began in the summer of 2016. Approximately 16 kilometres (about 10 miles) south of New York City lies a peninsula where Springsteen lives.

The hamlet of Freehold, New Jersey, where Mr. Springsteen grew up, is now legendary in his home state. In his early years as a musician, he played at New Jersey shore venues like Asbury Park’s Stone Pony.

Around a recent campaign to promote the usage of face masks, he and fellow New Jersey locals Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart featured on billboards in the state. In addition, he has given to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.