10 Best DownloadHub Alternatives in 2021


The download is just an eight-letter word, but the rationale behind this word contains memories, data, experiences, and documentaries to be saved on one’s phone.  People across the globe love to download movies from piracy sites. According to stats, a  herculean number of 73.9 billion people visited piracy and torrent websites in 2017 for downloading the content.

Torrent websites use peer-to-peer networks for providing third-party links for downloading or streaming content. To provide services to such a massive amount of audience number of websites and platforms have been initiated in the early 2010s, for instance, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.

But these platforms either require registration or subscription to operate. So people started shifting towards a well-known torrent website DownloadHub. DownloadHub although it provides free downloading of the latest movies yet is not preferable by netizens.

It suffers from various drawbacks and impediments like it was not able to survive mass torrent websites, so it requires a VPN to function that might cost you a good amount. Coming back to its interface it does not have easy navigation filters and is often surrounded by a number of disturbing advertisements. Its customer grievance handling system fails to help and serve you correctly.

10 DownloadHub Alternatives In 2021

Your miseries do not end here as the speed of downloading is very low compared to its competing platforms. So for experiencing a good download 10 alternatives to Download Hib have been mentioned below.

1. Filmy Hit

Filmy Hit is first on the list for a big reason. It does not only contain Hollywood and Bollywood movies in its massive database but also showcases films from Punjabi, South Indian, and even Bengali film industries. Filmy Hit is a free film streaming and downloading website that is known for its consistency and quality. It also provides Netflix series, dc series, and marvel series in Hindi dubbed versions.

It also has a separate section of the latest game of throne series. For making the navigation process easy and facile it provides a tab that showcases a list of movies uploaded yesterday, last week, last month, etc. It also has an optional registration that allows you to catch its updates on your mail. So Filmy Hit surely deserves a visit from you.

2. Filmy Zilla

Filmy Zilla is a torrent website that is a subsidiary of Filmy Hit, so it closely resembles Filmy Hit in terms of interface and services. But it has some major differences from Filmy Hit, like it provides movies from the Bhojpuri film industry as well as Indian movies with B grades.

Also, it has some movies and series in higher quality that Filmy Hit doesn’t have, such as the game of thrones is available in 1080 P quality. But the most important feature is that it provides dubbing of films in 5 Indian languages. Lastly, although being a torrent website yet it does not require a VPN or proxy site to function.

3. FilmyWap

Filmy Wap is another famous torrent website that provides third-party links for downloading the content. The third-party links are fully secured and verified. So it is often regarded as the safest torrent website. Filmy Wap provides the content ford= downloading in 3 Gp / MP 4 /HD/AVI formats. The website is supported by all forms of software and devices.

4. Movie Rulz

The next option that we suggest is Movie Rulz. It is specially designed for those who believe in play store verified material as it is available in the form of an application that can be easily downloaded from the play store. You can download movies in Hd quality of belonging over 30 genres available.

You can view movies according to the reviews as it receives reviews from expert critics. It also helps you retrieve the list of movies that is scheduled to be released in the near future in your location. So Movie Rulz is a good alternative for those who want infotainment.

5. O2TVSeries

O2TVSeries is an American torrent website that offers free downloads of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also has its application that is available on the play store namely, the HD Mania app. It has a recently added section that is updated daily with fresh content for netizens to enjoy.

Its search bar is powered by Google thus making searching movies smooth like butter. You can also search movies from the list that is arranged according to its starting alphabets. It has tons of thousands of content for downloading as well as live streaming. The movies are also arranged according to categories so you can watch them in a single go.

6. 123Movies

123movies is called as “world’s most illegal website,” but due to its immense presence and dominance over other torrent websites, it deserves a spot on our list. 123 Movies is still active from clone websites, and you can download its extension, which is free of viruses or spyware.

It is one of the convenient ways to watch your favorite movie in HD and Ultra HD  quality for free without any registration. It has minimal advertisements but is completely ignored due to its beautiful interface. You can search movies according to categories, genres, seasons, languages, etc.

7. FzMovies

FzMovies is another exciting platform for people wishing to download and stream free content. Fz Movies is best known for its largest collection of movies on the internet. FzMovies have a well-structured and designed search bar where you can find movies by name of star cast and directors also.

It also has a specific advanced search system where you can browse according to your criteria. It also has a mobile application available at FZ studios which you can download and enjoy free streaming. It also gives you a glimpse of actors’ life by sharing news buzzing around them. Overall, FZMovies is a deserving platform on the list.

8. 9x Movies

9x Movies is a torrent website that provides third-party nonaffiliated links for the free downloading of movies. 9X movies is known for providing HD quality in very low storage . for instance, 1080p quality movies are available for download under 300 MB. You can download movies such as Bhojpuri, English, Bengali, Malayali, Hindi, etc. Also, movies such as south Indian are available in dubbed and subbed versions and vice versa.

Final Words

So this is all about the best alternatives to DownloadHub. All the sites are free and stream pictures in HD quality. Most of them do not require a VPN or clone sites to function, and some are available in applications. So you will have a great time enjoying movies with these platforms.