5 Best Free Audio Editing Software in 2023


An Audio Editing Software usually supports features like generating and alteration of audio data. Audio Editing can be an exhausting task depending upon how and where the data need to be put. Sound Editing Software that is available to you in the market is often costly but there is certain software that is free and hence pocket friendly, available for device installation.

5 Best Free Audio Editing Software

In the following article we are providing you with some of the cheap and best Audio Editing Software for your device:

1. Soundation

Soundation is yet another user-friendly Audio Editing Software supporting the multi-track DAW. Here you can record, mix, share high-quality music composition. Soundation’s functions are easy to use and perform. Its basic functions include ease interface, pan automation, time-stretching, effect editing, looping, organize, and track color effects. Soundation can be used as much for audio editing as for music composition. Soundation also has free as well as a paid version.

2. GarageBand

GarageBand is created by Apple and developed with audio workstations allowing the Mac OS and iOS users to the podcast, mix, share, and create music. Although there are ways you may use this software on your PC but officially Apply has not launched any such version of it.

GarageBand has features including MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, varied instrumental effects, etc. GarageBand’s initial release was in 2004. Here the user can record at 24-bit as well as 16-bit audio resolution. GarageBand also has an inbuilt tuning system, which also gives the auto-tune effect at its maximum level.

3. Hya-Wave

Hya-Wave is a modern Audio Editing Software that works in your web browser. It not only edits the audio sample but also lets you save the same in the cloud for later use. Hya-Wave is a clean interface and user-friendly software. Using the application you can cut, copy, paste, save, share, and crop the data though it doesn’t support the feature of multitracking.

4. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is a cross-fictional easy, fast, and effective Audio Editing Software. Its use varies from an intermediate to advanced user requirements. It is available for all the following operating system-Windows, Mac OS X and Linux thus is usable to every PC. It is a multitasker and loaded with multiple features like operating multiple file-formats, spectral analysis, and audio signal generation.

5. Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio is a simple Sound Editing Software to organize, edit, rip, and edit music data and sounds in general. It supports the aa4/m4a apple formats and also the ape format. With additional analyzing and formatting, one can get a perfect melody mix out of general sound data.


There is an array of options available to the users in the market. Users can choose software depending upon the usability and difficulty level of the task. There is many Audio Editing Software. GarageBand works well for iOS, it supports different file formats although not usable on Windows but has an effective and powerful working in music editing.