How Far is it From Key Largo To Key West

How Far is it From Key Largo To Key West

To every American, a road trip to the Florida Keys is a must-do. The journey from Key Largo to Key West is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors from all over the world. To think that you can see so much in just 113 miles is astonishing.

Is there anything interesting to view on the way between Key West and Key Largo? Here are some of the best things to do in the Florida Keys, from sampling the local seafood to supporting rescued turtles.

How Far is it From Key Largo To Key West

Stops here are Geared for a Trip From Key Largo to Key West

The stops here are geared for a trip from Key Largo to Key West, but if you’d rather begin in Key West and work your way north, that’s perfectly doable too! They’re both good choices, by the way.

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Can you Tell Me the Distance Between Key Largo and Key West?

The Southernmost Point of the United States is located at the end of the 113-mile long Overseas Highway in Southern Florida (Key West). Because it passes through several coral and limestone islets, it has earned the nickname “The Highway That Goes to Sea.”

It’s a truly extraordinary place, the very existence of which can be questioned. The Florida Keys are made up of a chain of islands, or “keys,” numbering in the hundreds.

Can you tell me the distance between Key Largo and Key West? If you can cover this small distance in one go, the answer is here.

  • Distance driven continuously without stopping: 158 kilometres (98 miles)
  • Time spent in a car: 2 hours and 7 minutes

It is possible to drive the entire trip without stopping, however doing so may be boring. To find out how long it would take if you had to travel there and back with stops, just scroll down.

So, let’s say you have access to a private aircraft and can go between Key West and Key Largo as quickly as possible through a direct route. Since the Earth is curved, the iterative Vincenty formula must be used to get the shortest distance, which is the “great circle” distance, also known as the “as the crow flies” distance.

  • It’s a 147-kilometer (91-mile) flight.
  • Time spent in the air: 41 minutes

The driving distance is almost 1.1 times as far as the flight distance since it takes 7 miles longer to travel by road than it does by plane.

You should Expect Your Flight to Take Only About a Third as Long as Driving Would.

Although you could use a private jet for the short distance, you might want to fly commercial. If that’s the case, you’ll need to factor in extra time for getting to the airport, clearing security, boarding the plane, taxiing down the runway, landing at the other airport, and making your way to your final destination. You can obtain a more accurate estimate of your trip duration by scrolling down to see a calculation that takes into account all these factors.

Last Words

While I agree that a car rental is necessary to drive from Key Largo to Key West, once you’re in Key West, you won’t need one. In general, you can get around Key West by foot, and if you need to go further, there are rideshare services like Uber and Lyft available. Bicycle rental is a common way to move around Key West.