How Old Was Mozart When He Wrote His First Symphony

How Old Was Mozart When He Wrote His First Symphony

As a child, Mozart exhibited extraordinary talent. His father was a skilled violinist, and he learned the fundamentals of the instrument from him. In 1761, when he was five years old, Mozart wrote his first piece of music; by the time he was six, he had already performed for two imperial courts.

Mozart’s sister Maria Anna (“Nannerl”) accompanied him on a tour in 1763. The twins performed in major western European towns like Munich, Augsburg, Paris, and London over the span of three years during their tour.

How Old Was Mozart When He Wrote His First Symphony

It was in Paris that Mozart had his first musical composition published, and it was in London that he wrote his first symphony. In Vienna, Mozart wrote a German singspiel (Bastien und Bastienne) and an Italian opera buffa when his tour ended in 1766. (La finta semplice). Mozart, at just 13 years old, became the Salzburg court’s honorary Konzertmeister that same year.

Young Mozart composed his first full symphony at the age of eight. The music is widely believed to have been originally recorded by his father. This talented composer passed away at the young age of 35.

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Some of the classical music greats may be familiar to you. Artists like Bach and Beethoven are among them. On the other hand, there are others who think a particular name is superior than the rest. Who exactly are we referring to? The one and only, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Thanks for reading our article How Old Was Mozart When He Wrote His First Symphony.