How To Tell If a Faucet Cartridge is Bad

How To Tell If a Faucet Cartridge is Bad

Cartridge faucets, a type of washerless fixture, are incredibly convenient because they can be repaired or replaced with little effort and are used often in both kitchens and bathrooms. These fixtures can have one or two handles, and different models may employ different kinds of cartridges made of brass or plastic. To stop or start the flow of water, just raise or lower the handle of a single-handle faucet to manipulate the cartridge located inside the faucet body. The same cartridge is used for both hot and cold water.

How To Tell If a Faucet Cartridge is Bad

However, faucets with two cartridges and two handles are known as two-handle cartridge faucets. Like their single-handle counterparts, these versions have separate knobs for hot and cold water. The cartridge is designed to blend the hot and cold water supplies, control the water’s intensity, and keep the fixture running smoothly and reliably.

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Do you Know if it’s Time to Replace the Cartridge in Your Sink Faucet?

Older models of faucets had rubber seals on the valves, making repairs a do-it-yourself job. These types of valves are typically no longer included on modern faucets. A ceramic or nylon insert now serves the same purpose as the old seals.

The cartridge’s principal purpose is to ensure the continuous operation of sanitary equipment by blending and regulating the intensity of cold and hot water streams.

Water with limescale leads in more damage to plumbing. Mineral deposits around plumbing fixtures (such as faucets and other joints) can cause deterioration and require replacement parts or new cartridges in systems that use water for plumbing or other purposes.

If the Water is Dripping From the Faucet, You Know The Cartridge is Broken.

If the cartridge in your faucet breaks, you may find it difficult to adjust the temperature of the water and even have cold water leak into the hot water pipes.

If water leaks from behind the nut, the handle, or the valve, then the cartridge is bad. Most levers won’t budge out of their undesirable positions when subjected to such conditions. Another symptom is the jet isn’t forceful enough with normal water pressure in the system.

Anyone With Helpful Abilities Can Fix This.

To begin, turn off the water and plug the drain to stop any small pieces from washing away. Use the screwdriver to remove the top crowns from the faucet. Under the covers, you’ll find a screw that secures the tap. Loosen the screw and take off all parts that come off readily.

Under the spout is a cylindrical faucet which is ringed by 2 O rings. If you notice leaks around the spout, you ought to also change the rings. When anything is off, you need to see the top of the cartridge. Use pliers to remove the cartridge.

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Last Words

Take a look at it. If it’s flawless, the rings were probably at fault. The cartridge must be changed if it has been clogged or is damaged. Just put the replacement cartridge into the faucet’s body. Put the sink back together again. Activate the water supply and see how it performs.