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If you look at the current world, there are tons of generic instant messaging applications. Today, it is tough to stand out and be unique. Applications are at each other’s throat with severe competition.

New features are constantly added and any application which cannot compete is thrown out. However, Kik stands out from all of these generic messaging applications. The basic concept of Kik is, it allows maximum features with maximum security.

The ideology behind Kik chat rooms is that anyone, anywhere can join the rooms. This feature might seem risky but Kik is extremely secure. You do not need your phone number to use Kik app and to access Kik chat rooms.

You will be able to converse with strangers from across the world, without worrying about your privacy. All you need is an internet connection. Below, I will give information on these Kik chat rooms. I will also elaborate on the best Kik chat rooms to join online..

If you don’t know how to download Kik for PC then you can read our guide link is already given.

KIK Chat Rooms – A Simple Yet Unique Formula

Chat rooms are virtual rooms where you can chat and converse with anyone. Most instant messaging applications offer chat room function. But Kik adds a unique masala to it. For example, joining, creating or adding people is completely different from mainstream social media applications.Kik chat rooms are public rooms which can be joined by anyone as long as there is member capacity. Kik chat rooms bring together various types of people. If you are interested in a particular topic, joining a Kik chat room would be a great idea for you.

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It will allow you to find more people who share your interests and hobbies. You can join a Kik chat room by three different methods. Those methods are- By QR code, By invite link or by direct add.

There are two types of Kik chat rooms, private and public. Private chat rooms are limited and allow only 50 people. They are for close friends, family etc.

Public chat rooms on the other hand are open to the general public. Both of these variants allow you to exchange unlimited messages, emojis, GIFs, photos etc to express yourself. You can even make use of the search function to look up the perfect group.

To join a public chat room,

  • Open your Kik app.
  • Next, tap on the “+” sign on the lower right of the screen. It will show you some options.
  • Now, tap on “Public Groups”.
  • Then, you can search any kind of group you wish. You can search the group which mirrors your interest and join it. Have fun chatting with people on your favourite Kik chat rooms.

To join a private chat room, however, is a little bit more tricky.

Private chat rooms are created with the idea of giving the admin better authority and control. Private chat rooms allow you to do things such as plan parties, vacations, chat with friends, family etc.

You can Join A Private Kik Chat Room

There are three main methods to join a private kik chat room.

1: By QR Code

Private chat rooms have their own unique QR codes. If the admin wants you to join, he or she can show you the QR code. After you scan the QR code, you can join the Kik chat room. This is one of the most unique methods in any messaging applications..QR code can be found in the group’s name and information area.

2: By Invite Link

The owner of the group can also generate a special invite link which the people can use to join it. All you have to do is tap on the group name and tap on the share button. The share button is located on the upper right. This will generate a link which you can share with your friends

3: By Username

The owner of the Kik chat room can also directly add members to the group. All he or she has to do is search them by their username and add that person and chat away!

KIK Chat Rooms – How to Create A Chat Room

Now that I have explained how to join these Kik chat rooms, I will show you how to create one. If you want to start your own group and community, you can always use these ways.

Step One –

Open your Kik app and click on the + sign on the lower right of the screen. After you do that, some icons should appear.

Step Two –

Here, tap on “Start a Group”. You will reach a screen which will ask you to put in a name, and add members. You can add up to 50 people in this private group. Once you have added the people and picked a name, your job is done. You now admin a group.

How to Create A Public Chat Room

Next, We’ll show you how to create a public Kik chat room..

Step One –

First of all, head over to your Kik app and click on the “+” sign. You will see a variety of public groups that you can join.

Step Two –

Next, head on over to the top right corner of the screen and tap on the “+’ sign. You will be directed to a page where you may insert private data.

Step Three –

Put in your group name, add your members and select a profile picture. Once you are done with the above, simply tap create and you are done! Now, I will explain how you can add your friends in your existing groups.

Life is bland without friends. Your group will benefit from having an active list of members. You can add your friends to your Kik group by three different ways. By searching their username, by the group QR or by an invite link. Now, We will show you  some of the best Kik chat rooms.

Best Kik Chat Rooms

Now you know about the various chat rooms, I will tell you how to find and join the best ones. The basic funda is that you must find your interest and then search for that interest. You will find various groups which match your likes and dislikes. This totally depends on person to person.

1: Fashion, Movies, Bollywood

These groups and hashtags are full of people who like these things and follow it. They will have frequent discussions about fashion and movies.

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2: TV Shows and Novels

These groups will be full of bookworms. If you like reading, join one of the reading chat rooms

3: Cricket, Football

If you are a sports fanatic, do join the sports Kik chat rooms and enjoy the daily talk with like minded people.

Cricket Kik Chat Rooms


In the end, Kik chat rooms are all about finding people who are like minded. These chat rooms can be best enjoyed when you have a hobby you share with these people. Chat rooms add a different kind of fun to instant messaging. You develop a bond with people from different places based on your common hobby.