How to Download Kik for BlackBerry for FREE


Kik for Blackberry is an amazing combination which we cannot overlook easily. Both are known for giving compact and premium features. Kik allows you to join or make chat groups and to connect with people all over the world. Blackberry phones are one of the most secure Android devices today, which pack security and features together.

Kik allows you to use emojis, GIFs, videos, and pictures to communicate. The best part? Kik does not use your phone number, it only uses a username.

Couple this with the fact that Blackberry is very secure, you have the best security on social media! With so many features, some of you may wish to swap Kik with your current instant messaging app. So today I will familiarize you with the details on Kik and Blackberry.


Kik and Blackberry Relations

An interesting thing to note is, Kik and Blackberry were involved in a legal feud in December 2010. In this case, Blackberry claims that Kik has infringed on over three patents of Blackberry. However, the case and any other counterclaims are now dismissed.

This complicates things because Kik is not available on Blackberry’s app world and must be downloaded via the browser. However, if you are using the latest Blackberry with Android, you should have no problems installing Kik for Blackberry via APK or Play store. Below, I will briefly explain all of the methods.

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Method 1: Via Browser

The browser method can be used to install Kik for Blackberry in case you are unable to access the Play store or have an older model which does not support the Play store. The method is fast, simple, and reliable.

APK is basically the format in which android files are stored. APK allows you to distribute, download or upload Android applications with ease. This would be an ideal method to install Kik for Blackberry.

  • To run Kik for Blackberry via browser, simply open the phone’s inbuilt browser. Next, search “Kik for Blackberry”.
  • You will come across various websites for the above purpose. As always, scan and make sure the file is virus-free and the latest version. This will install the APK of Kik for Blackberry, which will allow you to install the app.
  • Next, download an APK installer from the Play Store, just open the store and search “APK Installer”. You should across dozens of applications, choose the one you like, and install it. After the installer has finished downloading, open it.
  • You will now see a list of APK files that can be installed on your phone. Find Kik for Blackberry and tap on install.
  • The installation process will take a little time. After it is complete, simply open it normally.

Sign up or log in, you can now enjoy using Kik for your Blackberry device! Chat with anyone in the world without worrying about leaking your personal information!

Method 2: Via Play Store

  • Kik for Blackberry can be used directly via the Play store if you own the latest Blackberry phones. Blackberry has now started releasing phones with android, which will let you use a host of applications. It is as simple as it is on Android.
  • Simply, open the play store in your all apps folder.
  • You might have to register or sign in using your Google ID.
  • Next, search the play store for Kik for the Blackberry app and you should see the results.
  • Tap on install and let it take its time. Give the permissions and wait.
  • Once it is done, you can log in or sign up for Kik for Blackberry!

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Enjoy chatting and connecting with people across the world. You can find diverse groups and people to talk to, all while staying secure. Kik ensures your privacy is always maintained.