Kik For iPad: How to Download the Kik App on Your iPad


Kik for iPad fits right in a place like a well-fitted suit. It connects the world through words and communication. It is a simple application that weaves together words and emojis. Kik has managed to set itself apart from the generic league of messengers. Today, Kik enjoys millions of users daily.

Apple has always taken security seriously, it only allows apps that pass its stringent standards. Luckily, Kik packs a punch of features, all while maintaining the security to protect you and me. Kik is similar to other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp/Hike etc. But Kik changes the game with its unique features.

Most applications out there are pretty generic and have more or less the same features. Kik has stickers, GIFs, unlimited messages and voice calling, unlimited photos and video sharing, and other useful features. If you are an iOS user, chances are, you like to be secure.

That is exactly where Kik for iPad comes in. You don’t have to use your phone number to chat with people. You can talk to absolutely anyone across the world as long as you are connected to the internet. Kik uses your designated username in place of your phone number. This protects your identity, as you don’t have to give out your phone number.

Kik even has other cool features such as a Kikbot. You can talk to the Kikbot, you can ask for the latest fashion advice or news. In many ways, it is very similar to Siri. As you can probably see, Kik for iPad or iOS is pretty ideal. The basic idea of Kik for iPad is to provide you with features as well as tight security.

Kik messenger has over 100 million users right now, that by itself is awesome. Kik for iPad allows you to access local and international groups regarding your hobbies. This allows you to connect with people across the globe. You can even create and manage groups locally. Kik even allows you to use an inbuilt browser for all your internet needs.

All in all, it is pretty much guaranteed that Kik for iPad kicks every other application out there! You will be shocked to know that all these features are available free of cost for Kik users.

Kik has an extremely simple, yet seamless and immersive interface. You can even have unique Kik codes with people and places to instantly add or follow them. You can scan a friend’s QR code to add him or her instantly to your account.

The variety in bots is insane, you can actually visit the Botshop and see for yourself. Perhaps the best thing about Kik for iPad and iOS is that it is constantly updated for your security and safety.

It adds new features regularly so you don’t get bored of the application. All this may seem like a lot, but it is perfectly packed in this application. One downfall I can see about Kik for iPad is, you might get super addicted!

Before We Begin

Before we begin I’d like to tell you that Kik for iPad has certain requirements. You must have an Apple device like an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. The device must also be running the latest version of iOS available or 8.1+.

About 300 MB of storage must be free for it to install Kik for iPad. You also need to be connected to a fast internet connection. You must be 17 years old. Once you have these under the belt, have that awesome application that is just minutes away!

Let’s Download Kik!

  • First, navigate to the main menu and find the iTunes store.
  • Then, open it and search for “Kik messenger”.
  • Click on “download” and wait. Kik for iOS is about 215MB and will take some time to finish downloading.
  • After it is done, tap on the installed application.
  • Once you are inside the application, just tap on sign up.
  • Signing up will take some time, you will have to create your login credentials.
  • Type in your name, email, and password and once you are done, you have completed the sign-up process!
  • Now, simply use the created credentials to login into your new Kik profile!
  • That is how you successfully download and use Kik for iPad! Enjoy your new social application and keep kikin!

Alternative Method

  • If the iTunes store is not working, you can always opt for an alternative. Kik for iPad or iOS is available on their official website too. It can be found here. All you really have to do is, open the website and navigate towards the downloads page.
  • On this page, you will be asked to input your phone number.
  • After you input your number and click on “Send”, you will receive your link to download the application.
  • Alternatively, you can always head on to the site’s homepage and click on “Download now”. It will lead you to the phone number screen, where you must put in your number to receive it.

There you go! You can now access the Kik app for iPad and iOS. You can enjoy various features such as: –

  • Lightning-quick messaging.
  • Unlimited messages, videos, images, and voice notes.
  • Find friends with similar hobbies and interests.


So, there you go, all the methods to get Kik for iPad and iOS. It is simple as hell and anyone with a bit of know-how and internet connection can do it. Once you follow through with this tutorial, you can access all these exciting features. All of this, without paying a single buck out of your wallet! 😊