Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Jarrett Hurd and Luis Arias didn’t hold back from putting on a furious exhibition in the first traditional fight of the Mayweather vs. Paul undercard. The middleweight fight had both guys displaying moments of complete dominance. Nonetheless, Arias was able to secure the victory with a split decision of 97-93, 96-93, and 94-95.

Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Hurd’s and Arias’s bruised-up features represented the severity of the conflict they engaged in under the ropes. A single blow could have ended the fight, but instead both men struck devastating blows. Both parties landed powerful blows, but neither one gave an inch. In contrast, they kept making their way forward, to to the pleasure of their followers.

Arias’s recent performance, in which turmoil wears down the canvas, won rave reviews. In the buildup to the bout, Jarrett Hurd was considered by many to be the clear favourite. In contrast, Arias showed off his skills as he should have. The Florida native began unloading heavily as the bout progressed. Jarrett Hurd, meanwhile, seemed to rely more and more on jabs. Take a look back at some of the fight’s most exciting sequences.

A loss to Julian Williams in 2019 ended Jarrett Hurd’s reign as super welterweight champion. In one appearance after his lone loss, he hasn’t looked the same. Career-wise, Hurd suffered a plunge on June 6 after losing a split decision to Luis Arias on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul.

When 2019 rolled around, Hurd had given up his titles with the IBO, WBA, and IBF in favour of Williams. Hurd intended to make a good impression against Arias after a poor victory against Francisco Santana in 2020. Nothing of the sort transpired.

In the first round of the fight, Arias exploded out of the gate, hammering Hurd with a right cross. After the first minute, Hurd woke up and threw a jab. Because he was the more active fighter, Arias was able to win the round despite FanSided’s worse hand.

The second round was much more exciting. Weather at Miami Gardens, Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium, an open-air venue, turned rainy. Despite the arena being roofed, the rain still blew in and made the surface dangerously slick for the fighters. After Arias’s slip, the bout had to be stopped so the canvas could dry.

Although the Sunday’s highly publicised battle between former pro boxing star Floyd Mayweather and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul was met with varying degrees of serious attention among boxing fans, for Milwaukee native Luis Arias it was a serious and triumphant occasion.

Last Words

One of two sanctioned undercard bouts at the Miami event, Arias stunned the local favourite and former super welterweight champion Jarrett Hurd via split decision.

“We’re here,” Arias declared thereafter. I’m not the type to give up on myself. Some of my closest friends and family members even urged me to give up boxing and get gainful employment instead. A former champion was just defeated by me. Never give up on your own potential.