Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride …

Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride ...

On Tuesday, Mandy Patinkin tweeted about a personal incident that influenced his portrayal of a pivotal character in The Princess Bride.

One of Patinkin’s sons showed him a TikTok video recorded by a young woman named Amanda (TikTok username: @Alaska Webb), which encouraged the actor to discuss his experience. Continue reading for more updates about the Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride …

Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride ...

Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride

She revealed in the video that her father passed away in March due to cancer. She sobbed, “Princess Bride was always one of his favourite movies, and it’s always been one of mine, and Inigo Montoya was his favourite character from the picture.”

Patinkin’s Inigo Montoya is the Spanish fencing expert who famously challenged Christopher Guest’s Count Rugen, dubbed The Six-Fingered Man, to a duel. You murdered my dad; be ready to meet your maker.

“Hello. Hey, everybody, I’m Inigo Montoya. You were responsible for my father’s death. Get ready to pass out. For any lover of Rob Reiner’s cult classic fantasy film The Princess Bride, those lines have an even greater significance.

The long-standing rumour that Mandy Patinkin, the Broadway star and Criminal Minds alum who played Inigo, had performed the famous scene in which Inigo kills the wicked Count Rugen in honour of his own father has been confirmed by Patinkin himself, thanks to TikTok user Amanda Webb (@alaska webb).

Patinkin and his Wife Kathryn Grody Reacted to a TikTok Video

Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody reacted to a TikTok video of Webb asking the internet if anyone had heard the rumour, and the video was posted online. Webb said her father, who died of cancer in March of 2021, was a huge fan of Patinkin in The Princess Bride and had often wondered if it was true that he had reflected on the death of his own father when filming the sequence.

After shedding some tears, she expressed her belief that the video “won’t ever travel [so] far” as to reach Patinkin, but that she was “very interested” about it anyhow because the scenario “means so much more to [her] now than it ever did” since the death of her father.

Last Words

It is accurate, one hundred percent true,” Patinkin claimed in a video statement. “I went for a walk outside the castle walls while continuing my conversation with my father. I told my father, “I’m going to get this guy.” In fact, I told Kath [Patinkin’s wife] as soon as I read the script, “I’m going to do this part because in my imagination if I get the Six-Fingered person, it means I kill the cancer that killed my dad and I’ll get to visit my dad.”” Thanks for reading our article Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride …