12 Best Mangastream Alternatives You Can Try in 2023


You must be seen a lot of memes surrounding social media maybe it is Instagram or Facebook but comics do not go out of trend as it still has its presence digitally. MangaStream was one of the websites that know your insane level that’s why they brought amazing comic content for manga lovers who want to experience unlimited laughter. It was one of the favorite online platforms for all age groups from toddlers to youth.

MangaStream is an online manga comic website that has over 100000 monthly readers. MangaStream was originated in Japan and it was among the leading comic across the globe. Their style is so unique and different that everybody loves to watch it. People can’t get over this type of content as they want more and more like MangaStream.

It includes various comic genres like action, drama, romance, sci-fi, adulthood, etc. As they are initiated in Japan, they are all in the Japanese language, so one needs to change the version of the language before experience the unlimited insane level.

People can enjoy MangaStream for free. Despite old readers, there is a crowd of new readers as well. MangaStream has been around for almost a decade with a promising track record of providing manga comics. It is completely worth watching MangaStream after all the hype.

One-piece Manga, Fairy tale Manga, My hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeiki, No Soma, and promised Neverland are some of the most popular manga comics on MangaStream. MangaStream has massive readers that are engaging over 1 million per month.

Why MangaStream goes down?

Almost a decade after the release of MangaStream, the official website is completely inaccessible and is goes down entirely. But the shutdown of MangaStream is not confirmed officially but it is expected that the owners of the Manga comics have made pressure on them to take down the website. The official account was removed from Twitter and now MangaStream is considered illegal.

Top 12 Alternatives to MangaStream

As MangaStream goes down, it is quite disappointing for all manga lovers but in the age of competition, alternatives to MangaStream are available. There are various options to enjoy manga digitally. Below is the full list of MangaStream alternatives you can use to quench the thirst for comics.

1. MangaReader

If you are looking for an option. Mangareader is one of the alternatives you should visit once. They create the best content in an easy layout for all the manga lovers out there. They are also free as MangaStream.

It also has a surprise me button for the random selection of manga comics. It’s best to work on Tablets, computers, and PCs instead of Mobile Phones. It also has an A to Z list which helps manga lovers to easily find the comics.

2. MangaFreak

Mangafreak is another alternative that provides the reader not just can read the manga but download the whole manga and read it. In manga freak, you can find all the popular series like Naruto, Boruto, Bleach, and one-piece. This website is not so popular as MangaStream but still has a huge crowd. They include all genres like drama, comedy thrill, romance, etc.

3. MangaTown

It is one of the favorite websites for all manga lovers. There is no payment or registration to read the manga comics online. It provides high-quality manga. It has a very pretty minimalistic design which attracts comic lovers the most. You can explore various manga according to your choices. It is one of the best alternatives of MangaStream to read.

4. KissManga

It has exclusive and high-quality MangaStream online. It has over 100000 manga comics that drive you crazy for manga. You can also read and share the mangas between your friends and family. You can receive the latest notification of the manga list. Also, you can send feedback as well as queries to KissManga. You should try this one.

5. MangaFox

It is surely one of your favorite websites for manga. They provide the best quality manga for free without charging a single registration fee. You can explore various genres whichever you want. It is one of the popular MangaStream that gives rise to various fake accounts in social media.

The MangaFox is currently being operated by fanfox.net. The design is so fresh that it attracts all manga lovers. It includes colors like orange, white, and black. The manga updates are very fast online.

6. Comixology

First of all, Comixology is not free content. It charges a premium to all the manga users. Also, it is a cloud-based digital comics website. It not only deals with a comic but it also deals with a variety of American, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese comics. Comixology can be used with any device like IOS, web, and android. It is surely one of the best alternative websites of MangaStream for streaming online.

7. MangaReborn

The manga reborn is one of the new website trending online. It has a huge library of unknown mangas across the globe. It has a massive crowd of people. Mangareborn has a simple look with a marron and white theme. It looks appealing to all the manga lovers. The most important thing is that it is available in all languages. If you are a comic lover just visit this site once, you will surely love this alternative of MangaStream.

8. MangaPanda

Mangapanda has the most promising look among all the manga website. It has a very interesting look with 10000 of high-quality manga comics. It is accessible through smartphones, tablets, computers,s, or PCs.

There is a variety of genres available in manga pandas like mystery, romance, thrill, adventure, action, and a lot more. It also has a “Surprise me” button as the manga reader has. The comic lovers surely find it refreshing if they want to see something different than others. You can enjoy all the content free of cost.

You may find ads and link pop-ups that maybe annoy you but if you are looking for some refreshing content. This is surely one of the best alternative websites of MangaStream you can go through.

9. Mangaeden

If you are looking for some affordable and interesting content for all manga lovers, this has to be one for you. Magaeden is another good altenative for MangaStream. They help you to find the best appropriate comics for you. It has a simple website with a huge library of manga comics.

Mangaeden has the least promising look that may not be interesting for some comic lovers. It has straightforward navigation with two different languages i.e one is English and the other one is Italian. Dragon Ball Super and One Punch man are the most read mangas. It also has the facility to add resume reading support. Its manga reading experience is best.

10. Viz Media

Viz media is another alternative for MangaStream. It is also a free application that will attract most comic lovers but they will charge a subscription plan to read mangas with PCs. It not only just comprises manga but it also has anime.

Viz Media has a huge library of Japanese anime. Using the title as a keyword you can search your favorite manga. Not only just manga lovers but anime lovers can scroll their websites. You can get all the mangas and anime translated into English. You can access manga and anime in just one single app.

11. Mangakalot

It is another alternative to MangaStream where you can enjoy unlimited laughter with your friends and family. Mangakalot is quite famous for its speedy upload of mangas online. The interface is easy to use and also very attractive. Here you can find the completed mangas online.

The design is not very simple and not very bold. It has a colorful touch in it, that’s why manga lovers find it appealing and elegant. You can find the latest updates of new and refreshing mangas. If you are looking for this kind of alternative, you must try it once.

12. Read Comic Online

Read comic online has a huge library of mangas online. You can also find Marvel comics. The design is quite appealing. This website has a red and black color theme giving it a warm effect of colors. It enables the user to read the comic for free. Read Comic is categorized into a subcategory of mangas.

It helps the readers to imagine the fictional world. Read Comic has several genres like thrill, comedy, action, horror, romance, fantasy, adult, etc. Whether you are a marvel fan or manga fan this one is for you. This website serves you some similar streaming features as MangaStream offers.


These are all the alternatives that you can use instead of MangaStream as MangaStream goes down. These online platform helps to push away all the problems of life that a person faces in a daily go.

During this lockdown where everyone is at home, facing mental breakdowns can watch these series of manga comics with your family. It helps you to come out of the serious issues because laughter is important in your life. Laughter keeps away all the problems of life. These alternatives are best to watch manga, anime, or marvel comics to experience unlimited laughter.