Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

At the height of his presidential campaign in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump was the only Republican contender who was constantly plagued by speculation about his genuine motivations.

Many people found it hard to accept that the most famous American businessman was a legitimate candidate because of his history of playing the role of provocateur.

Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success


Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

Trump’s controversial candidacy confounded any observer who attempted to apply standard political reasoning to the contest. But as Michael D’Antonio demonstrates in Never Enough, Trump’s distinctive strategy is founded on a logic that begins with his unshakable belief that he is a singular and superior human being, and he has rarely been ordinary in his pursuit of success.

Donald Trump Biography

Based on what we learn about Donald Trump in this groundbreaking biography, we know that he has an unquenchable need for success in the areas of money, fame, and control. Trump claims he is still the mischievous child he was, but he avoids introspection “because I might not like what I see” and “most people aren’t deserving of respect.”

Trump, a member of the media-savvy Me Generation, got his start on Broadway before turning to real estate. Before he had completed his first significant building, Trump was a regular on the New York club scene and earned press attention as a dashing young entrepreneur thanks to his mentor, the sleazy attorney Roy Cohn.

He became a larger-than-life figure after using his father’s vast wealth and political connections to launch his own firm. As time went on, despite many obstacles, he became an embodiment of success and luxury.

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Last Words

D’Antonio offers the whole tale of a really American legend, from his beginnings as a businessman to his tempestuous romantic life and his desire of power in its many manifestations, drawing on extensive and rare interviews with Trump and many members of his family, including all of his adult children.

To answer the question, “Who is Donald Trump?” For that question, you need to read Never Enough. His quest for success verges on obsession, and yet it has given him practically everything he’s ever wanted as a promoter, builder, performer, and politician.