New World is Amazons Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

New World is Amazons Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

This week, we have a space exploration video game and a major management shakeup at Electronic Arts. First, however, Amazon has a rare video game win to brag about.

At long last, Amazon tops the competition in the video game industry.

New World is Amazons Biggest Video Game Hope Yet Inc.’s newly released online game, New World, was originally so objectionable to Native Americans that the game’s creators hired a tribal consultant to adjust the game’s tone.

New World is Amazons Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

New World appears to be Amazon’s first major video game success after years of development and extensive censorship that removed racial caricatures and most connections to the game’s colonial America roots. Over 750,000 people are playing the game at once on PC platform Steam, while hundreds of thousands more are watching it on Twitch. Three days after the game’s release, it is still too soon for formal reviews, and Amazon has yet to reveal sales data. The hype around New World, however, has far outpaced that of any of the company’s previous games.

Dr. Christoph Hartmann has a positive outlook. Hartmann, who is in charge of Amazon’s gaming section, has his first major triumph to point to with last month’s release of New World. After being delayed four times before its eventual debut, the massively multiplayer online game has drawn millions of players and positioned Amazon as the only major tech company to successfully enter the games sector in recent history.

“I believe we have demonstrated internally that we are capable of achieving our goals. It’s possible for us to release a game and content that people will enjoy “Hartmann, who spent 20 years at publisher 2K Games before joining Amazon in 2018, made this comment in an interview with Protocol published this week. That’s only the first step on our adventure.

Last Words

Despite being in the top five most watched games on Twitch for two weeks after release, New World is the third most played game and the second best-selling game on Steam, with a “generally good” rating and roughly 70,000 reviews on the platform, which is notoriously fickle.

During the game’s opening week, the firm reported that the game’s servers had crashed due to the “staggering” and “frankly shocking” demand for the game, which had even cloud computing giant Amazon taken aback. But for the Amazon Games crew, who have worked tirelessly for years without success, this is a reason to celebrate.