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5 Best Alternatives to Bolly2Tolly in 2021


People live in a digital world where technology had made huge leaps in advancements. Many users of the internet depend on online streaming services. One of the most used streaming sit is Netflix. The content on Netflix is very limited and a large portion of people don’t want to subscribe or pay for the content. The majority of people search for free movies that can be streamed online or TV shows that can be streamed for free.

5 Best Alternatives to Bolly2tolly in 2021

When the Bolly2Tolly was initially launched it was considered as one of the prime destinations for streaming of most popular movies and TV shows and had Bollywood and Tollywood content incorporated in it.

The catalog had various types of TV shows and movies and that too in many languages. But the site faced a lot of copyright claims and infringement of content which caused some trouble for the site and the site was eventually shut down.

1. Rainiertamayo

This streaming site is very similar to the Bolly2Tolly and the site features a diverse amount of content both quality and quantity-wise. The content is from all around the world and is full length and made available in high quality. The site is free to access and content can be watched for free of cost.

The people who haven’t visited the site, it is fairly easy to access and use and there is also a tutorial available that gave a tour of features and accessing the site. The video will teach how to download videos and watch them at convenience. The best part of the site is that the content can be provided in various languages. The interface is very user-friendly and the site does have very few ads so the streaming is more convenient.

2. Einthusan

This site is also a viable alternative to Bolly2Tolly and has a wide array of movies and shows in its catalog, the site is especially famous for the Bollywood movie collection it posses. Einthusan can be considered as one of the best alternatives to feature on the list and has classics to the latest content available.

The content of Bollywood movies it posses is wide but the site has not only Bollywood content but has content about Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Punjabi movies. The user interface is very well sorted and clean. The content can be accessed easily and the layout is not at all complicated and fairly easy to use.

3. LosMovies

LosMovies is also hugely popular among web users and is very trusted for online streaming. The site has a unique array of features such as a good range of classics to all the latest movies and shows for no price. All the content it posses is available in high definition and quality. The site is known for its diverse content and unique quality.

The site has a big collection of movies and TV shows in its catalog and all the content is arranged by the country of origin, genres, actor, and directorial cast. This all the filter and sorting will help to search the content more efficiently.

4. 123Movies

This is also a very well-received and verse site for movies and shows. The site has a huge array of movies and shows in its catalog. The site has also faced some troubles in the past. But for past years the site has been running quite smoothly and is a good source for movie enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the major downsides of the site is the number of ads that are available on the site while streaming. The ads come from searching till clicking on the designated link. This is the only downside but overall the site is very great and the interface is also very simple and easy to use.

5. LetMeWatchThis

This site is one of the favorite sites for users who happen to be movie and TV show lovers. The website interface is very user-friendly and has a variety of content to stream. The buffering on the site I minimal and series and movies can be enjoyed without any lagging.

If the user wants to watch the movie or TV show in high quality and definition then the site is known for providing the series and shows in the best print. The downside of the site is that it has several annoying ads and hinders the experience of viewing. But, despite this, the site is worth a try and one of the viable alternatives.


Bolly2Tolly was one of the favorite sites to visit for users who like to stream movies and was the source of entertainment for many movies buffs. As the site has faced bans the alternative finding is a daunting task especially a site that has similar or better features than this site.

These above sites are one of the best alternatives available for movie buffs to choose from and these sites will provide a wide array of movies and that too in HD quality and the sites are free from all the harmful malware and other viruses.

10 Best FreeFlix HQ Alternatives to Use in 2021


A popular online movie-watching website, Freeflix is a well-known and widely accepted service. FreeFlix HQ offers a large library of free and legal streaming content, including movies, TV shows, anime, and live TV. The best platform offers daily updates on the newest TV shows and movies. FreeFlix HQ lays out in a way that looks perfect on a large screen, such as that of a TV, making it an excellent app for Android TV, Fire Stick, or Roku.

Although loading a movie does take longer as a result of preparing everything properly, it is cinema-quality. Furthermore, subtitles are an attractive option for many users, particularly for those who may be interested in watching foreign movies. The advantage of FreeFlix HQ is that it can be installed on a variety of devices since it’s optimized to work on Smart TVs, ROKU TVs, Chromecasts, Amazon FireTVs, and Xbox 360s.

In short, FreeFlix is an excellent website for watching and streaming movies and TV shows. When a movie lover is considering an online video streaming website, it never hurts to keep their options open. If you are also looking for free alternatives to FreeFlix HQ, then this article reveals our top 10 picks for the best FreeFlix alternatives.

10 Best FreeFlix HQ Alternatives in 2021

As a whole, FreeFlix HQ is a fantastic platform. Unfortunately, there are a lot of FreeFlix alternatives on the market. There are some that should not be used. In the following list, you’ll find the 10 Best FreeFlix HQ Alternatives.

Check it out!

1. Spectrum TV

Our first choice is Spectrum TV, a service owned by Charter Communications offering internet television in the United States. Charter Spectrum Internet subscribers are the only people who can use the virtual multichannel distribution service. You can watch live TV and On Demand content from your mobile device with the Spectrum TV App at no additional charge.

Besides tuning in to your DVR, setting up recordings, browsing the channel guide, searching for content, and discovering your favorite shows, you can also do all of this from your PC. Plus they have a new smartphone app called Spectrum TV. It is available free of charge to all Spectrum customers.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to begin your movie marathon!

2. Mobdro

Our next selection is Mobdro. This tool constantly searches for free video streams on the web and allows you to watch them on your mobile device. Modbro’s latest APK version uses a system that streams high-quality videos.

It is 100% safe to use and browse the movie streaming and downloading the application and its online platform. As well as providing various helpful sources, the app also helps you find specific notes that you may need. To be on the safe side, you should download the app via the official website, as well as taking precautionary measures.

Originally designed for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets, Mobdro can also be installed on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV. To put it simply, Mobdro is a search engine that benefits you by providing access to more movies and shows than other programs.

3. Live NetTV

On our list of alternatives to FreeFlix HQ, we have Live NetTV.There are several Android applications that offer live TV streaming, but one of the best is Live NetTV. There are channels devoted to all types of entertainment, sports, news, kids, action, and movies, etc. Your TV channel choice is also determined by the country in which you reside.

There are tons of devices compatible with Live Net TV, a live television streaming app. With over 800 live channels, Live Net TV offers a wide variety of categories, such as News, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Cooking, Kids, and many more. And the best thing about it is, it is free.

4. Ola TV

OLAFlix is yet another excellent alternative to FreeFlix.The OLA TV app allows you to watch TV on your Android device for free. In addition to its open channels, it has a wide selection of channels from around the world. To install the app via the APK file, the “Unknown sources” option must be enabled in your Settings.

IPTV Droid has developed the Ola TV application, a live TV app that streams more than 50000 IPTV channels on Android devices. Therefore, you have access to all the channels on the planet earth. Watching any OLA TV show is 100% free, and there is no charge whatsoever.

5. RedBox TV

The definition and ways we watch movies & television programs are also changing as the times change. In today’s world, watching television is not something you do only at home. Using a portable device such as a phone or a laptop, one can watch TV from wherever they like. Likewise, RedBox TV offers over 1000 channels, which are free of charge for its subscribers across 15 countries.

In addition to being organized by category, the channels in this app are from all over the world, and there are a variety of different countries. Therefore, this application can be used not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes. In addition to being easy to use, this app is organized into tabs. Simply swipe through the channels to select what you’d like to watch.

6. Phoenix TV

Now let’s move on to Phoenix TV. This broadcaster provides information, news, and entertainment. Introducing Phoenix TV, a streaming app that clones the Morpheus TV service? With Phoenix TV, making watching movies and other content simple has never been easier.

Through this new app, you can watch TV series, movies, sports, and much more. There are some similarities between it and Morpheus TV. There are a lot of great features in this program. You can download the software easily and quickly.

7. Dream TV APK

For those who want to watch TV or stream video online, Dream TV APK would be the right choice. You can download Dream TV for Android for free. The installation process begins after you tap the APK file once you have downloaded it. Navigate to the location where you downloaded it. The Dream TV App will ask you for permission to run within your device. Please tap ‘Allow’ to give it that permission.

The Dream TV can be downloaded easily this way. Enjoy the free and on-demand viewing of online movies and TV series with Dream TV. Just pick the title you like most from the list we provide.

8. Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV APK is a free software application that streams movies and TV shows online for free. Automatically track what you are watching with Trakt integration. When streaming videos through Morpheus tv or Trakt, the plugin runs in the background of the device. For Android Devices, download the Morpheus TV APK.

A free Android application called Morpheus lets you watch HD movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content for free. For those who occasionally crave watching quality multimedia, this application is a necessity.


One of the most popular streaming IPTV apps and a good alternative to FreeFlix HQ is AOS TV. This television channel was specially made for Asian people because it includes all countries’ channels from Asia.

Stream your favorite movies, episodes, cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and TV shows, episodes, news, and more with AOS TV APK for Android devices. On top of that, you can watch TV channels live on Android smartphones, ensuring you never miss your favorite shows.

These and other live TV options are made possible by IPTV applications since they allow us to stream video signals over the Internet. We can watch soccer matches, news, or any other live event over the Internet. Also mentioned above, you can also download a free app called AOS TV and watch your favorites.

10. Titanium TV

And last but not least we have Titanium TV, a clone of Terrarium TV, a popular streaming APK. And by clone, we mean it, as Titanium has the same layout, settings, and interface. Furthermore, it offers tons of streaming options, as well as the ability to use MX Player as your video player.

While Titanium TV does have some downsides, it still stands out when it comes to value for money. It’s easier to find more movies and shows using Titanium TV’s simple layout. Titanium TV also offers HD video playback features that can be used to enjoy more valuable content.

If you want to take full advantage of Titanium TV, you will need to uninstall Terrarium TV programs, although this shouldn’t pose a problem since Terrarium is no longer active. Titanium TV is a stellar application whose development team ensures all the latest content is available in the app so that users do not need to look elsewhere for their TV content.


In the event that Freeflix suddenly and unexpectedly crashes one fine morning or if there is some other problem that happens to Freeflix, you need not worry about problems that may arise. All of these sites are worth checking out. The following sites will provide you with hours of entertainment and will provide you with a full entertainment package. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Top 9 Movierulz Alternatives to Movies and TV Shows in 2021


Downloading and watching movies is one of the best ways to enjoy the time, especially by yourself. There are many sites and apps which provide free downloading services. One such site is known as Movierulz. Movierulz gives you access to its huge collection of movies and TV shows and allows you to download them, provided that you are connected over WiFi.

Movies and shows in different languages are available. Different genres are also given. It gives you the option to play movies on different devices such as your mobile phone, PC, Smart TV, Xbox, etc. In order to download this site, you need to use a link from a third party. The content is not authentic and it is not available directly on the play store. It consumes a very small space on your mobile.

Top 9 Movierulz Alternative

There may be times when you may not be able to use the site or app and may need other options. In this article, we will go through the alternatives to Movierulz.

1. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is one of the most popular options to choose when you can’t access Movierulz. It has a massive collection of movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries, and more.

You need to buy a subscription plan before in order to view the content. Membership comes under the freemium model, in which you will see ad-supported content. There are millions of active monthly users.

Sony Liv is also a good option for sports lovers. It hosts various sports channels and allows live streaming of sports events happening all around the world. In nutshell, Sony Liv is a great option to explore movies and TV shows of your choice.

2. HDO

HDO is a website created in America that offers a stream of movies and TV series online. It is a legal website and also allows you to download the content. There is no registration required. Different sections such as ‘featured’, ‘Most Viewed’ and ‘ Most Favourite’ are given.

This saves time for the user to search for a separate list of trending and latest movies and shows. Different categories of genres are also available. It gives a high-resolution video quality.

3. BigFlix

BigFlix is a one-stop destination for all movie lovers. Here, you can find movies available in different languages. You will have no problem navigating the movie you want to watch.

With over two thousand movies in 9 different languages available, you have the freedom to watch anytime and anywhere. Registration is required in order to gain access to the content. You can play the movies on multiple devices. Ad interruption is not a problem when you are using BigFlix.

4. Spuul

Spuul is an amazing platform that enables you to select, stream and download from a long list of entertainment-related media. You do not have to go through a complicated set of steps. It is easy to use. Spuul has a huge database with almost every movie available on this site.

You have to buy a subscription plan to view the movies and stuff but it is worth it. The service is available all around the world. Almost all Bollywood movies are available in different languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.

You can play the movies on different devices. Spuul is a great place to stream online or download any Bollywood movie depending upon your requirement and mood.

5. Airtel TV

Airtel TV offers a streaming service and contains good quality content. It hosts a number of TV channels and provides access to its content. A separate section for kids is also provided to avoid going through the hassle of searching and investigating the right thing to watch for children.

One of the key features of this site is its dedication to regional content. It caters to your desires if you are a diehard fan of local movies and shows. Live streaming is also possible with it. It is a free app available on both Android and iOS for you to watch all the trending movies and shows.

6. Zee5

Zee 5 is one of the most popular entertainment platforms on TV. They have also launched their own app to let their viewers enjoy more of their favorite shows and movies. Not only movies and shows, but you can also watch the news, music videos, etc.

Zee5 original content is also available. In fact, Live streaming can also be watched. You need to make an account to view the content. Premium membership can also be bought which will provide additional benefits. Zee5 is a pretty good alternative to Movierulz.

7. Moviemad

If you are looking for a website that allows you to stream as well as download movies and has a good collection, Moviemad is the place where you should be. All the Bollywood and Hollywood stuff is available, totally free of cost and in HD quality.

You can also choose to watch dubbed versions of certain films. It has a simple design and is user-friendly. It provides you with a set of links and you can immediately switch over to the alternative link in case one gets broken. With Moviemad you can enjoy all the latest content.

8. Bollyshare

Bollyshare is an easy-to-use website with a simple and minimalistic interface requiring no payment for online streaming and downloading of the movies.

Movies are enlisted in different sections. Bollywood and dubbed Hollywood content can be accessed. TV series are also a part of the website. Punjabi and South movies are also present. The year of release is mentioned under every movie.

With its request feature, you can request a movie not available. It shall be made available to you within a few hours.

9. Moviezwap

Moviezwap is another website that gives you the option to stream and download movies for free. You can discover the movie of your choice from the abundant content appearing on the website.

Different categories of genres are given such as Action, Drama, Comedy, etc. It is also classified according to the year of release and popularity. Overall, Moviezwap is a great alternative to Movierulz that caters to your entertainment-related needs quite efficiently.


Everybody these days is a movie or a web series lover and wishes to be able to watch their favorite content without any restriction and for free.

Movierulz and its alternatives such as Airtel TV, HDO, Sony Liv, Zee5, etc., and countless other sites comprise such websites. These websites are of great advantage to anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite movie and TV shows and remain updated with all the latest and trending stuff.

13 Best Laola1 Alternatives to Use in 2021


“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you all about life.”

These famous wordings were preached by Billie Jean King, former World Number 1 Tennis Player. These wordings touched the hearts of many sports aficionados and they learned the true meaning of sports.

The sports meetings and athletic events are connected by a single thread of love binding all the sports fans. Sports admirers do not visualize sports as a mere source of entertainment but a course of action for blending in patriotism. They all love to lay their eyes on various tournaments, events, and meetings on TV, the Internet, and  OTT platforms.

Laola1 is a very captivating platform that has received an exceptionally positive response from sports maniacs. It is a single platform under which you can contemplate live streaming as well as free downloading of over 40 sports. The database includes tournaments of soccer, winter games, sports mix, and so on.

13 Best Laola1 Alternatives in 2021

Besides it bring forth the hot and trending news buzzing around sports celebrities and interviews of sports sizzling personalities. Although it has a huge fanbase among netizens but due to copyright issues the website is banned in many countries.

Also, it has a complex and puzzling interface that makes the process of navigation difficult. So here we provide 13 sites like Laola1 that you can try in 2021.

1. Stream2watch

Stream 2 Watch is a free online sports streaming platform that is designed especially for sports fans. Stream 2 Watch gives its users access to over 30+ sports channels for live streaming and downloading the content. There is no exigency for registration or subscription for accessing the content.

The site is updated frequently updated with the latest news and games. Stream 2 Watch also streams tournaments and events of some rare games such as chess and handball. It also has a multi-language option that offers subtitles and dubbings of sports series in 15 languages. It is the most recommended website on Reddit that makes Stream 2 Watch a must-try for every sports maniac.

2. VIPBox

VIPBox is totally opposite from what its name implies. This site is available not just only to VIPs but to anyone who has a laptop, PC, or mobile phone with a stable internet connection.VIPBox does not demand any VIP subscription for its use it is completely free. It offers over 30+ sports for live streaming and downloading.

Apart from being limiting your experience to streaming it also enhances your experience with sports quizzes, facts, and news. It has a place dedicated for sports lovers to interact under sports chat. It is also one of the few sports websites to have a chatbot that answers your queries in the Help Chat section. This is because VIPBox is regarded as a “VIP site with no VIP fee”

3. Ronaldo7

If you are a member of the Ronaldo Clan then Ronaldo 7 is a definite visit for you. Ronaldo 7 also provides free live streaming and free downloading of over 72+ sports channels. It has a 3D Ronaldo replica welcoming you on the website. It has A to Z information about Ronaldo.

A separate section of his biography and girlfriends has been designed. But that is not the end of the website it allows you to access its famous gallery of famous sporting events photos. It also has a news section. Ronaldo 7 does not revolve only around football and soccer but all the sports.

4. ScoresInLive

This site is specifically designed for those who wish to be updated regularly about various live scores of different sports tournaments. Scores In Live has a daily schedule of sports erected in its center where you can bookmark your specific sport and it will keep showing you notifications about the same.

You can also stream sports live on the portal without any charge. It requires low data consumption due to a simple and facile interface with easy navigation options. You can also search sports by league option. You should try this site today only.

5. FromHot

From Hot is often considered one of the best sources for live sports streaming. The eye-catcher or the main attraction of the website is its extensively explained daily schedule of sports series that provides all the details of the game and helps in easy navigation. From Hot also gives access to over 25 sports games held annually.

No registration or payment is compulsory to run the platform. You can watch live streaming 24×7 without any disturbance due to its stability and reliability. Minimal advertisements are present in the platform but only in a specific section ad won’t pop up while you are scrolling. The best feature is the fast resolving of problems due to; links provided on the website itself of its various social media accounts.

6. goATDee

goATDee has been awarded the name of duck soup by the netizens. It is called so because of its uncomplicated, straightforward, and elementary structure and design. For searching your desirable sport you just have to give a glimpse at the list of daily streaming available on the platform.

Then with a single click, your match will load and will be available for download or bookmark. For further watching similar matches will be clubbed under your current streaming and it will be a piece of cake for you to enjoy your favorite sport.

7. VIPLeague

With a carbon copy interface like From Hot, VIP league provides you the best watching experience just like its sister company From Hot. It is also free to watch but a minor difference makes it better than From Hot in that it offers more sports tournaments and athletic events such as Paralympics. So it is also a good alternative to Laola1.

8. Stream Hunter

Your hunt for remarkable quality sports series content ends at Stream Hunter. Stream Hunter is a stream aggregator a single place where nonaffiliated third-party links are clubbed in a list for a very easy navigating experience.

Since it provides links from verified sources in HD quality it is a safe and secured website. It does not require any registration that does not even ask for credit card details. So Stream Hunter is a deserving alternative on the list.

9. Feed2all

Feed2all provides a single platform for live scores as well as live streaming of the current sporting events. Its website is updated every three to thirty minutes during the event. It also clubs the third-party links but also has some series in the database.

10. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is also known as a heavyweight champion between sports streaming websites as it is the only website specifically designed for WWE or wrestling watching purposes. Nevertheless, it offers all the sports in HD quality and makes them available within a single tap.

You can download or stream your favorite sport without paying a single penny. It has fewer ads and more streams. It has a discussion corner of discussing the important points with sports lovers right during the live streaming. So FirstRowSports should be first on your bucket list.

11. StreamSports

Stream Sports is a free and one of the most popular sports streaming websites. It permits its users to live to stream their favorite sports shows of over 40 sports and it also regularly updates them about upcoming tournaments. Stream Sports requires a basic registration with no personal details such as credit card details.

The most visited area of the portal is Highlighted Reels that gives some interesting details not shared by any other website till then. You can just search the category of sports you are looking at in the menu and it will show you all the tournaments whether old or new.

12. Fubo TV

Fubo Tv is added to the Russell Index 2000 that makes this American company very popular among the audience. It is a virtual multi channel video programming distributor that offers all the sports tournaments for live streaming for free. It also has a voluntary subscription and registration available for a better experience. But overall Fubo Tv is one of the best alternatives far better than Laola1.

13. MyP2P

My P2P is designed for everyone whether you are a casual viewer or a sports maniac. My P2P is for the sports lover, by the sports lover, and of the sports lovers as the content is uploaded and enjoyed by sports lovers only. The website only acts as a platform for distributors and watchers to meet. It has both category-wise distribution as well as a listing of various sports tournaments for navigation you find easy. So it is a must-visit site.

Final Words

This is all about various alternatives to Laola1. If we talk about features and experiences you all are going to enjoy a memorable journey with these platforms that you have imagined with Laola1.

12 Best Mangastream Alternatives You Can Try in 2021


You must be seen a lot of memes surrounding social media maybe it is Instagram or Facebook but comics do not go out of trend as it still has its presence digitally. MangaStream was one of the websites that know your insane level that’s why they brought amazing comic content for manga lovers who want to experience unlimited laughter. It was one of the favorite online platforms for all age groups from toddlers to youth.

MangaStream is an online manga comic website that has over 100000 monthly readers. MangaStream was originated in Japan and it was among the leading comic across the globe. Their style is so unique and different that everybody loves to watch it. People can’t get over this type of content as they want more and more like MangaStream.

It includes various comic genres like action, drama, romance, sci-fi, adulthood, etc. As they are initiated in Japan, they are all in the Japanese language, so one needs to change the version of the language before experience the unlimited insane level.

People can enjoy MangaStream for free. Despite old readers, there is a crowd of new readers as well. MangaStream has been around for almost a decade with a promising track record of providing manga comics. It is completely worth watching MangaStream after all the hype.

One-piece Manga, Fairy tale Manga, My hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeiki, No Soma, and promised Neverland are some of the most popular manga comics on MangaStream. MangaStream has massive readers that are engaging over 1 million per month.

Why MangaStream goes down?

Almost a decade after the release of MangaStream, the official website is completely inaccessible and is goes down entirely. But the shutdown of MangaStream is not confirmed officially but it is expected that the owners of the Manga comics have made pressure on them to take down the website. The official account was removed from Twitter and now MangaStream is considered illegal.

Top 12 Alternatives to MangaStream

As MangaStream goes down, it is quite disappointing for all manga lovers but in the age of competition, alternatives to MangaStream are available. There are various options to enjoy manga digitally. Below is the full list of MangaStream alternatives you can use to quench the thirst for comics.

1. MangaReader

If you are looking for an option. Mangareader is one of the alternatives you should visit once. They create the best content in an easy layout for all the manga lovers out there. They are also free as MangaStream.

It also has a surprise me button for the random selection of manga comics. It’s best to work on Tablets, computers, and PCs instead of Mobile Phones. It also has an A to Z list which helps manga lovers to easily find the comics.

2. MangaFreak

Mangafreak is another alternative that provides the reader not just can read the manga but download the whole manga and read it. In manga freak, you can find all the popular series like Naruto, Boruto, Bleach, and one-piece. This website is not so popular as MangaStream but still has a huge crowd. They include all genres like drama, comedy thrill, romance, etc.

3. MangaTown

It is one of the favorite websites for all manga lovers. There is no payment or registration to read the manga comics online. It provides high-quality manga. It has a very pretty minimalistic design which attracts comic lovers the most. You can explore various manga according to your choices. It is one of the best alternatives of MangaStream to read.

4. KissManga

It has exclusive and high-quality MangaStream online. It has over 100000 manga comics that drive you crazy for manga. You can also read and share the mangas between your friends and family. You can receive the latest notification of the manga list. Also, you can send feedback as well as queries to KissManga. You should try this one.

5. MangaFox

It is surely one of your favorite websites for manga. They provide the best quality manga for free without charging a single registration fee. You can explore various genres whichever you want. It is one of the popular MangaStream that gives rise to various fake accounts in social media.

The MangaFox is currently being operated by fanfox.net. The design is so fresh that it attracts all manga lovers. It includes colors like orange, white, and black. The manga updates are very fast online.

6. Comixology

First of all, Comixology is not free content. It charges a premium to all the manga users. Also, it is a cloud-based digital comics website. It not only deals with a comic but it also deals with a variety of American, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese comics. Comixology can be used with any device like IOS, web, and android. It is surely one of the best alternative websites of MangaStream for streaming online.

7. MangaReborn

The manga reborn is one of the new website trending online. It has a huge library of unknown mangas across the globe. It has a massive crowd of people. Mangareborn has a simple look with a marron and white theme. It looks appealing to all the manga lovers. The most important thing is that it is available in all languages. If you are a comic lover just visit this site once, you will surely love this alternative of MangaStream.

8. MangaPanda

Mangapanda has the most promising look among all the manga website. It has a very interesting look with 10000 of high-quality manga comics. It is accessible through smartphones, tablets, computers,s, or PCs.

There is a variety of genres available in manga pandas like mystery, romance, thrill, adventure, action, and a lot more. It also has a “Surprise me” button as the manga reader has. The comic lovers surely find it refreshing if they want to see something different than others. You can enjoy all the content free of cost.

You may find ads and link pop-ups that maybe annoy you but if you are looking for some refreshing content. This is surely one of the best alternative websites of MangaStream you can go through.

9. Mangaeden

If you are looking for some affordable and interesting content for all manga lovers, this has to be one for you. Magaeden is another good altenative for MangaStream. They help you to find the best appropriate comics for you. It has a simple website with a huge library of manga comics.

Mangaeden has the least promising look that may not be interesting for some comic lovers. It has straightforward navigation with two different languages i.e one is English and the other one is Italian. Dragon Ball Super and One Punch man are the most read mangas. It also has the facility to add resume reading support. Its manga reading experience is best.

10. Viz Media

Viz media is another alternative for MangaStream. It is also a free application that will attract most comic lovers but they will charge a subscription plan to read mangas with PCs. It not only just comprises manga but it also has anime.

Viz Media has a huge library of Japanese anime. Using the title as a keyword you can search your favorite manga. Not only just manga lovers but anime lovers can scroll their websites. You can get all the mangas and anime translated into English. You can access manga and anime in just one single app.

11. Mangakalot

It is another alternative to MangaStream where you can enjoy unlimited laughter with your friends and family. Mangakalot is quite famous for its speedy upload of mangas online. The interface is easy to use and also very attractive. Here you can find the completed mangas online.

The design is not very simple and not very bold. It has a colorful touch in it, that’s why manga lovers find it appealing and elegant. You can find the latest updates of new and refreshing mangas. If you are looking for this kind of alternative, you must try it once.

12. Read Comic Online

Read comic online has a huge library of mangas online. You can also find Marvel comics. The design is quite appealing. This website has a red and black color theme giving it a warm effect of colors. It enables the user to read the comic for free. Read Comic is categorized into a subcategory of mangas.

It helps the readers to imagine the fictional world. Read Comic has several genres like thrill, comedy, action, horror, romance, fantasy, adult, etc. Whether you are a marvel fan or manga fan this one is for you. This website serves you some similar streaming features as MangaStream offers.


These are all the alternatives that you can use instead of MangaStream as MangaStream goes down. These online platform helps to push away all the problems of life that a person faces in a daily go.

During this lockdown where everyone is at home, facing mental breakdowns can watch these series of manga comics with your family. It helps you to come out of the serious issues because laughter is important in your life. Laughter keeps away all the problems of life. These alternatives are best to watch manga, anime, or marvel comics to experience unlimited laughter.

10 Best Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline in 2021


Watching cartoons reminds us of our childhood. For every child, watching cartoons is an important part of their childhood life. If you haven’t watched cartoons, you haven’t lived your childhood. Cartoons are such entertainment that no one can get bored.

One of these websites is Watch Cartoon Online, on which you can visit and discover your favorite cartoon shows and stream them online. With the presence of a high internet connection in your phone, you can access online cartoons sitting at home.

This site has rocked the world of anime streaming. Here you can also get permission to download the contents. ‘Watch Cartoons Online’ is the golden place for anime lovers where you can find a multitude of animated shows or cartoons.

10 Best Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline in 2021

It also has dubbing series available which you can enjoy. The site’s collection includes many anime and cartoon films, clips, videos, and TV shows. Next, we are going to give you information about some alternative websites that provide the same but better facility, like Watch Cartoon Online.

1. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy is a popular website site providing HD online streaming of anime and cartoons. The list of dubbed anime and cartoon shows has been provided on the site. Also, this category includes streaming of the latest and popular episodes with no ads pop up. You do not even have to register to access the site. Because registration and the sign-up facility is optional here.

So you can watch cartoons online without any frills. Here you can access Unlimited Cartoons, Films, TV Shows, and Anime Series for absolutely free. Its huge library contains many genres and 25000 episodes. Cartoon Crazy is one of the best similar alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online.

2. ToonJet

Toon Jet is an online cartoon streaming website with a beautiful look. On this, you can watch high-quality cartoons on your Android for free. ToonJet free application has been founded for these facilities. However, accessing its website is equally easy. Here new cartoons contents are distributed every week.

Its developer has released the latest version, 0.0.5. You do not even need to register or sign up to watch your favorite cartoon content. Popular, latest, top, or best cartoons from around the world are covered here. That is, you will not have to wander anywhere to access any cartoon content. Here the facility has also been allowed for you to give feedback and rating to the content.

3. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is a website for watching and downloading anime. Thousands anime streaming facility is provided here for animation. You can access it with just one easy click. It has different genres of anime available in which action, drama, history, along many others are included.

It has many popular and latest anime content available in its library, which you can access in high quality from HD 720p to 1080p. The site also provides new release anime content. You can access hundreds of anime movies and series episodes from anywhere on your Android.

You can discover different anime titles. You can also enjoy streaming by installing the AnimePahe Android application. Its interface is user-friendly and very clean. It has subbed & dubbed videos and series available. AnimePahe is a good online anime streaming alternative.

4. Cartoon Network

Are you a cartoon lover and looking for a good website for online cartoon streaming? So Cartoon Network brings you a great platform where you can watch all your favorite cartoon content. And you don’t even have to pay for it. You can enjoy its service even without sign up. The site also has a series of very favorite and most popular children’s cartoons Tom and Jerry.

In addition to cartoon series, there are also many anime video games available that you can play for free. Along with this, you also get options for videos, apps, ben 10, and toon cups. It has many channels, including Cinemax, HBO, TBS, Boomerang, Adult Swim, and many more. Cartoon Network is an American-based cable TV channel launched on October 1, 1992.

5. Kiss Cartoon

Kiss Cartoon is a pirated anime and cartoons hosting website. It allows users to watch complete cartoons online that too for free. Here you can find the collection of all fresh cartoons. This site is the preferred alternative of the users. The special thing about this site is that you can take advantage of online streaming without even registering here.

The series of all cartoon content is divided into category-wise, which makes it easy for the user to sort. As soon as you access the site, you will see a suitable search bar that will help you find your favorite cartoon title. There are currently millions of cartoon episodes and shows available that you can stream online in high quality.

6. Anime Ultima

Anima ultima is an excellent website for cartoons and anime streaming lovers. Here users can watch various cartoon shows for free. This is one of the best similar alternatives to watch cartoons online. There are many cartoon shows, movies, and episodes available on the site, which you can watch in high quality. Contents are allowed to be downloaded here.

Here you can access all the latest, popular, and newly released cartoon content. It has a huge database of cartoons from which you can choose your favorite cartoon title. If you are unsuccessful in finding any content, you can use the search bar. The user interface of the site is very friendly, simple, and easy. All the contents are well organized. You can access the site without registration.

7. AnimeFLV

Do you like online streaming of cartoons or anime? So Anime FLV brings you such a place where you can find your favorite anime content. Users can watch and download many anime television shows, movies and series here for free. But the site has a problem.

It provides streaming in the Spanish language. If you know the Spanish language, then this cartoon website is the best option for you. The streaming quality of the site is of high frequency. That is, users get streaming in the best quality here. This is an illegal site hosting pirated content.

8. Cartoons On

Cartoons On allows you to do online streaming of Cartoons. Your favorite cartoons are available in its library, which you can watch for absolutely free. This is a similar website to Watch Cartoon Online. You get high-quality streaming here with a friendly interface. It has almost all the latest and old cartoon material.

If any content is not available, then you can also send a request for it. You can also report about shows on the site’s page. Its genres include action, drama, comedy, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, school, romance, mecha, and many more. This is a great platform for cartoon lovers.

9. Super Cartoons

This is also one of the online streaming sites of cartoons that has a lot of followers. All the content available on the site is similar to Watch Cartoon Online. Along with the popular old classics, all the new releases and latest cartoons are available on its list. Users can easily find their favorite cartoon shows. The interface of the site is very user-friendly and easy.

You can enjoy the entertainment by accessing the site without any hassle and hassle. There are more than 1000 cartoon shows available here, which users can stream online for free. Its menu includes Home, Cartoons, Characters, Studios and Series, etc.

10. Anime Show

Anime Show is the popular summer website of 2021, providing high-quality streaming of popular anime series and movies. By reaching here, you can access a huge library of anime content. The site updates its contents every hour. Although you will see many ads pop up as soon as you open the site, you will definitely be impressed by the service of the site.

The menu bar on the right of its front page and the option of the search bar facility on the left is available. The menu page consists of Home Page, Anime List, Random Anime, Genres, and Popular Categories. It has various genres available, including action, comedy, drama, demons, fantasy, kids, horror, mystery, magic, music, police, romance, school, sports, sci-fi, and many more.

Final Words

Here we have provided you a list of the best websites that allow online streaming of cartoons and anime. You can watch for free on these sites. Here your cartoon demands are met. You can find a series of the most popular cartoon shows and series near them. There are millions of cartoon buffs and lovers around the world.

These sites have been designed keeping everyone’s needs in mind. You can get streaming in many genres and with high quality. There is also an Android app available for Watch Cartoon Online, which you can install on your device and enjoy the streaming benefits. You go and check out these sites once. I am sure you will like its service. Router Admin Login | Username and Password

0 Router Admin Login: Basically, internet has become an inseparable organ for all of us. Also, it provides us with each and every information. On the other hand, internet itself is dependent on router. Therefore, internet cannot survive without router. Hence, the crown of backbone of the internet is bagged by the router. Moreover, the router is a device that helps in forwarding the IP packets between the networks. However, there should be two network cards.

Also, router has many network connections. But, the IP networks should differ from each other. Given illustration is the owners cable or DSL router. Meanwhile, Internet Service Provider connects it. While, the short form of the same is ISP. Next up is, the routers exchange information among themselves. However, this situation takes place when connection is between multiple networks. Then, the exchange considers destination address.

Let’s now consider IP address. Usually, IP address is Internet Protocol address. Also, to communicate, all devices make use of the IP address. However, none of the IP address gets matched with the other one. Also, there are only numbers in IP address. Further, there is exclusion of alphabets in IP address. Therefore, all the IP addresses are unique. Generally, by default, is the IP address of routers. Furthermore, it is a private IPV4 address.

What is IP Address?

Generally, is the default IP address. Further, is called as a private address. Meanwhile, this is defined by the Internet Assigned numbers. And, you will use the IP address on an individual machine. Hence, it facilitates performing of special tasks. Besides,, or are also the IP addresses for router.

Features of Default IP Address

Since we’ve come across with what is, let’s find out its features.

1. Firstly, the users have the same IP address. But, they should be different in terms of networks. Hence, this works as a great advantage.

2. Followed by, you don’t have to get a different server of DHCP. Therefore, it is not needed to include additional stitches for completing tasks.

3. Lastly, there will be easy and smooth flow of information. However, this is is possible because there is a role of a highway. Furthermore, it processes the traffic to various destinations. Router Admin Login

Here, the main problem is regarding the login process with the help of IP address. Therefore, you just need to follow some of the steps for a successful result.

Step 1: Initially, open the web browser and thereafter, type

Step 2: Afterwards, there will be a display of the admin page. Here, you’ve to provide the username and password in the login panel.

Step 3: At last, you will succeed. Eventually, you will be able to check your login things from the standard list. Thereafter, you can even reset it.

How to Find your Router’s IP Address?

However, in case you don’t know your router’s IP address, you can definitely find it without facing any obstacle. Because, you just need to follow some steps. Basically, manufacturer’s documentation has the IP address. Also, for various models, the IP address is same. Thereafter, the models are from the same manufacturer. But in case, you don’t know the number, then it is better to go through the router’s settings.

At first, we will consider the finding of IP address of the two most popular routers.

Find IP Address on Linksys Router:

Step 1: Setup ⇒ Basic Setup window.

Find IP Address on Netgear Router:

Step 1: Maintenance ⇒ Router setup page.

Given below, is the default IP address of the famous brands.


Find IP Address on Windows

However, if you’re not able to login with the help of the above provided steps, then it is an indication of using wrong IP address. Hence, it is the circumstance of not getting the correct gateway. However, you can get the solution of this problem by simply looking at the steps given below:-

Step 1: Firstly, obtain the command prompt. Here, you will get it by pressing the Windows icon key + R.

Step 2: Then, enter cmd in the run box.

Step 3: Afterwards, enter ipconfig in the command window and now, press Enter.

Step 4: Finally, you’ll see your IPv4 address, DNS server and the Gateway.

Hence, with the help of this, you would be able to successfully login.

How to Change Your Router’s IP Address?

Now, we will understand how to change the router’s IP address. If you are a mathematics student, then it is of great opportunity. Because, it involves maths. Generally, the IP address is set by manufacturer of the factory. On the other hand, you can change it due to administrative console of the network.

However, devices belonging to same network having same IP addresses will face address conflict. Therefore, it is required to change the IP address. Then, you may change the IP address to a comparable IPv4 address. Although, it is done to see that only one device works with

How to Change or Reset the Password?

Afterwards, if your password is hacked by someone and now you want to change it, then you can do it very easily.

Further, let us consider Linksys and Netgear’s username and password.

Router IP address Username  Password
Netgear Admin
Linksys Admin Password

Now, if the default credentials go in vain, then you may reset it. Moreover, you will find a hidden button in modern modems. Therefore, it resets the properties to the default  settings.

Step 1: In the starting, press the button for 10-15 seconds. Therefore, this will reset your device to the factory settings.

Step 2: Then, you shall log in to the router settings with the default username and password.


To conclude with, this is how you can deal with all the problems that you face with IP address. Further, all these will help you to solve your problem. Thank you for reading. Hope it helped you. Router Admin Login | Username and Password

0 Router Admin Login: Basically, internet has no existence without router. Therefore, router is often called as the backbone of internet. While, router is a 3- layer device. Also, router makes connections with multiple networks. But, there should be different networks. However, the connection made is with the help of internet service provider.

Next up, is information regarding IP address (Internet Protocol address). Meanwhile, the basic function of an IP address to facilitate communication. Further, this communication is between the devices. Mostly, is the default IP address.

What is IP Address?

Generally, is called as a private IPV4 address. Besides, it is a private gateway. On the other hand, you use the IP address on an individual machine or on a local network. Meanwhile, along with, or are also used as IP addresses.

Features of Default IP Address

Here, you will find some brilliant features of this IP address.

1. Here, you can use the same IP address on a condition that the networks should be different.

2. Also, with is address, you don’t have to get a separate DHCP server.

3. Besides, it plays the role of a highway. Therefore, facilitates easy and smooth flow of information.

How to login IP Address?

Generally, login the IP address is one of the most difficult tasks. Right? But not anymore! Because, we have brought to you the steps to be followed.

Step 1: In the beginning, get the web browser. Here, type afterwards, tap the enter button.

Step 2: With this, there appears a prompt window. Here, type the login information of the router and click on the OK button.

Step 3: At last, you will see a new window appearing. Therefore, you can make your changes thereafter.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

Meanwhile, knowing the router’s IP address is a must before proceeding with any other functions. So let’s know the steps.

Step 1: Firstly, open the command prompt.

Step 2: Here, type cmd in the run box.

Step 3: Now, type ipconfig in the command window.

Step 4: Therefore, you will get the information regarding IPv4 address, DNS server as well as the Gateway.

How to Change Your Router’s IP Address?

Sometimes, there comes a circumstance of address conflict. Therefore, there arises a need to change the IP address.

Step 1: To start with, press the hidden button for 10-15 seconds.

Step 2: Therefore, this will reset your device to factory settings.

Step 3: Lastly, you will be able to log in to the router settings with the help of default username and password.


To conclude with, the article has explained the steps of every topic. Also, now you’ve got to know the login process with the steps mentioned above. Thank you for reading this article. Hope it helped you a lot.