Recriminations Grow in Israel After Stampede At Mount Meron

Recriminations Grow in Israel After Stampede At Mount Meron

The Mount Hermon in Israel — Calls for for accountability after a catastrophe that left 45 persons dead at a holy location in northern Israel rose on Saturday as concerns swirled concerning the involvement of the federal government, spiritual leaders and the police.

Recriminations Grow in Israel After Stampede At Mount Meron

The stampede on Mount Meron early Friday throughout an annual pilgrimage, one among Israel’s deadliest civil catastrophes, was foretold for years in warnings by native politicians, journalists and ombudsmen that the spot had turn out to be a demise tempt.

Recriminations Grow in Israel After Stampede At Mount Meron

On Saturday, the Israeli information media reported that senior police officials had blamed the Ministry of Non secular Providers as a consequence of it had signed off earlier within the week on security protocols for the occasion.

However a police spokeswoman indicated that no further efforts had been made to secure the place because the rush. Three law enforcement personnel on obligation on the summit stated they’d acquired no orders to restrict crowds because the deaths on Friday. Pilgrims who stayed on the summit continued to stroll by the scene of the stampede, which had not been blocked off.

Tens of thousands of Jewish faithful were expected at Israel’s Mount Meron on Wednesday for an annual pilgrimage, a year after 45 people were crushed to death in a stampede.

To prevent a repeat of what has been called the worst civilian disaster in Israeli history, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has announced his administration has made a “significant investment” in new safety measures.

The Mount Meron pilgrimage occurs on the Lag BaOmer holiday, when mostly ultra-Orthodox Jews crowd the location of the tomb of revered second century rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

On April 30 of last year, a fatal stampede occurred when the male section of the gender-segregated facility became overwhelmed by visitors.

Over 16 Children were Among the Dead Who were Crushed to Death.

Bennett asked attendees to follow the restrictions put in place for the event.

Among those is a cap of 16,000 pilgrims allowed at the site at any given period. Tickets must also be obtained in advance.

The Israeli emergency organisation Magen David Adom has warned that Mount Meron would likely see hundreds of thousands of worshippers on Wednesday.

Because of “last year’s tragic calamity,” it said, hundreds of medical professionals will be present.

On Thursday, Jewish pilgrims stormed police barriers at the annual Mount Meron pilgrimage in Israel, one year after a stampede killed 45 of their fellow believers.

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“dozens” of fanatics, according to the Israeli police, broke into the holy site, “wildly hurling the fences and risking human life.” Thanks for reading our article Recriminations Grow in Israel After Stampede At Mount Meron.