Salma Hayeks Ventanarosa Productions Sets First Project At HBO …

Salma Hayeks Ventanarosa Productions Sets First Project At HBO ...

On her 55th year on Earth, Salma Hayek is partying it up in paradise.

The House of Gucci celebrity posted a bikini selfie to Instagram over the weekend, continuing a yearly birthday ritual. This year, Hayek wore a blue halter-top one-piece while posing on a tropical beach.

Hayek Wrote in the Post’s Caption, “Happy 55th Birthday To Me Looking Forward to New Adventures #Grateful.”

Women don’t have a shelf life. No, that can’t stay. Because it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still give ’em hell. A person of any age is capable of being strong, creative, and romantic, as she put it.

Salma Hayeks Ventanarosa Productions Sets First Project At HBO ...

She went on to say, “We have the right to be loved for who we are in the location that we are. We’re not here merely to procreate or to cater to the needs of the male species. The end of your usefulness as a human being does not coincide with the end of your children’s childhoods. This misperception dates back hundreds of years.

With her voice acting in mainstream films like Grown Ups and Puss in Boots, the actress has risen to the top of the box office charts on multiple occasions. Her voice acting was also instrumental in the success of the surprise animated smash Sausage Party last year, which grossed a juicy $97 million.

Hayek’s character in the film is a lesbian taco who longs for love (yes, you read that right). “Comedy is my favourite,” she declares. I take pride in this ability; I attribute it to a natural musicality and sense of timing.

Since “now that I’m older, I don’t get [the sexy sidekick roles] as much,” Hayek was shocked to get the call for The Hitman’s Bodyguard, a high-octane action film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. But it’s evident that she still enjoys them very much.

I was the one who actually pulled off all the stunts. One of the comments was, “We have a stunt double, and some of the things are extremely challenging.” As a result, I said, “Well, let’s give it a go.” And what do you know?

I still have some serious kicking power! Although I woke up the next day with a slew of bruises and was bedridden for two weeks, I sure did put on a show that day.

Salma Hayek Claims She is no Longer Bothered By The Passage of Time.

Having been the first Latina to appear on the cover of InStyle in 1998, the actor revealed that she used to be afraid of approaching 30 at the time.

When I was 29 years old, in 1998, I shot my first cover for InStyle. Being the first Latina to be in a “What’s Hot Now” edition is why it means so much to me. Most vividly, I recall my reluctance to enter my thirties as a defining characteristic of my twenties.

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Last Words

Actresses in the United States used to be told they were done at age 30. This is why I felt so threatened. Afraid of ageing is no longer an issue for me. I had no problems accepting my age at 40 or 50.

Simply put, I am relieved that this cover exists to serve as a reminder that there was once a point in my life when I could forego wearing a bra. Hayek said as much to the fashion magazine’s 25th anniversary issue.