Savannah Leigh Pruitt 14 Missing

Savannah Leigh Pruitt 14 Missing

In excess of two weeks have passed when 14-year-old Savannah Leigh Pruitt vanished without a trace from her home in Madisonville, Tennessee. Multiple leads have been pursued by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in their search for her.

Two State and Federal Agencies have been Called in to Help with the Investigation

the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Everyone is being asked to talk about this case by the sheriff’s department! We are concerned because this is the first time they have ever left a youngster alone for this long, said Monroe County Sheriff Tommy Jones. We can’t do this alone; the public’s perspective is crucial.

Savannah Leigh Pruitt 14 Missing

Please call the sheriff’s office at (432) 442–3911 if you see Savannah or have any information regarding her whereabouts.

Savannah was Last seen By Her Parents on January 13th, When she went to Bed.

As Christina Pruitt told, her daughter disappeared the following morning when she went to check on her.

5:15 a.m. EST on the day Savannah was discovered missing, her cell phone rang off a tower in Corbin, Kentucky, which is roughly 140 miles from her home in Madisonville. Her phone did ping once, but there has been no further interaction since then.

Monroe County, Tennessee, sheriff’s deputies and the FBI are putting out a missing person’s alert for a girl of that age.

Savannah Leigh Pruitt was reported missing by her family on January 13 when she failed to return home to Madisonville, Tennessee from a visit to her boyfriend in Knoxville.

Lawrenceville was Pruitt’s former home, according to Kevin Rowson, a spokesman for the FBI’s Atlanta field office.

“The girl spent several years in Lawrenceville, Georgia, before relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee, just four weeks before she vanished. Because of her extensive network of local acquaintances, classmates, etc., “What Rowson had to say.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Savannah Leigh Pruitt, who had been missing from her Madisonville home since January 13, has been located safe and sound in a home in Wisconsin.

For Monroe County Sheriff Tommy Jones, “she is safe, she is in custody so that’s a very positive finish to this,” as he told. She’s holding up well, thank you very much.

A tweet from the FBI’s Knoxville office claims that Wisconsin agents located the missing teen at around 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Adoptive father, 41-year-old Randall Pruitt, was arrested and charged with rape earlier on Thursday.

Jones said Thursday night that the charge against Randall Pruitt was unrelated to the abduction of the teen. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has him in custody.

“We don’t believe at this moment he has any link to her running away or disappearing,” Jones told the TV station.

Randall Pruitt will be in court on Tuesday.

Jones told the newspaper that Savannah Pruitt “looked to be doing fine” and “had access to food and drink.” According to the News Sentinel, the sheriff refused to answer questions regarding the teenager’s whereabouts before her discovery in Wisconsin, the people she was with at the time, or the contents of her smartphone.

According to the sheriff, Savannah left of her own accord, perhaps to get away from a difficult family situation.