Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, has spoken out for the first time since his sister’s body was found in their home and she was brutally murdered, describing how she had a “droopy” eye in her casket.

Burke, who previously avoided the media, broke her silence on the 20th anniversary of her death when she was questioned on The Dr. Phil Show whether or not she attended the funeral of the six-year-old.

Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

When asked about the day of JonBenet’s funeral, Burke recalled what it was like to see his little sister for the last time.

Saying, “Yeah, I recall the screening. He reflected, “Her eyes were closed and the casket was little.

She seemed to have a slight droop in one of her eyes. That just struck me as odd.

When asked how seeing his sister in such a state had affected him, Burke stated he would never forget it.

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That was Very Unusual. He Responded, “That was a Little Traumatic.”

There was a great deal of mourning. I don’t think it truly registered in my mind that this would be the last time I saw her. There was a lot of tension in my family. For some reason, I always picture my father kissing her on the cheek.

Burke Ramsey is speaking up for the first time about the murder of his sister, JonBenét Ramsey, over 20 years ago.

Beginning the 15th season of the Dr. Phil show on Monday, host Phil McGraw sat down with Burke for the first of a three-part interview, which was likely one of the most anticipated of the year.

Ramsey stated, “For the past two decades, I have wanted to mature like a typical youngster, and that does not include getting in front of TV cameras.”

He went on to say, “For a long time, the media made our life crazy.” “They were constantly following us. As a result of witnessing it, I developed a healthy scepticism of all forms of media when I was a kid.

The experience, if anything, made me more reserved. The fact that it’s the twentieth anniversary and that there appears to be continuing interest is a big part of why I’m acting now.”

Dr. Phil pressed Ramsey for more details about his attendance at his sister’s burial later in the discussion.

‘I recall the screening,’ he remarked. “My recollection is of a tiny casket and her eyes closed the whole time. It seemed like one of her eyes was a touch downcast. That struck me as peculiar.”

He was asked how he felt after the funeral, and he said, “A great deal of grief. I don’t believe it sank in that, like, this is it, I’ll never see her again… Experiencing that was traumatic.”

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Last Words

It may take two weeks for detectives to study the handwriting and tissue samples. While this is going on, the Ramseys have hired their own investigator and announced a $50,000 prize.

he will be “extremely upset” if “the entire resources of all the law-enforcement community” are not applied to the investigation.

She now refers to the $750,000 home as “that hellhole,” and Patsy Ramsey’s mother claims her daughter would never return there. However, that house could one day help solve a horrible mystery.