Taylor Swift Celebrates Record Store Day with Limited-Edition Vinyls

Taylor Swift Celebrates Record Store Day with Limited-Edition Vinyls

Taylor Swift, a prominent pop star, is participating in Record Store Day 2022. On Saturday, the Folklore singer—recently named the first-ever worldwide ambassador for Record Store Day—took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion with a limited-edition vinyl release.

The 32-year-old singer singled out Nashville’s independent music store, Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music, for praise.

The Blank Space singer expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to highlight these “holy and vital locations now more than ever” in an Instagram Story, writing that she is “proud to be this year’s Global Ambassador.”

Taylor Swift Celebrates Record Store Day with Limited-Edition Vinyls

Taylor Swift Celebrates Record Store Day with Limited-Edition Vinyls

In her Instagram Story, the Blank Space singer said she is “proud to be this year’s Global Ambassador and thrilled we get to commemorate these sacred and vital sites today more than ever.”

A double-sided 7-inch clear vinyl record including two versions of her song The Lakes from her upcoming album Folklore was recently published by the celebrity. There are just 10,000 records in circulation.

Madonna, Blondie, Mariah Carey, Childish Gambino, the Foo Fighters, and Kacey Musgraves are among the other artists releasing limited-edition vinyl recordings in honour of the event.

Taylor Swift Made a Donation to the Famous Record Store in Nashville

Two versions of “The Lakes,” from her upcoming album Folklore, 2020, can be found on the double-sided 7-inch transparent vinyl that Taylor Swift recently released. Only 10,000 records were pressed and distributed to local record retailers around the country.

There was an immediate surge of people camping outside of record stores around the country in an effort to purchase one of Taylor Swift’s new albums.

On Saturday, Chacho Perez, manager of Southtown Vinyl in San Antonio, said, “I already have two individuals lined up for it.” What are they planning to do?” It took 27 hours to get a 45. There’s only one tune.” But the limited edition copy of the vinyl was only issued to 1,200 record outlets across the country.

Taylor Swift also gave a shout-out to Grimey’s in Nashville, showing the painting of the singer outside the store. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Swift made a donation to the famous record store in Nashville to assist it stay afloat and keep its staff during the mandated shutdowns.

Swift’s donation gave direct relief to the record store’s 10 full-time employees and three month’s of healthcare for the group’s insurance plan.

In Conclusion

Swift also contributed crates of signed CDs and vinyls during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep demand in record retailers high during the pandemic.

Some of the titles that were announced for Record Store Day, including those for Pearl Jam, Prince and Miles Davis, were delayed and will be published as part of a makeup event on June 18, Variety said.

“We are very pleased to be back in record stores today!” Record Store Day tweeted. “Thank you for celebrating the culture of the indie record store.”