TWA Flight 800 25-Year Anniversary of Explosion Marks New …

TWA Flight 800 25-Year Anniversary of Explosion Marks New ...

Twenty-five years after the explosion that killed 230 people on TWA Flight 800, the relatives of those who perished are holding a private memorial service on Saturday. This comes just days before the federal government begins demolishing the rebuilt wreckage of the doomed plane.

TWA Flight 800 25-Year Anniversary of Explosion Marks New

More than 260 miles separate the rebuilt Boeing 747 wreckage at the National Transportation Safety Board’s training site in Ashburn, Virginia, from the location of the service on Long Island, New York. The agency will soon decommission and destroy the wreckage, which was used in accident investigation training courses up until last week.

TWA Flight 800 25-Year Anniversary of Explosion Marks New ...

All 230 people on board were killed when their jet exploded shortly after takeoff from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 17, 1996. The plane crashed into the ocean not far from Long Island, New York.

More than 95% of the aircraft was recovered with the help of the Navy and hired fishing trawlers searching the ocean floor, and after almost a year, the remains of all who perished were also located.

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However, some people who were close to the catastrophe claim that the NTSB’s proposal to destroy the recreated wreckage by removing and melting or shredding the almost 1,600 pieces won’t bring closure.

“This is something that will always remain open. It’s the kind of thing you can’t really put away “remarked John Seaman, whose niece Michelle Becker was killed in the tragedy. Even though Seaman claims to have only visited the replica once, he still sees it as a testament to the people who uncovered the truth about Flight 800.

Pan Am Flight 103 was shot down over Scotland, and he added that investigators were looking into “virtually all possibilities, including state actors,” because they wanted to know if Libya had a hand in it. It was Saddam Hussein and Iraq that we were trying to locate. We investigated and found that “even Iran might have a part to play.”

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Last Words

According to the NTSB, the families of the victims had originally agreed that the reconstruction would only be used for training purposes and would never be displayed publicly; Bryson added that the NTSB had been told of the decision before the family was.

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