Will Monistat Hurt Me If I Don t Have Yeast Infection

Will Monistat Hurt Me If I Don t Have Yeast Infection

Painful yeast infections are usually harmless. You may have vaginal itching, irritation, and a thick, white discharge. A course of antifungal medication can often alleviate your condition.

See a doctor if you experience symptoms that could be related to yeast infection but aren’t sure if that’s the case. This is a crucial point. Taking antifungals won’t help if you don’t actually have a yeast infection. While you may believe you are alleviating symptoms, the underlying source of the illness may actually be progressing unabated.

Will Monistat Hurt Me If I Don t Have Yeast Infection

There are Several Potential Causes of What Seem to be Yeast Infection Symptoms.

Women of all ages are susceptible to vaginal infections and pain due to a variety of factors, including fluctuating hormone levels, germs, and sexual behaviours, which cause millions of cases of vaginitis annually. Having a thorough awareness of your body and the symptoms you’re experiencing, as well as their potential causes, risk factors, and treatment alternatives, will enable you to make an informed choice.

An overgrowth of Candida yeast causes this condition, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) agrees (ACOG).

Candida is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina at low levels without causing any problems, but when numbers of this fungus increase, it can cause a yeast infection and its unpleasant symptoms, such as vaginal and vulvar itching, a burning sensation when urinating or engaging in sex, a rash in the vagina, and a thick, lumpy discharge that feels like cottage cheese. (It’s important to remember that you might not always have each symptom.)

There are a variety of triggers that might lead to an overabundance of fungi. Glycogen (a form of sugar) in the vagina can increase due to pregnancy, combination hormonal contraceptives, and hormone therapy, all of which elevate oestrogen levels. To no one’s surprise, yeast is particularly fond of sugar. The elevated blood sugar levels caused by uncontrolled diabetes can also play a role. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that antibiotics, which can alter the balance of Lactobacillus bacteria, may contribute to yeast overgrowth. Other lifestyle factors include spending extended periods of time in wet gym clothes or swimsuits, or wearing restrictive undergarments made of materials other than cotton.

Visit your doctor if you experience any vaginal discomfort, such as pain, itching, discharge, or odour. Family medicine, internal medicine, and obstetrician/gynecologist doctors are all qualified to help, Dr. Nelson noted. As such, “they can aid in establishing the root of the problem and suggesting appropriate treatment options.”

Last Words

Due to the potentially life-threatening nature of many STIs, prompt medical attention should not be delayed. Visit bannerhealth.com to locate a healthcare facility or practitioner in your area.