Will Smith on King Richard And His Secret Career Fear

Will Smith on King Richard And His Secret Career Fear

We mark the occasion by dreaming up what comes next. The fact that this is our profession is something we constantly give thanks for. To be able to wake up and go to work every day is a blessing that should be celebrated.

Not in the sense of “grind, grind, grind and rejoice,” but rather, “let’s just be thankful for this opportunity,” with appreciation being a central tenet of my theory on how to achieve tremendous success through a state of perpetual thankfulness. I don’t see the need in scheduling special party times.

Will Smith on King Richard And His Secret Career Fear

For the most part of his film career, Will Smith has been one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood. However, in recent years, he has switched his mindset to concentrate on smaller films rather than blockbusters.

Smith claims he searched for years for another movie like King Richard. When asked by Entertainment Tonight whether his new sports drama Gemini Man is similar to his previous critically praised film, he was forthright.

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The Actor has Delivered Impressive Performances

Now that awards season has begun, Will Smith’s King Richard has been nominated for and won several prestigious honours. The actor’s latest Golden Globe win was for Best Actor, Drama.

Although, it’s been a while since someone used Smith and Oscar in the same phrase. The actor has delivered impressive performances, but the leading man has eluded him.

The Hollywood A-lister is well aware of this public view and, more recently, he discussed the one professional uncertainty he had before the release of his most recent picture.

And you know it’s funny because you create the movie, and then there’s a period when you’re away from it, while it’s being edited and put together and all that, so you have distance from it, and this one is special and it’s still going.

So, by the time the film is coming out, you’ve probably made a few other things and moved on in your mind, so it’s almost like you’re getting to see it again for the first time, along with the audience; I was completely and utterly blown away by what Ray [Green] was able to do so delicately with this film.

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Last Words

The following element is one we enjoy working on together. For us, every day is a reason to rejoice since it means we get to do what we love for a living. It’s as if every day is a reason to rejoice in the privilege of living in and making a living in this wonderful time and place.

Not in the sense of “grind, grind, grind and have fun,” but rather, “let’s just be grateful about this opportunity,” with gratitude being a key element of my understanding of how to bring about great things through a habitual state of being thankful. Not that I feel obligated to plan special celebration events.