Best YouTube Alternatives For Video Sharing and Uploading


In this fast-growing digital world, everyone is thriving for a better video sharing platform where they can reach a wide range of audiences. Videos aren’t just a great source of entertainment, but also a great tool for learning a plethora of things. When it comes to video sharing sites, YouTube is largely heard and widely used.

Today we’re going to present you with a list of sites which are alternative to YouTube.

1. Dailymotion

With over 300 million monthly users Dailymotion is a France Limited Company that stands right next to YouTube when it comes to the video-sharing platform.  Approximately over 3.5 Billion monthly views are recorded on Dailymotion.

Originating in Europe, Dailymotion is growing popular in the south Asian region and many other regions worldwide. In 2017, Dailymotion underwent a serious reconstruction period by introducing trending technologies such as the Revamped Mobile app, curated content feed, shrink-back feature, and many more.

Daily motion is becoming popular mostly for content creators, gamers, and the general public.  With over 11 million gaming content and an attractive Interface, daily motion is one of the popular sites for video sharing.

2. MetaCafe

When it comes to elegant looks and the best short video experience, MetaCafe is the side to be visited. MetaCafe has over 16 million visitors and over 400 million video views every month.

With unique video rank technology and an anti-duplication algorithm, Metacafe presents some of the best users enjoyable videos that make it the best place to watch and distribute high-quality video content.

Metacafe has a vast variety of categories, same as YouTube, such as the most rated, most viewed, most recent, a user-specific category which enables the user to have great control over the content they want to watch. Apart from that, it also rewards the user if the videos they upload/produce have a rating of 3.0 or higher-paying 5$ for every 1000 views after the first 20,000 views.

3. Vimeo

One of the favorite video-sharing platforms for professional filmmakers is Vimeo. With over 70 million members worldwide and 170 million monthly views, the video stands out to be the best alternative for YouTube for professional filmmakers as the users can upload and promote their videos with high customization that are not available on any other website.

Vimeo can be confusing for new users, but as they surf along with the site, they will easily get adapted to the optimization and customization features of the videos.  One of the features available in Vimeo is the time required for users to upload their videos depends upon their membership level rather than long unspecified waiting hours.

The basic plan allows users to upload up to 500Mb content per week with a total storage of 5GB and also allows users to protect their content. The other packages range from Vimeo Plus to Vimeo premium-where you get complete control over your content.

3. Veoh

For easy access to diverse categories of content, Veoh is one of the strong OTT video sharing platforms. A special feature of Veoh is optional Signup (excluding downloaded versions) i.e. users can freely watch videos just by skipping the signup option.

It offers a good classification of various contents such as IMBD ratings, release date, alphabetical, and plenty more. It is even possible to narrow down the list by specifying the show/year/date.

Most of the contents present on Veoh are TV shows, reality shows, kid’s content, web series, and few other contents which are easily recognizable without any subscription of any kind.

5.  Crackle

Crackle is a free video streaming platform that runs completely on ads support and there is no subscription required separately for crackle.

With a wide range of genres and content, crackle focuses on comedy and action content. There are even a few beautifully uploaded crackle originals in their library. On its monthly update, crackle adds/removes shows and other content. The removed content is present on a countdown note on its listing page.

Crackle runs on various platforms and streaming devices such as kindle tablet, IOS, Android, Xbox 360, Play stations, Amazon fire TV, Chrome cast, Smart TVs, and plenty of other platforms.

6.  DTube

Abbreviated as Decentralized Tube, it is a decentralized video platform that runs upon blockchain and IPFS service.  It uses the cryptocurrency, which means there are no adverts. However, users can do adverts keeping in mind of losing their subscribers (as subscribes needs to view the ads frequently).

DTube has a voting system that allows users themselves to give recommended content instead of hidden algorithms. This also means that DTube doesn’t censor videos but gives that choice to the public whether to censor it or not.

An interesting thing is since DTube uses one of its services like blockchain, it is a part of the blockchain revolution. You can also earn money from DTube in form of cryptocurrency.

7.  9GAG

9GAG started as a side project but turned out to be an internet phenomenon. With over 150 million monthly users, 9GAG is the best platform when it comes to sharing funny gifs, memes, or short videos.

The main focus of 9GAG is about sharing funny content. The founder of 9GAG was surprised by seeing how people were enjoying sharing various content from 9GAG onto various platforms. As said before, they didn’t expect this kind of response as it started as a side project.

For millions of memes, and funny gifs, 9GAG is the place to be if you want to share them. It also offers tools that allow users to create their own meme/gifs.


One of the favorite platforms for gamers to share their content is TWITCH.  It is widely used wildly by many users. Anyone can use twitch. Although twitch is famous for live game streaming, it also has various communities for talks, random chatting, food, travel, and much more.

Twitch has over 15 million daily active users. Many popular gamers and celebs use twitch daily. It also offers tools for developers and users to modify their content and do many changes.

Streamers can easily interact with their viewers when they are living through chat. Apart from that, they can also earn by becoming a Twitch Affiliate. While becoming a Twitch affiliate comes with no cost, users do need to do some hard work to reach that position. Once they reach that position they can earn by using Bits on twitch.

9.  IGTV- Instagram TV

IGTV is a popular video platform. Here, any Instagram user can easily upload their favorite content on IGTV and share it among their circle. Not just their circle, but all the users from Instagram can view their IGTV content when uploaded on IGTV.

Previously IGTV supported only vertical view, but, by feedback from viewers and content developers, IGTV also introduced Landscape view. This gives a strong boost for content creators as they can engage with a larger audience. It is the best platform for brands to promote their content.

IGTV is not yet monetized, i.e. there are no ads present when you scroll through the feed. IGTV can be accessed through the Instagram app or by standalone IGTV. The video length can be formed 15 seconds to 10mins for all users. If the account is verified or has a huge audience, they can share a video that is up to 60mins in length.

10.  The Open Video Project

Launched in the year 1998, The Open Video project mainly focuses upon building a digital library for videos. It stores the content given to The Open Video Project and can be used for retrieval/storage.

They can also be used by various research organizations to study a wide range of problems such as segregation of video content, testing algorithms, facial recognition, and a few other categories. Most of the videos are documentaries and educational.

Although the interface of The Open Video Project is out-dated, users can the content here which is not available anywhere. If anyone wants to upload their content, they can’t upload a single video rather a bunch. They need to get in contact with the site admin to let their content be placed on that website.

11. BitChute

When YouTube was demonetized, many videos were removed and much content was lost. BitChute is the result that was formed due to YouTube demonetization. It uses a peer to peer technology and also uses web torrent.

This site should be kept out of reach from children as it contains violent content, conspiracy theories, and much more.  This can be disturbing, but also, good or useful videos can be found here.

Anyone can upload any kind of video in BitChute. It describes itself as a “free speech” service as there is no restriction of any kind to anyone on what content they want to post.

12. PeerTube

One more alternative of YouTube which uses peer to peer technology to reduce the load on individual servers is Peertube. It is a free open source platform which is also decentralized.

Unlike other platforms, PeerTube allows the user to choose a hosting platform and host their content form it. Videos are sent on peer to peer basis, which means, a user connected on the same platform can send their videos to another user. It is a network of interconnected small video hosts.

Peertube clearly says “you are a person to PeerTube, not a product in need of profiling to be stuck in video loops” which means they don’t track you or relay on ads. Anyone can post any kind of video content without any restriction.

13. Internet Archive Video Section

Internet Archive in general is a large database that has a collection of various content.  There are millions of files in the video section of Internet archives.

Anyone can easily log in to their account and upload their video. It can be uploaded either as a library or individually. Users can choose the video players available in the archive to play their videos.

It is free and available to everyone. Here money can’t be earned as it is not for profit-making, but you can have a good number of followers.

14. LiveLeak

If you are looking for the content which is not shared on mainstream media, this is the place you need to be.  Most of the content here is related to politics.

This can be a place where you be updated with hidden news. Caution needs to be taken as this site contains mostly violent and disturbing videos.

It is free and there is no monetization.

15. The Vlogs

With a user-friendly interface and not a strict policy, in The Vlogs, users can upload their video blogs.  The vlogs are other YouTube alternatives that are free to watch and runs on an ad revenue system.


There are different alternatives to YouTube from which the user needs to choose to upload videos. The pricier the package, the more customization you have.  Although most of the content is related to personal and health vlogs,  it mainly focuses on politics and news vlogs. Unless you want to run a ad, you don’t need to pay anything to watch the videos. It can run on any device.