9 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports to Use in 2024


With the development of technology, we have now reached a point where almost every live event can be aired on smartphones or PC, no matter what time and place it is. For sports fanatics, it is like a blessing to have the freedom to watch events wherever they want to without having to miss them.

FirstRowSports is one of the best options for all sports fans that have the facility to watch sports matches and games live worldwide. It is updated daily with new games to keep the users up to date with all that is happening in the sports arena.

9 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports in 2024

Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, and every other sport that you could imagine, is available to stream on this site. Sometimes the site may not load or you may not be able to access it. In this article, we will discuss the best alternative sites to FirstRowSports.

1. SportsLemonTV

SportsLemon TV is one of the best options to access daily live matches. It has been created to get rid of the difficulty to spend time searching online for live matches. You can use it from anywhere around the world for free. The home page displays the list of all the live matches going on or to be played in a brief time.

On the top, there is a list of buttons, each with a name of a particular sport. On clicking the button, it gives you the list of games for that particular sport.SportsLemon TV is available on both iOS and Android. You can use it on your PC as well. It is a great site if you don’t want to miss out on daily updates on sports.

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2. StopStream

Stopstream is an excellent site to stream live games and sports with ease and simplicity. It also provides you with links to watch sports games from other websites as well. It hosts many sports channels which are accessible at any time and anywhere. This makes it quite a decent option for sports fans.

There is a list of live sports events given on the home page from where you can select the one you would like to stream. It is also divided on the basis of categories of different sports such as Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing and so many more.

3. VipBox TV

VipBox TV provides you with a number of choices in the sports field to stream live games online. It is used for broadcasting sports events. It is updated regularly with the new matches. It allows you to save time. The site has a simple design, through which you can easily find out the match you want to watch.

This facility is available almost for free to the users. VipBox TV is one of the best alternatives to FirstRowSports for watching media related to the sports industry.

4. Live TV

Live TV is another website that hosts live sports programs and permits its users to watch live events of high quality for free. There are over 500 channels available, featuring sports from all over the world. Everyday games related to different sports are broadcasted both internationally and locally.

There is an option for you to choose from specific categories of sports and also according to the country to watch your favorite sportsperson playing live. A countdown goes on up till the beginning of the match. So, you can see how it is a great choice to watch games online.

5. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is a site offered by the sports channel ESPN to watch live matches and browse for your favorite ones. It allows you to check out the schedule for matches and also enables you to watch replays and video highlights.

Events can be divided according to the sports field it is related to such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, etc. There is also an option to go through the leagues to navigate the program you want to watch. One of the limitations is that you can access this site only if you belong to The United States.

6. Strikeout

Out of numerous options to watch sports online, this Strikeout comes under the best. It is easy to use and you can stream online sports-related multimedia in high quality. It has a clean layout that gives the user the advantage of the ease of using the website and choosing between the different divisions of sports.

7. SlingTV

With over 2.4 million subscribers in 2018, SlingTV has gained popularity among sports lovers due to benefits such as:

  • Ability to watch content on high quality
  • Low cost of subscription
  • Regularly update their content
  • It can be watched on your smartphones, PC, and even Smart TV and Xbox

It allows you to watch every single one of the live events in the sports arena.SlingTV is already a quite famous website but its name is rising even more due to the advantages and its quality to maintain the integrity of the user’s trust.

8. Feed2all

Feed2all is an excellent platform for sports lovers that hosts a number of channels and enables you to view live sports programs. On the home page, you come across the live tournaments and games happening across the globe. It provides access to a number of leading sports channels.

It is free of cost and is known for its high-quality content. It gives information about live scores as well. Overall, this site has a good streaming service.

9. FreeSports

FreeSports has risen to become the United Kingdom’s top 3rd sports channel. It provides you with a good service to air the live events in all the areas of sports. You need to register in order to gain access and enjoy the programs of your interest.

It is renewed with the latest events all around the world. There are also weekly highlights available to catch you up with the latest news and stuff. It is an amazing website with good services.

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It is quite important for sports fans to be able to watch the shows and remain updated with what is happening in sports. You may not always be at home to watch TV and support your favorite team but these online sites give you the freedom to watch it anywhere and anytime.

FirstRowSports is a very popular site but there may be times when it might crash or the server could be down. In that case, you obviously would not want to miss out on the match. These sites- SportsLemon TV, FreeSports, Live TV, VipBox TV, etc. give you accessibility to their content.

Depending upon the site, you might have to sign up or it could be free of cost. You can choose the alternative according to your need and wish.