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10 Best DownloadHub Alternatives in 2021


The download is just an eight-letter word, but the rationale behind this word contains memories, data, experiences, and documentaries to be saved on one’s phone.  People across the globe love to download movies from piracy sites. According to stats, a  herculean number of 73.9 billion people visited piracy and torrent websites in 2017 for downloading the content.

Torrent websites use peer-to-peer networks for providing third-party links for downloading or streaming content. To provide services to such a massive amount of audience number of websites and platforms have been initiated in the early 2010s, for instance, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.

But these platforms either require registration or subscription to operate. So people started shifting towards a well-known torrent website DownloadHub. DownloadHub although it provides free downloading of the latest movies yet is not preferable by netizens.

It suffers from various drawbacks and impediments like it was not able to survive mass torrent websites, so it requires a VPN to function that might cost you a good amount. Coming back to its interface it does not have easy navigation filters and is often surrounded by a number of disturbing advertisements. Its customer grievance handling system fails to help and serve you correctly.

10 DownloadHub Alternatives In 2021

Your miseries do not end here as the speed of downloading is very low compared to its competing platforms. So for experiencing a good download 10 alternatives to Download Hib have been mentioned below.

1. Filmy Hit

Filmy Hit is first on the list for a big reason. It does not only contain Hollywood and Bollywood movies in its massive database but also showcases films from Punjabi, South Indian, and even Bengali film industries. Filmy Hit is a free film streaming and downloading website that is known for its consistency and quality. It also provides Netflix series, dc series, and marvel series in Hindi dubbed versions.

It also has a separate section of the latest game of throne series. For making the navigation process easy and facile it provides a tab that showcases a list of movies uploaded yesterday, last week, last month, etc. It also has an optional registration that allows you to catch its updates on your mail. So Filmy Hit surely deserves a visit from you.

2. Filmy Zilla

Filmy Zilla is a torrent website that is a subsidiary of Filmy Hit, so it closely resembles Filmy Hit in terms of interface and services. But it has some major differences from Filmy Hit, like it provides movies from the Bhojpuri film industry as well as Indian movies with B grades.

Also, it has some movies and series in higher quality that Filmy Hit doesn’t have, such as the game of thrones is available in 1080 P quality. But the most important feature is that it provides dubbing of films in 5 Indian languages. Lastly, although being a torrent website yet it does not require a VPN or proxy site to function.

3. FilmyWap

Filmy Wap is another famous torrent website that provides third-party links for downloading the content. The third-party links are fully secured and verified. So it is often regarded as the safest torrent website. Filmy Wap provides the content ford= downloading in 3 Gp / MP 4 /HD/AVI formats. The website is supported by all forms of software and devices.

4. Movie Rulz

The next option that we suggest is Movie Rulz. It is specially designed for those who believe in play store verified material as it is available in the form of an application that can be easily downloaded from the play store. You can download movies in Hd quality of belonging over 30 genres available.

You can view movies according to the reviews as it receives reviews from expert critics. It also helps you retrieve the list of movies that is scheduled to be released in the near future in your location. So Movie Rulz is a good alternative for those who want infotainment.

5. O2TVSeries

O2TVSeries is an American torrent website that offers free downloads of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also has its application that is available on the play store namely, the HD Mania app. It has a recently added section that is updated daily with fresh content for netizens to enjoy.

Its search bar is powered by Google thus making searching movies smooth like butter. You can also search movies from the list that is arranged according to its starting alphabets. It has tons of thousands of content for downloading as well as live streaming. The movies are also arranged according to categories so you can watch them in a single go.

6. 123Movies

123movies is called as “world’s most illegal website,” but due to its immense presence and dominance over other torrent websites, it deserves a spot on our list. 123 Movies is still active from clone websites, and you can download its extension, which is free of viruses or spyware.

It is one of the convenient ways to watch your favorite movie in HD and Ultra HD  quality for free without any registration. It has minimal advertisements but is completely ignored due to its beautiful interface. You can search movies according to categories, genres, seasons, languages, etc.

7. FzMovies

FzMovies is another exciting platform for people wishing to download and stream free content. Fz Movies is best known for its largest collection of movies on the internet. FzMovies have a well-structured and designed search bar where you can find movies by name of star cast and directors also.

It also has a specific advanced search system where you can browse according to your criteria. It also has a mobile application available at FZ studios which you can download and enjoy free streaming. It also gives you a glimpse of actors’ life by sharing news buzzing around them. Overall, FZMovies is a deserving platform on the list.

8. 9x Movies

9x Movies is a torrent website that provides third-party nonaffiliated links for the free downloading of movies. 9X movies is known for providing HD quality in very low storage . for instance, 1080p quality movies are available for download under 300 MB. You can download movies such as Bhojpuri, English, Bengali, Malayali, Hindi, etc. Also, movies such as south Indian are available in dubbed and subbed versions and vice versa.

Final Words

So this is all about the best alternatives to DownloadHub. All the sites are free and stream pictures in HD quality. Most of them do not require a VPN or clone sites to function, and some are available in applications. So you will have a great time enjoying movies with these platforms.

10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak to Use in 2021


Gone were the days when the audience had to hold back to watch their animes on TV, but with the venture of foreign channels such as Animax, the demand for anime grew so rapidly that it defeated Cartoon Network in terms of viewership. With the rapid increase in demand, many websites were created to compete with Animax, but their viewership was peanuts in front of Animax popularity.

In 2016, Animax made a flabbergasting announcement about its discontinuation of service in India. Since then, anime lovers have started rummage about various websites and sources of streaming anime. After that, anime lovers turned into Anime freaks after watching like a hawk at Anime Freak. Anime Freak provides thousands of anime episodes in 360P to 1080p HD quality for an amazing viewing experience.

It has a fantastic UI, and UX enabled design that contains all genres of anime in its content library. Although its speed of streaming is faster as compared to other platforms yet it lags behind in the process of downloading.

Also, due to copyright issues, it is banned in some countries. Adding to its misery, the version is only suitable for laptops. In phone, it is often subjected to issues such as advertisements, hanging, slow speed, etc.

10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak

So people started shifting to youtube, but youtube does not have all the anime-specific content. So to overcome these problems, I mention below the ten best alternatives to Anime Freak that you can catch up on in 2021.

1. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is definitely “of the anime lovers, by the anime lovers, and for the anime lovers”. This spellbinding website contains 45000+ episodes and seasons of various animes and it also houses some hot and trendy manga collections. You can easily find dubbed and subbed versions of anime available 24×7.

It has a voluntary registration required for interacting with the community of anime planet. It keeps you engrossed all the time by providing separate sections of  Popular This Week and the newest recommendations. It is a purely legal website that does not require any VPN to function as it has episodes uploaded in its database by netizens themselves.

2. Baby Anime

Baby Anime is a brand new anime streaming website that offers up-to-date anime content without any charge. It is accessible through VPN, but you will surely enjoy anime streaming here as it is specifically designed for children.

You can keep working, and children will enthrall here, but it does not mean it is not for adults. It has a separate section for teen animes that you can binge-watch without any registration. Animes like Naruto, Boruto are available for teens. Plus, you can shop for the merchandise for your babies, and in the future, it might also sell merchandise for adults.

3. KissAnime

A very well-received and sought-after name amongst the mass for streaming free anime is Kiss Anime. The thing that makes it so commercial is that it provides streaming of ongoing anime series. After the original broadcast of the episode, within an hour or two, the episode is ready to bang Kiss Anime. In its 9 years, of course, it has various genres of animes available in 10 dubbed languages.

It has unlimited free streaming without any registration. Kiss Anime adheres to Digital Millenium Copyright Act that means it does not violate any content thus not banned in any country. This is the reason it is regarded as “one of the biggest anime streaming websites.”

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime attracts millions of views in a month and is the most popular website among anime maniacs. GoGoAnime houses thousands of animes from over 49 genres to choose from. It provides the highest 75% of its anime in the dubbed versions compared to any other website. It has a distinct page for dubbed versions.

You can enjoy Chinese anime as well as anime movies for free as well. GoGoAnime also caters to searches by trending, popular, and recently added also. So you are good to go to GoGoAnime.

5. Crunchyroll

Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll is an American company that focuses on streaming anime, manga, and doramas to 100  million registered users. Crunchyroll provides 1000+ animes and mangas titles to its users without any registration and any charge. It already has amalgamated with Funimation to increase its quality of anime streaming.

It has been tied up with Sony to create a single platform for all anime-related stuff. It also has a paid subscription available that has over 5 million-plus subscribers for a new experience in the anime world. So Crunchyroll will emerge as the Number 1 website for anime streaming in the future.

6. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a subsidiary of Funimation that focuses more on ongoing anime series as the episode is uploaded just after an hour of its scheduled broadcast.  But that does not imply you cannot view old anime.

It has a separate page for popular anime such as My Hero Academia and Naruto for free. You can also download its application that is supported by all kinds of software, to avoid ads on the website.

7. Animeheaven

Anime Heaven is a popular anime streaming website where you can search anime according to dubbed, subbed, popular, series, movie, ongoing, and random status. There are minimal advertisements on the website. It is quite similar to Anime Freak but differs in terms of security and overcomes its problems as it has an SSL security certificate by CloudFare Inc.

8. Animeultima

Anime ultima is an anime streaming platform that features some trending anime free of cost in 3K, 4K, and Ultra HD quality. The content in the database is provided by non-affiliated third parties but has minimal advertisements.

It is the most facile and straightforward navigation system due to genre and keywords below the search bar itself. It also gives the latest updates about all the ongoing animes that you can discuss on the forum available on the website. It also provides the latest and popular section for a better viewing experience.

9. Anime Frenzy

 Anime Frenzy is another alternative to Anime Freak that provides ad-free content to its users. It is quite popular among the netizens because of a huge content library that offers dubbed versions in 11 languages and enables you to use subbed versions. It is also accessible through an application that is free to download and free to use.

You can also make your curated playlist, and the platform regularly updates your playlist with newer recommendations. Its customer care support system is highly responsive and helpful if you are stuck with any problem in the portal. It has a beautiful interface the gasps the sight of the audience very quickly. It is not wrong to add Anime Frenzy to your bucket list if you are in an anime frenzy.

10. Chia-anime

If you want to know A to Z about the anime world, then visit Chia Anime’s A to Z search bar, where you can search all the animes from 1999-present. You can watch anime in High quality for free and binge-watch all the seasons in its Season Heading.

You can search anime by anime list, 42 genres, quick filters, schedule, ongoing series, recommendation, Top anime, etc. So it is overall the best destination for anime maniacs.

Final Words

So concluding, I say animes are the best source of entertainment in the lockdown times. You can try these10 best alternatives to Anime Freak in 2021. All of the abovementioned sites feature trending and ongoing anime episodes in HD quality for free.

10 Best CRM Software in 2021


CRM is a very highly sophisticated and useful methodology that tends to provide the highest and best customer growth and support. Further, you can easily help add on to the client and working ratio of pupils in your business and industry.

Therefore, things work in a much more efficient way when CRM (Customer Relation Management) comes into the picture and works in terms of providing the right product management and working.

10 Best CRM Software of 2021

In addition, get into providing people some vale through the kind of service and help you provide them with time. In addition, the right to security, solidarity, and scalability is what arouses the general public most.

1. HubSpot CRM

This is an amazing platform to help you create several strategies and approaches for dealing with creativity in terms of network, marketing, and management well. Above all, you can easily get access to the working strategies and profile offers things tend to put up here. Similarly, take care of the working potential and plans here.

Therefore, things will themselves work as per your accord and will find the right working pattern and domain of all of them at once. Also, get the outlook and performance highlights to get an overview of the income sources and the ways it would allow you to keep up with your work.

2. Zoho CRM

This software is great for getting insights into the world of working altogether and bringing up high-quality work ethics to the team. Secondly, taking charge of the work quality and offerings of things here highlight their chances of getting the right potential. Above all, take part in highlighting the major and useful information regarding the wonderful journey of working here.

Further, take part in the activities and stuff which tend to engage and allow you the confidence to put things in a row. Also, this platform serves the purpose of providing the right guidance and mindset of putting things forth.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce brings to our knowledge the working and reaching potential of the systems in terms of customer growth and management in the longer run. For instance, you need to get a creative outlook with the high-class variety norms and working standards of things in all.

Similarly, get a clear view of the things which take place in terms of highlighting the facts and figures of things in all. Further, take charge of the high work ethics of the workforce and substantial needs of things in all. Do not let the other such facts and figures come into the viewpoint of things in all.

4. Nimble

Nimble helps you connect with various insights and work growth opportunities when addressing them all into a single one. Similarly, here you get to put up the facts and figures which affect your marketing and working domain in all. Similarly, you get a clear insight into the world of addressing the issue and the potential of marketing in all.

Take into account live profiles, segmentation, reminder feature, and management process of things here. In other words, an extensive range of third-party integrations here let you all engage in the world of brief and technology resources. The highly customizable and scalable working standards here let you engage in the ethical and beautiful domain of enigma in all.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an automated servicing and raw-fluency developing app which allows the users to manage the unique features of managing the leads and sales. In addition, the visual sales managing here let’s create a deep dive into the world of beauty and grace in all.

Similarly, take notice of the kind of information and details you put up when enrolling with the services and opportunities when withstanding things in all. In addition, the services and managing options help you keep track of the opportunities of growth and sunder in all. Further, take part in subscribing with the interest and growth features in your fields too.

6. NetHunt CRM

Track the user-friendly and intuitive user interface here for getting the right information regarding the ample growth and technical opportunities. After that, take your interest in increasing the reach and enjoy the multi-linguistic approach of things here. Therefore, reinforce the beauty and outlook of things work very well on NetHunt for CRM.

In addition, the particular approach of making things work on your part gives you insight into the working environment here too. However, pursue your interest in developing such a skill set and work plan which would issue you the right to creating an individual growth mindset in all.

7. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell helps you get into the easy data export and import of the logistics and data in all. Similarly, here you get to notice the enveloping beauty and trilogy of different output in all. In addition, take care of the kind of basic strategies you put forth in terms of the kind of working potential of things.

Therefore, the comprehensive pipeline management services let you make into the insights of things in all. Also, take part in enriching the details and ensuring data security and integrity. In other words, get with a collaborative environment by blending in well with the key benefits of things in all.

8. Insightly

Insightly deals with the right strategy of getting well with the rights and sources of dealing well with things. Above all, take part in creating the right and important stuff as phone, email, etc. In addition, this is one of the most affordable and flexible events in all. Therefore, get well engaged with the right kind of mindset and absorbing the enigma of it.

Further, take part in the hands-on experience of the working class and experience of it. The official features and filtering possibilities are a creative insight into the world. Also, you can easily connect the working potential with your devices. Lead routing, relationship, and profile management lead to the outlook of positivity.

9. Engagebay

On this site, you get well versed with the business processes and strategies of the working potential. Similarly, take part in highlighting the mutual positive aspect of things by taking them into your account well. Email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, and social media marketing help keep things with an insight of performing them well.

Engagebay brings up to you the right potential and positive aspect of the creative outlook of things well. Above all, sales, marketing, and finances of the right to creative outlook highlight their own potential too.

10. Agile CRM

Agile is the creative outlook of the things in all. Project, contact, appointment, email management leads to the creative outlook of things when working with the highlights of it. In addition, email the rights to creating the right to destiny and highlights the soulful information. Above all, the instant drag and drop features let us all create the highlights of things in all.

Also, the built-in autoresponders help you work well with things in common. Therefore, it becomes the right kind of mindset and detail when creating the aspect of things. Similarly, online marketing and sending screenshots to the domain deals well with creating a cloud of details and insights in all.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, CRM software is the best one with a creative approach to deal well with things. However, take the interest into the field of your interest and provide you with their creative outlook well. This article would definitely help you get the right fit for your job and business purpose. Also, you can get data and analysis of the output of things well.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to get the need and importance of CRM well. CRM software forever helps you deal with and look into the positive side of things when bringing in an outlook well.  Therefore, choose the one which will help you in the longer run wisely in all.

9 Best Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies For Free


Streaming movies have almost become a part of everyday life. They make you escape the real world and are a good way of passing time. There are some sites on which you have to buy the subscription packages in order to gain access to the movies but some sites like FMovies give you free access to movies.

It consists of a huge collection of movies that gets updated on a daily basis.  There is a database of more than twenty thousand movies and over five thousand TV series. It has some great features available. It allows you to go through the trending searches which gives a list of all the latest movies. It allows you to download them as well as stream them online.

9 Best Sites Like FMovies

In this article, you will learn about some alternatives to Fmovies.

1. Movie Tube

With a huge list of movies, both from Hollywood and Bollywood, to explore, Movie Tube is becoming quite popular due to its engaging content. It is quite similar to FMovies. There is a search bar for you to find out the movie you want to watch by typing its name.

It allows you to sort the movies according to time of release, most popular, and other standards. There are also a number of genres available for you to go through, to find out a movie that you might find the most interesting.

2. House Movie

House Movie provides a list of movies and TV series to stream online. It gives high-quality content. A search option is present at the top, where you can search for the specific movie. One of its advantages is that it gives you the information about ratings of the movie. The genre and year of release of the movie is also given at the bottom of the thumbnail.

3. Download Hub

Download Hub is one of the best options because it does not just allow streaming of its high-quality content but also provides you the choice of downloading it onto your PC.

Other than movies, it also provides access to – Hollywood TV shows

-Bollywood TV shows

-Bollywood Songs


-Pakistani shows and movies

One of its key properties is that it gives you a dual audio option, meaning, a particular show or movie is available in 2 languages. They are available in different qualities (480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.)  to be able to stream according to the internet connection. These features make it more user-friendly and a better option.

4. Bobmovies

This site is like the last resort when you have got none of the other sites at your hand. It allows you to watch full-length movies online for free.

This platform provides you with HD-quality pictures if you have a good internet connection. It gets updated daily and new content is uploaded every day to make the latest movies and TV series available for the users.

There is a list of genres available for choosing the movie under the specific category. It also has an option for ‘country’ and displays a list of movies made in that country. The Year of release and duration of the movies is displayed under the name of the movie.

5. Movie DDL

This website provides you with streaming services for movies online. Although it does cause some bug problems, it serves as a good alternative to FMovies.

There is an option available for sorting the movies according to time or popularity. Option for ‘most downloaded’ is also available to save the time spent in searching separately for trending movies. Like other sites, Movie DDL also has a list of genres available to choose from. There is a good collection of movies to choose from.

7. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is an online streaming site with a decent collection of movies and TV series. They are divided according to Genres, which is further subdivided into various categories such as Action, Drama, Romance, Horror, etc., Year, Most Popular, New movies and there is also a separate option available to watch TV shows.

It is like an online cinema. It also gives information about the ratings of specific movies. It acts as a good alternative to FMovies for gaining access to these movies and series.

8. HD Movies Point

This is one of the best alternatives to FMovies to watch movies in HD quality on a stable internet connection. It also allows you to download movies. There is a massive collection available including Bollywood and movies belonging to all kinds of genres.

A list of genres is displayed on the top. You can click on the type you want to watch and all the movies belonging to that genre appear on the screen. The latest movies are uploaded regularly to keep the user updated. It is a much better option compared to many sites.

9. See HD

This is another option available for streaming high-quality content online. Movies are categorized according to the genre. Sometimes, unseemly ads appear.

Movies can also be accessed according to the year of release. Ratings are also provided, which is a great aid in choosing the movies from the list. It also recommends movies similar to the one you search.

Wrapping Up!

You all are aware of how watching movies is such a good way to pass time and we all look for free stuff accessible online.FMovies is a very popular site for a huge collection of its movies. It is simple to use.

But in case, you do not have it at your disposal, The sites given above such as Movie Tube, Download Hub, BobMovies, etc. are great alternatives. They all provide almost equally good streaming services to watch the movies and give your brain a sense of pleasure being far from reality for a certain amount of time.

10 Best Alternatives to 1337X in 2021


Torrent websites are the best-known way for netizens to download content without any charge. These websites use the peer-to-peer network for providing third-party non-affiliated links for fulfilling the objective of free download.

However, if you are not acquainted with reliable and trustworthy websites, then it might be an uphill battle for you to download the subject you wish for. Torrents are known for some good quality features, but still, there is a need for improvement in their software.

1337x was founded in 2006 gained mass popularity after it survived the mass ban on torrents. It offered the download of various movies, songs, applications, games, tv, anime, and so on for free in HD quality. It was a reliable source as the content was posted from verified websites and people of all age groups enjoyed watching it, but an innovation turned into a blunder, and the website was taken down by google.

The innovation was giving a perplexed and fresh design to the website that included some discriminatory and defamatory content. Due to a  large bunch of under 18 age, people were using the website, so it was made inaccessible to netizens. Some mirror sites were created, and VPN became a necessitate for approaching websites, so its fame declined drastically, and thus, a need for new alternatives rose.

10 Best Alternatives To 1337x In 2021

So your wait is over as you can use the below-mentioned torrent sites as an alternative to 1337x.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an old champion in the field of peer-to-peer networks. Founded in 2003 by some Swedish developers, the site provides movies, songs, anime, games, etc., without demanding a single penny from you. What you need is just a VPN to visit the website, and no registration is required for streaming your content.

The main attraction is the simple and facile interface which helps in easy navigation of the mass collection of the torrent files from its impressive database. Its reliability and security are commendable as it has a legal license for operation. It has been banned but in few countries only. The best part is that not all the files are taken from torrents.

Some are taken from verified and trusted users that have uploaded files in the database itself so that you can binge-watch them directly in the portal without any advertisement. So you can dive into the world of Pirate Bay now.

2. ExtraTorrent

Extra torrent is a less known but great website with features a cut above The  Pirate Bay. The white interface is fabulous and beautiful, but it is recommended to use a VPN or proxy while visiting the website. Not just only movies and songs, it also renders picture torrents and documentaries for zero charges.

It is known for the categorization of different torrent files of its database for easy and thrilling navigation. If you want to watch trending, it lists the top 10 torrents from each section. If you are made your mind to the latest, then you can browse the Today heading, which shows all the relevant files. For movie watchers, it offers an HD movies section and top 250 movies rated by IMDB that proves its reliability and trustworthiness.

3. KAT.cr

“Some things are not easy to forget, no matter how far life can go, even when your old, they will keep on coming back to you every now and then”. This quote faultlessly defines the torrent website KAT.cr. This website needs no introduction as it is a mirror website created by Kickass Torrent after it got banned in several countries. It is similar to 1337x. You can download the content from its vast directory of files.

4. YiFyTorrents

Yify Torrents, a.k.a. Y.T.S, is a prestigious torrent that is popular for providing 4K  quality movies for free. It provides all the movies from 1980- present in 1080p, 3K, and 4K quality. It has a dedicated place for all the 4K movies if you are specially visiting the website for 4K  picture quality movies.

The website has made all the preparations for you if you are visiting randomly. Also, it will introduce you to the Popular movies section, Trending section, and the fascinating Marvel section. Thus it is a perfect destination for movie likers.


If you prefer binge-watching full series in one go-over-watching episode from time to time, then EZTV is perfectly fit for you. You can catch up with your applauded series for free. It has a separate list that contains Full Season TV packs where you can select and watch series in one flow. In terms of filters provided for browsing and the latest and trending sections, it is a doppelganger to Extra Torrent.

6. TorrentReactor

The torrent reactor is an alternative for those who believe that only applications works and online streaming are harmful. The torrent reactor works if you download its software from the verified website, which increases its reliability and safety.

It is quite similar to 1337x concerning the torrent files available for download. It requires a simple registration to enable you to run this application. The torrent reactor does not have any mirror website. It only has software; thus, if you are looking for a download, do it only from the website.

7. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another torrent website offering massive torrent files for free download. It includes software, animes, movies, games, and even books links that are affiliated with the third party. The site is operated by all the netizens as one can upload the torrent files ourselves.

You can even download its free binary channel and IsoHunt client for free for a better and hassle-free experience on the interface. It also lists top searches and trending torrents for a wonderful experience.

8. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a popular torrent website founded in 2003 and managed by Flippy. Torrentz2’s main website has been closed down, but it still has a proxy website that has 60 million torrent files in its huge database. It has a no-nonsense index that helps you discover your favorite content within 3 seconds.

For instance, you can type just a movie name with year, and it will pop up the link for downloading or streaming on your screen. It also has a beta search engine that allows a wide variety of content to be searched.

9. Toorgle

Toorgle is a search engine for discovering your favorite torrent file just by typing in the search bar. It is the most facile torrent platform for downloading content. It is also called Google of torrents by netizens. It provides you links from over 400 websites for online streaming or fast downloading. No silly advertisements will irritate you, and it is most preferred for tv viewers.

10. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent galaxy is a galaxy of various torrent files solar systems like apps, software, music, books, and so on. It also has a forum section for discussing things with other netizens. It now has a streaming section that is the main attraction of the website. Otherwise, it has hot picks and trending searches available for you. So dive into Torrent Galaxy today.

Final Words

These are the 10 best alternatives to 1337x in 2021you can try with the help of proxy or VPN to overcome the problems faced while using 1337x. They are free to use, and most of them are free from silly ads. You can download or stream live according to your choice in your country only. So concluding I say, torrents will form a new future in the internet world.

5 Best Mobdro Alternatives in 2021


Television is a great support system for us today. No one can imagine a life without entertainment. Television helps us in exploring the happening of the world through news and entertains us with movies and TV shows. This helps us in releasing our stress and lightens our mood as well. But have you ever wondered if you can take your television wherever you wished to take it? The answer is a big Yes. Now you can take your television wherever you want.

The technology has become so advanced that now people can watch Live TV on their mobiles and laptops. All you need to do is to visit the sites which are having access to providing live tv channels. These services do not even cost a penny to the users. All they need to do is to create an account and you are good to go.

5 Best Mobdro Alternatives in 2021

There are a variety of different types of websites that provides easy access to live TV. Some of them might only provide channels of any particular category and some give variety. We bring to you some of the prominent websites that are authentic and best of all. Some of the popular choices are listed below:


OREO TV is a great platform for streaming live television content free of cost. There are plenty of options available to choose from. From the US and UK-based TV channels to Indian channels, OREO TV is the one-stop destination for streaming anything, anytime anywhere. All its services are free to explore from global sources. The app does not compromise the quality of the content. The platform works seamlessly on TV also.

All it requires is a good broadband connection. The platform is easily available on Android devices and even available on the web also. Comparing it with some of the paid OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon prime, OREO TV gives a lot of features without even asking for a penny. It has an abundance of entertainment-related content available on its database.

2. 123TV

123 TV is yet another incredible application for streaming live television content free of cost. It has 80 channels available on its server. In order to access them, all you require is to have a stable internet connection. 123 TV is a destination for all types of content ranging from movies and serials to News and cartoons.

All the content available is of high quality. Most of the channels available on its server is from the USA. But you can also search for your favorite shows by feeding into the information about the channel and the region it belongs. For some restricted regions, you can also go for a VPN and stream your preferred content. Channels like, Disney Junior, Fashion TV are available here.

The best part about this app is that the interface is quite smooth, and there are no unwanted ads available on the website. Hence, you can stream hundreds of series without disturbance and disruption.

3. Thop TV

Thop TV gives its users thousands of channel options along with premium services free of cost. It does not even ask for registration and sign-ups. You can easily find live sports, entertainment, cartoons, and movies conveniently. The application holds live streaming from countries like the USA, UK, India, Germany, Canada, Middle East, France, and many other such countries. Users can easily search their content globally.

However, there may be a possibility that the application may be restricted in a particular region due to copyright issues. In such situations, people prefer using VPNs in order to access the services with a different IP address. Otherwise, it’s a great destination that provides the content of all types.

4. Kodi

Kodi is not like any other live streaming application but itself is a media where users can add various file repositories and enjoy free TV, Movies, music, and programming. You can also add an IPTV addon by the name cCloud TV on Kodi. This helps you find more than 1200 channels on the server.

It’s quite easy to install and access. All you need to do is to download Kodi from the Play store and then add the McCloud add-on on Kodi. After this, you are ready to explore thousands of channels from hundreds of regions without even paying a penny. Apart from streaming, you can easily store your favorite content on its server and use the programming feature as well.

5. YouTube TV

Youtube TV is a paid OTT platform available on the internet in the United States. It includes some of the prominent servers like ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, etc. It provides services like the provision of Cloud DVR and DVR storage space limits. YouTube TV provides more than 60 channels from the US, which you can easily watch on android and Apple TV.

On TV it won’t require a cable box. Users can stream a massive number of shows without ad interruptions and all of them are of high quality. Some of the popular channels available on this platform from various genres are listed below:

  • Sports- CBS RSN Channels, ESPN Network, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, NESN, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel, etc.
  • Entertainment- AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Comet, Decades, E!, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, MyNetwork TV, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, and many more.
  • Kids- Cartoon Network, Disney, Universal Kids
  • News- BBC News, Cheddar News, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC.


These sites have improved the TV experience of the users. No one had ever thought we could stream live TV with such comfort, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. This website must be a great pass time for users who are traveling or getting bored alone. All you need is to have a stable network connection and you are good to go.

9 Best WatchFree Alternatives to Watch Movies in 2021


WatchFree is a free streaming service that provides access to TV shows and the latest movies. It has a large number of movies available, and the site is regularly updated to renew the collection. Movies or TV shows related to all kinds of genres are available. You have the option to view sports, news, concerts as well.

It acts as an alternative to Zmovies and is equipped with a lot of new options and features. It is accessible worldwide. One of the advantages is that you can view the shows in many different languages. It also streams more than 150 channels. Options are also available to sort the movies in different ways such as name, date of release, year of release, and more.

9 WatchFree Alternatives

In this article, we will know more about the alternatives to WatchFree.

1. WorldFree4u

WorldFree4u is a very commonly used site. It provides you with a large number of movies to download. Other than movies, it also provides you access to music videos, games, and other stuff as well. It has the option to download both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

One of the key features of this site is that it has the availability of dual audio. This means that it allows you to watch movies and videos in two different languages. It gives you the choice to download movies in 480p, 720p, 1080p, and also in HD quality in the smallest size possible.

2. DivxCrawler

DivxCrawler is one of the best and most easy-to-use sites that give you the availability of a huge list of movies and videos to download. Information such as the size and format of the movie is also given.

You have access to other free-to-use data as well such as software, audio clips, music, and much more. It has a very simple procedure to download the movies. Just press on the ‘Download’ button to view them on your computer. These files downloaded can also be copied to a pen drive or DVD for different purposes.

3. NewMoviesOnline

NewMoviesOnline is one of the best alternatives to WatchFree, in order to gain access to high-quality streaming for movies and videos. It is known for a huge collection of movies given to the users for watching and/or downloading.

There are 3 ways to use the site-

  • Using the search option for typing the name of the movie or video with proper spelling.
  • Searching the movies under the specific category it belongs to such as drama, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, suspense, etc.
  • Finding out what you want to watch through the categories such as TV shows, new releases, most popular, films, etc.

You have access to this site from anywhere around the world.

4. Zmovie

Zmovie provides you with the advantage of streaming all the latest and popular movies and videos for free. It gives high-quality content along with information such as characters, storyline, release date, and more related to the movie.

Movies and TV series both are available from oldest to latest. Options are available for sorting the movies or series according to the time of release. You can search the movie you would like to watch from categories such as most searched and trending.

You can also investigate the movies or series using the search bar. It allows you to watch movies from different genres such as fantasy, documentary, drama, etc. in different qualities in order to save the internet. Another advantage is that there is no disturbance by advertisements.

5. Archive

With a collection of more than 2 million videos and music tracks, Archive gained popularity due to the provision of content including movies, software, music, and even books as well.

It is a free site and does not itself give you the content to download but instead acts as a mediator that provides links to the movie or other files that you would like to download.A trailer is also shown when you first click on the movie or video. Later, it makes a list of links to the sites which allow you to download the movie available on your screen.

6. IceFilms

IceFilms is an alternative to WatchFree, 123movies, and some other sites that comes under the ‘one of the best’ category. There is a different set of movies available under each genre such as adventure, romance, biography, documentary, horror, etc. which you can look through to find out the movie you want.

The key feature is that it provides you with the request option, allowing you to request access to the movie or series which is not available. It becomes available to you in less than 24 hours. There is a great collection available and it saves your time by letting you know the latest release and the news about upcoming movies.

The search box is also available where you can type the name of the movie/series or use tags to find out the movie or series.

7. Gorillavid

Gorillavid is a site that provides high quality streaming of movies, videos, or TV shows anywhere around the world. The main advantage of this site is that it also allows you to upload videos on your own for free. The site is updated with new latest movies. You can also create a playlist of your favorite movies, shows, and videos.

Like other sites, this also has categories such as thriller, romance, etc. under which you can find a number of movies to watch in high quality. The search box is present to find out the movie or series using its name, a tagline, or something related. It provides you with other options similar to that movie.

8. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is an online streaming platform that has the feature of streaming more than a thousand live radio and TV channels without any paid subscription. There are more than 500 channels available to stream from limitlessly. Radio channels are also accessible.

There is no need for an external player to be used for playing the videos because it has an in-built service for streaming. One disadvantage is that it is not available worldwide. It can only be used in 19 countries all over the world. Plus, it is only available on android.

HD Streamz can also be used as an app but it is not officially available on the play store, though, it can be downloaded from other sources.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo is another alternative for watching free movies online with a good quality picture. It allows you to stream movies even when the internet is slow. It gets daily updates on the latest and trending movies to watch. A giant collection is available with different movies coming under the categories such as horror, drama, dream, adventure, etc. like any other site.

TV shows are also available for you to stream. They are updated with all the new episodes. One of the main properties is that it allows you to place a request to render a specific movie available in case it’s not. It is accepted and the movie appears on the site in less than 24 hours.


Streaming movies and TV shows have become a part of daily life these days. This industry is generating tons of money and everybody wants to look for an option that provides them with their favorite movies and series for free.

WatchFree is one of the online streaming sites that give you such an option and the availability of many other features for free. There are also other sites available for equal or better streaming which are also free to use, without any subscription.

WorldFree4u, Gorillavid, Vumoo, Zmovies, NewMoviesOnline, and many more are alternatives to sites such as WatchFree, 123movies, and other such popular sites. They have a huge collection of movies and series available. Some of them even provide software, music clips, and other stuff. Each has its own advantages. You should find the one that’s best for you.

9 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports to Use in 2021


With the development of technology, we have now reached a point where almost every live event can be aired on smartphones or PC, no matter what time and place it is. For sports fanatics, it is like a blessing to have the freedom to watch events wherever they want to without having to miss them.

FirstRowSports is one of the best options for all sports fans that have the facility to watch sports matches and games live worldwide. It is updated daily with new games to keep the users up to date with all that is happening in the sports arena.

9 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports in 2021

Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, and every other sport that you could imagine, is available to stream on this site. Sometimes the site may not load or you may not be able to access it. In this article, we will discuss the best alternative sites to FirstRowSports.

1. SportsLemonTV

SportsLemon TV is one of the best options to access daily live matches. It has been created to get rid of the difficulty to spend time searching online for live matches. You can use it from anywhere around the world for free. The home page displays the list of all the live matches going on or to be played in a brief time.

On the top, there is a list of buttons, each with a name of a particular sport. On clicking the button, it gives you the list of games for that particular sport.SportsLemon TV is available on both iOS and Android. You can use it on your PC as well. It is a great site if you don’t want to miss out on daily updates on sports.

2. StopStream

Stopstream is an excellent site to stream live games and sports with ease and simplicity. It also provides you with links to watch sports games from other websites as well. It hosts many sports channels which are accessible at any time and anywhere. This makes it quite a decent option for sports fans.

There is a list of live sports events given on the home page from where you can select the one you would like to stream. It is also divided on the basis of categories of different sports such as Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing and so many more.

3. VipBox TV

VipBox TV provides you with a number of choices in the sports field to stream live games online. It is used for broadcasting sports events. It is updated regularly with the new matches. It allows you to save time. The site has a simple design, through which you can easily find out the match you want to watch.

This facility is available almost for free to the users. VipBox TV is one of the best alternatives to FirstRowSports for watching media related to the sports industry.

4. Live TV

Live TV is another website that hosts live sports programs and permits its users to watch live events of high quality for free. There are over 500 channels available, featuring sports from all over the world. Everyday games related to different sports are broadcasted both internationally and locally.

There is an option for you to choose from specific categories of sports and also according to the country to watch your favorite sportsperson playing live. A countdown goes on up till the beginning of the match. So, you can see how it is a great choice to watch games online.

5. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is a site offered by the sports channel ESPN to watch live matches and browse for your favorite ones. It allows you to check out the schedule for matches and also enables you to watch replays and video highlights.

Events can be divided according to the sports field it is related to such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, etc. There is also an option to go through the leagues to navigate the program you want to watch. One of the limitations is that you can access this site only if you belong to The United States.

6. Strikeout

Out of numerous options to watch sports online, this Strikeout comes under the best. It is easy to use and you can stream online sports-related multimedia in high quality. It has a clean layout that gives the user the advantage of the ease of using the website and choosing between the different divisions of sports.

7. SlingTV

With over 2.4 million subscribers in 2018, SlingTV has gained popularity among sports lovers due to benefits such as:

  • Ability to watch content on high quality
  • Low cost of subscription
  • Regularly update their content
  • It can be watched on your smartphones, PC, and even Smart TV and Xbox

It allows you to watch every single one of the live events in the sports arena.SlingTV is already a quite famous website but its name is rising even more due to the advantages and its quality to maintain the integrity of the user’s trust.

8. Feed2all

Feed2all is an excellent platform for sports lovers that hosts a number of channels and enables you to view live sports programs. On the home page, you come across the live tournaments and games happening across the globe. It provides access to a number of leading sports channels.

It is free of cost and is known for its high-quality content. It gives information about live scores as well. Overall, this site has a good streaming service.

9. FreeSports

FreeSports has risen to become the United Kingdom’s top 3rd sports channel. It provides you with a good service to air the live events in all the areas of sports. You need to register in order to gain access and enjoy the programs of your interest.

It is renewed with the latest events all around the world. There are also weekly highlights available to catch you up with the latest news and stuff. It is an amazing website with good services.


It is quite important for sports fans to be able to watch the shows and remain updated with what is happening in sports. You may not always be at home to watch TV and support your favorite team but these online sites give you the freedom to watch it anywhere and anytime.

FirstRowSports is a very popular site but there may be times when it might crash or the server could be down. In that case, you obviously would not want to miss out on the match. These sites- SportsLemon TV, FreeSports, Live TV, VipBox TV, etc. give you accessibility to their content.

Depending upon the site, you might have to sign up or it could be free of cost. You can choose the alternative according to your need and wish.