Jungle Cruise was Dwayne Johnsons Dream Project Inspired By …

Jungle Cruise was Dwayne Johnsons Dream Project Inspired By ...

For whatever reason, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears just about everywhere. The performer is a prodigy who got his start in the WWE and is one of the few pro wrestlers to make it big in Hollywood and stay there for 20 years.

One possible explanation is that Johnson, towards the middle of the 2010s, decided to use his fame as a currency to launch his own production firm, Seven Bucks Productions.

Jungle Cruise was Dwayne Johnsons Dream Project Inspired By

Jungle Cruise was Dwayne Johnsons Dream Project Inspired By ...

Creating his own version of Pirates of the Caribbean was one of those fantasies (because, like Polygon, The Rock really loves Pirates of the Caribbean). To fill this void, Jungle Cruise was created.

“DJ always had a fantasy of making a major Disney movie,” Hiram Garcia, president of production at Seven Bucks Productions, tells Polygon. When I first met him, he was completely obsessed with Pirates.

He has always said, “Man, I hope one day I can reach to a stage where Disney would would want to do something like that with me, ever since I saw the first trailer for Pirates, and seeing the ride come to life, and what the ride meant to people, to see that world.

Johnson, from his first days as a filmmaker, sought to describe the unwritten rules that a visionary, under-resourced, but anointed artist would have to abide by. 2001’s “The Matrix” was the beginning of his The mother is making a return appearance in his role as the technologically advanced Scorpion King.

Garcia jokes that “The Scorpion King” was created at CG “at a very terrible moment.” If you look into it more, you might find that he was actually innocent. However, Johnson becomes a brand for a while, and the series The Scorpio King becomes the cornerstone of his future endeavours.

Seven Bucks Productions to Focus on his True Passion

Johnson finally got it right after he joined the Fast film franchise and worked on several films based on children’s books. He did this in part by establishing Seven Bucks Productions to focus on his true passion: creating blockbuster films that everyone will go watch.

To some, Johnson’s strategy of mixing commerce and the arts may seem odd, but as Garcia puts it, “it’s just the PT Barnum fantasy.”

7;s interest in Pirates is intense. “Ever since he saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean trailer and experienced the live ride and learned what it meant to ride the fans and view the globe, he has thought, “Man, I hope one day I get to a point where Disney wants to do something like me.

“Ironically, a DJ’s favourite ride was Jungle Cruise,” recalls Garcia. Fortunately, Disney was at a point where they were considering reviving the Jungle Cruise concept.


DJ, though, harboured an unspoken hope: “One day I want, I want to be able to.” That’s why everything made sense. Those early discussions paid off handsomely only a few years later.

Johnson’s vision for a film inspired by Pirates, Indiana Jones, and The Mummy came to fruition with Jungle Cruise, and the director of The Shallows and Non-Stop, Jaume Collet-Serra, joined Johnson’s team.

After becoming fast friends on the set of the Disney adventure film, Johnson asked the director to helm his decades-in-the-making comic book movie. Adam the Black.