Rep. Donald McEachin Blasts Mitch McConnell for Comment On …

Rep. Donald McEachin Blasts Mitch McConnell for Comment On ...

A recap, in case you missed it: A. Donald McEachin, a representative from Virginia’s 4th congressional district, wrote to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to express his displeasure with a slur the latter made against African American voters.

Sen. McConnell implied at a news conference that African Americans are not citizens of the United States, drawing an immediate condemnation from Rep. McEachin.

Rep. Donald McEachin Blasts Mitch McConnell for Comment On

Rep. Donald McEachin Blasts Mitch McConnell for Comment On ...

Your words are emblematic of the internalised racism and discrimination that members of our community still suffer in this day and age, and they are also indicative of the long history of systematic disenfranchisement of African Americans.

After calling Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) a “Broken Old Crow” on December 10 for helping the Democrats lift the debt ceiling, Trump again criticised McConnell on January 2, this time in the context of voting rights.

McConnell had promised back in October that he would use the Senate’s potentially time-consuming budget reconciliation process to force the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.

However, last week, in order to prevent a filibuster, McConnell and 13 other Republican senators voted to fast-track the Democrats’ bill. There is a cap on the total amount of money the federal government can owe people, known as the debt ceiling, set by law.

Monday morning Trump released a statement in which he claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was handing the Democratic Party every legislative victory imaginable. This Old Crow seems to be in bad shape; what gives? Both Republican senators and the Republican Party are suffering because of him.

At What Point do they Plan to Remove him From Leadership?

According to a statement released by his campaign to CNN on Thursday, McConnell said that he has “consistently highlighted the record high turnout of all voters in the 2020 election, including African Americans.”

McConnell has been on the receiving end of criticism before for remarks he has made about race and prejudice in the United States.

We elected an African-American president,” he stated when asked about his position on slavery reparations in 2019, before of a historic House hearing on the matter. Some have said that by voting for Obama, Americans are paying for “the sin of slavery.” This remark has caused much controversy.

McConnell was asked about the racial history of the filibuster last year, and he responded, “There is no racial history at all. None.”

According to Adam Jentleson, author of “Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senator. and the Crippling of Democracy,” “for more than a century, the filibuster was widely thought to be largely about protecting white supremacy and opposing civil rights.” time.

Later, a McConnell Spokesman Explained that the Senator was “Speaking to the Origins of the Filibuster.”

When asked by CNN if he had forgotten a word, a representative for McConnell’s office stated the senator meant to say ” Americans” rather than “Americans.”

The Democratic Party and other progressive organisations have pounced on the apparent error, using the hashtag #Mitchplease to direct their complaints at the Republican leader on Twitter.

To put it plainly, it’s giving the #MitchPlease. Every day of the year, African Americans are Americans. according to a tweet from the official CBA account.

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The McConnell campaign released a statement on Thursday in which McConnell claimed to have “consistently alluded to the record-high turnover for all voters in the 2020 election, including African-Americans.”

McConnell has been criticised before for remarks about race and prejudice in the United States.