When does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back on

When does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back on

Elena visits Caroline, who is thrilled about her upcoming graduation and delighted to see her old friend. Something is amiss, and Elena knows it’s all in her head. In order to lure her into the Salvatores’ high school fantasy world, they kept her in a state of weakened vulnerability.

Elena claims that is useless and hence will not work. Damon returns to the basement, where Elena briefly exits the safe to reprimand him. She resists his attempts to force her back inside, but he eventually succeeds.

When does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back on

Until she flips the switch back to human, Damon and Stefan won’t give up on her. All we have is time, Damon adds. “I’m going to come back for you in a couple hours, or a couple years.” Caroline drops by for a visit.

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Stefan Explains that their Goal is to Get Elena to Feel Something, Anything.

Caroline makes an attempt at chit chat. When Stefan isn’t around, Caroline pisses out Elena and lets her bleed out. The boys’ strategy isn’t something she supports.

“Has it ever occurred to you that this obnoxious clingy thing you’re doing is the reason both of your lovers fled town?” What Elena has to say about Tyler and Klaus.

Caroline’s excitement for graduation is met with derision from Elena, who calls her cruel names. Again, Elena chases after her, and this time Caroline catches her off guard and snaps her neck. Caroline orders Stefan to take care of Elena in any way he sees fit. Matt and Rebekah had a conversation in a pub.

She’s been drinking her sorrows away since losing the cure and breaking up with Klaus and Elijah. She appreciates Elena for being a purely human being. Since he is failing his studies and has no choice, Matt proposes that she move out of town if she is truly unhappy there.

Caroline tries to invite Bonnie to the Salvatore home, but Bonnie is still bitter about Elena’s attempt on her life and has no intention of forgiving and forgetting. Bonnie arranges a secret meeting with Katherine, telling her she has an offer she can’t refuse.

The lads return to the Salvatore home and hide Elena behind a curtain, removing her daylight ring. Damon has a fire extinguisher at his disposal. “Even if I do manage to get my feelings back, I will remember all this, and I will detest both of you for it,” she says.

Damon Considers it to be a Worthwhile Gamble.

They let the sun shine in, scorching her skin. It is “She’s Come Undone” that restores Elena’s humanity. The Salvatores are trying to use Elena’s fleeting moment of dread for her life as motivation to get her to switch her emotions back on in this episode.

The trouble is, she is well aware of their affection for her, and as a result, she is confident that they will never do anything to truly harm her. Torture them, and they won’t even flinch.

Fans were saddened by Elena’s transformation into a heartless vampire in “Bring it On.” After being persuaded to go back to school, Elena signed up for the cheerleading competition, only to develop feelings for a member of the competing squad.

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Elena’s actions in this episode, stalking a young girl onto an empty bus and demanding the bow the victim had in her hair as a means of gaining her trust before feeding on her, were completely out of character for the humane person Elena usually is.

The coldness of Elena’s dehumanisation became palpable when she preyed callously on helpless victims.