Who is the Actress in the Amazon Echo Cooking Together Commercial

Who is the Actress in the Amazon Echo Cooking Together Commercial

In a new commercial for Amazon’s Alexa that will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl, real-life pair Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost hook up to great effect.

“Hey girlfriend, check this out,” Jost says to Johansson as she enters the living room after going downstairs. Alexa, the big game is today.

The Amazon Echo does her thing as you watch football on Prime Video, by shutting the blinds and chilling the rosé. They respond in unison, “It’s like she can read your mind,” and then other scenes play out in which Alexa is used to imagine what life would be like if it were true that she could read their minds.

Who is the Actress in the Amazon Echo Cooking Together Commercial

When Time is of the Essence and a Lady Needs Help Cooking, Who Better to Call than Dad?

Her father comes into the kitchen after she has burned the duck, and Alexa on her Amazon Echo Show dims the lights, suggesting she try a special spaghetti meal her mother once made for him. As she puts the last touches on the pasta, the doorbell rings.

After asking her father how she looks, the woman discovers that they had been having a video conversation through the Echo Show the whole time.

She ends the call abruptly when he inquires about her date’s identity, but the calendar alert “Dinner with Sam” on her Echo screen betrays her.

The situation then takes a humorously sinister turn when the virtual assistant starts picking up on its owners’ thoughts without them even realising it.

Among these are a cued interruption of Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” when the Black Widow actress states that filming love-making sequences is “the worst,” and a warning for the Saturday Night Live actor to “fake his own death” before his wife’s tragic stage production begins.

The commercial culminates with a humiliating dinner gathering where the couple’s embarrassing ideas are being voiced out loud by Alexa. That Alexa can’t read minds is probably for the best, as Jost puts it. Bad idea, in Johansson’s opinion.

When 37-year-old Johansson tells 39-year-old Jost, “I love it when we get to sleep in,” he answers coyly by covering his face and Alexa says, “Ordering fresh mint mouthwash… extra strength.”


Alexa turns on a prying blender as the Weekend Update host on “Saturday Night Live” rambles on to his obviously bored wife about how great spray tanning is. The couple continues to act out increasingly absurd scenarios in which one partner uses technology to learn the other’s true feelings about them.

Jost’s question, “When you have to perform those love scenes with those attractive guys, is it fun or is that like the worst?” is perhaps the most unsettling for the celebrity, but hilarious for the audience.

The actress, who is set to marry comedian Jost in 2020, laughs and exclaims, “It’s the worst!”