123Movies Alternatives- 10 Sites Like 123Movies


Closing Pop-ups after pops up we get it the struggle was real but what matters is the free online streaming of movies. In the era of paid-up streaming services, everybody is looking for a Robin hood who would provide free movies online without any hustle. 123movies is one such site that has been doing the same for a couple of years now with its wide range of material.

But though 123movies is popular it has its own set of legal issues which has compelled us to look for alternatives which would come handy at a time when 123movies is unavailable. So, we went through numerous site where most of them look quite similar to 123movies but *spoilers ahead* were full of malware and ads and to save your precious time we have come up with this list of Top 10 alternatives to 123movies which would fulfill your appetite for movies and TV shows.

So, what is 123movies and why did Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) call it the world’s “most popular illegal site” let’s find out.

What is 123Movies?

It is a site which was originated in Vietnam between 2015-2016 allowing users to stream online or download movies from its vast library for free. Due to its quality feature of being well-organized and minimalist interface, it was quite popular with over 100 million users during its peak time which is why in March 2018 Motion picture association of America (MPAA) called it the world’s “most popular illegal site”. It was also the “most used pirated website” in the United Kingdom.

No, signup is required to begin viewing its content as well as the numbers of ads are also very less than other websites.

It was shut down on 19th March 2018 after a joint effort between the U.S ambassador and Vietnam. After its shutdown, various clone sites and mirrors have emerged to continue the legacy of its predecessor but have failed the expectations as most of the sites carry malware threats, pop up ads after every click, or broken links the list goes on.

Is 123movies Legal and Safe?

To put it in simple words 123movies is not safe for your devices as such site contains malware, viruses, or ad pop-ups that can harm your device. We would recommend installing the latest anti-virus or firewall product before heading toward these websites to watch free movies.

But when we talk about the concerns regarding the legality of the sites, it depends on the countries to the country. Every nation has its own government law with respect to anti-piracy, copyright issues, and intellectual property rights. If you are a citizen of the US or Germany then we might have some bad news for you as your country doesn’t allow free online streaming.

This site exists in the dubious and dim territory of the web, filling in as a privateer web index and legitimately showing connects to motion pictures, 123movies is disregarding all the web accountabilities. Also, it neither expresses any duty nor pre illuminates the client regarding the way that the content on their webpage belongs to some other site. We suggest you use a VPN while browsing such sites just to be on the safer side.

123 Movies Mirror

As we have referenced earlier, 123movies isn’t working in specific territories of the world. Either government forced a boycott or confronting ISP limitations because of copyright material. Here, Proxy and mirror locales come as helpful. As the name recommends, the mirror or Proxy webpage is the duplicate of principle sites, that conveys comparable information as found on fundamental areas.

123movies have several Proxy destinations that ceaselessly prevent working now and again. Consequently, we can’t give any assurance that whether these sites would be working in the future or not. The following is the list of 123movies mirror which are currently accessible:

URL Status Speed SSL
https://www1.123moviesc.me/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.land/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.mx/ Online Very Fast On
https://www.123movies.club/ Online Very Fast On
https://www1.123movies.net/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.tax/ Online Very Fast On
https://www0.123movies.md/ Online Very Fast On
https://ww1.123movies.actor/ Online Very Fast On
http://www1.123movies.sc/ Online Very Fast On

Best 123 Alternatives

As we humans never depend upon one thing the same as online as one door is close there are several other doors opened for us and the same are called alternatives. List of the top 10 best alternatives to 123movies along with their unique features is sorted as per their popularity.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker has come around as knight in shining armor for the online streaming user with its huge library of thousands of streaming movies available in HD quality and that also without any registration. Through its advanced platform it has made user experience easier when one is looking for something to watch.  Putlocker was first introduced to users in 2011 since than it has appeared in Alexa internet’s top 250 most visited websites worldwide. And the best part is if you don’t like the new version one can always go back to the old putlocker.

2. Vumoo

One thing that describes Vumoo is simplicity at its best. Vumoo is another magnificent free gushing site that offers an enormous assortment of motion pictures and TV shows from which to pick.  This current site’s greatest feature is its incredible assortment of worldwide content. You’ll discover several pages of worldwide shows and motion pictures in their unique language. Most unknown diverse content is accessible with captions.

3. Go Stream

This list would be incomplete without the alternative of 123movies. With

Fast navigation and ad free website go stream has climbed the ladder of popularity in short span of time. It has wide range of movies and TV shows from which one can choose from without facing any issues. At the point when you’re searching for movies, you can sort results by date included, rating, discharge date, and the sky is the limit from there. The landing page additionally includes the most recent drifting substance to kick you off.

4. Yesmovies

In today’s world we all depend upon rating and review, as we all rely on one source and that’s the other customer comments and views, Yesmovies provides the same as 123movies, where one can just find which movie is worth watching and which is not by its ratings made upfront and can stream the same HD content too. Yesmovies is a platform where nothing is host on its own server but is available under multiple different sources.

5. FMovies

As we all are abide by one thing that first mover advantage is always there and one is benefited by the same over the period of time with the same concept FMovies in its times was an great tool where all latest release with a high quality could be surf easily. Not also that but the shortcut that we use today in YouTube like space bar to pause and play was enable in with FMovies. As always said old is gold. Though we have not heard about this a lot but it’s a known for its use and features.

6. Solar Movies

Today what we prefer more to stream may be its Netflix, YouTube etc but Solar movies was one to climb up the stairs with an award to achieve in streaming movies like other but free. It was major attraction not because of its user friendly interface but also its quality streaming. Providing suggestion as per our pervious watch provides an ease to stream with options. User can easily trace out its history and picked the one from the suggestion provided.

7. GOmovies

Not only movies but streaming TV shows with the best IMDb rating is an unique feature of GOmovies which helped it get popular and consider as best alternative for 123movies. Streaming can be done without registration headache adds on to GOmovies privileged. Whether be horror flicks or romantic movies one can find all under one roof, the 100th best movies can be easily sorted according to the choice and surf here.

8. WatchFree

When it comes to WatchFree it’s not so popular among us but the way user speed up there streaming over this is uncountable which makes it a best alternative for 123movies. As same about other sites it allows to stream different movies just an advantage to surf over it is the speed. The reason user hate it because of its pop up which is too frequent and disturbing same leads it to be less popular among the user.

9. Popcornflix

As popcorn is must when we watch a movie the name itself is fascinating where features like updating its content everyday and putting under one category makes something unique about it. One can not only surf movies and TV shows but also the viral videos which attract the user to stream under it. Whether it is content from FailArmy, The Pet Collective one can find all under one roof. One can surf without visit to IMDb first.

10. Primewire

In this 21st century is one want to attain popularity it should be unique and should remain updated. With the same context the place Primewire at the end as it still uses outdated design and doesn’t change it. The feature of creating one’s playlist with an option to share it with friends also on content matter it doesn’t let its user down which helps us to add it to the best 123movies alternative. Users today want to utilize the thing which are easy and unique not the obsolete.

Enjoy 123movies Alternatives

123movies was one of its kinds though it has been shutdown there are other sites that have got you covered. Like a wise man one said “life doesn’t stop for anybody” the same goes for online streaming. So, what are you waiting for just grab popcorn and enjoy all the latest content with those amazing 123movies alternatives. If one gate is closed many other are still open and same can find with the alternatives provided.

Surfing Free is Always Right?

Today when most of our entertainment sources have moved to our phones or our laptops, where convenience is of utmost importance to the consumer, 123 movies is like a needle in a haystack which delivers entertainment to the its users for free of cost without  any hassles and redirection to websites full of advertisements of malware. There are a lot of premium paid streaming platform available.

However, every user isn’t willing to pay, nor is it as cheap as it is advertised. So having a streaming site like 123 movies is definitely good news to consumers who want to enjoy premium content. But if you think it from the point of view of producers, they are definitely losing out and this will in a way impact the content they create as they also need funds at their disposal.