iMessage for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Download

iMessage for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Download

iMessage for PC is a texting Application created by Apple Inc. also, as its designed by Apple it is operated by iOS 5 and later and OSX Mountain Lion and later.

iMessage on PC gives you a chance to send and effortlessly to any other individual utilizing iMessage For PC, Mac, Apple watch, etc.It empowers you to send amass messages to numerous individuals.

iMessage for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Download

Since you know what iMessage on PC is you may feel that how extraordinary it is from normal instant messages or SMS or MMS. So let me tell you, in case you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can send iMessage For PC without utilizing your cell information or content informing design. iMessage for Windows is speedier than them two.

iMessage For PC Features

1) Free of cost:- It is the significant advantage as I know that we all have some budget that we need to follow and especially for students we have the lot to do in the little amount of money and hence having a service that is free of cost what else we can ask for.

2)Faster than others:- For most of the people time is money, and they will pay more just to get things done faster but did I not tell you that it’s faster than SMS/MMS and hence this makes it more valuable.

3)Easy to use:- As compared to other instant messaging apps iMessage For Laptop App is much easier to use unlike MMS, and it has so many features more than an SMS.

Now I know you all are willing to download this fantastic app in your laptops or PCs. So without wasting any more time in understanding that how useful this app is. Let’s focus on how to Download iMessage on PC.

So there are many ways to download iMessage For PC, but I will discuss only a few of the best and effective ways.

SMS And MMS Messaging:- iMessage for Windows PC can act as the default messaging app on your android device. It provides a clean user interface, smooth workflow and a compelling alternative to other apps. You can send MMS message attachments that are up to seven times more massive than your carrier limit. Thus you can send a multimedia message of probably any size or any length.

Comprehensive Contact System:- The iMessage for Windows devices includes an in-depth contact platform. It allows you to customize contact names and add contact photos. Also, you can sync and import contacts from your computer or directly from your phone. You can also block connections and set them as Do Not Disturb. It’s for you to decide who do you want to chat with.

Advanced Encryption:- We will send and deliver the messages to the iMessage app for Windows devices using AES cryptography. The encryption standard for the U.S. government. This ensures that your messages will not intercept over public Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. If you are using the weServer, it does not store your messages on a central server. Instead, you have full control over the messages you send, as you host it on your computer.

Easy Customization:- You can customize contact names, contact pictures, and even set a group chat icon if you’d like! You can also use Contact Sync. A feature that imports the contacts on your Mac or your phone to your app. Moreover, the user-friendly interface makes you glued to the app even when the conversations are time taking.

Group Chats:- The iMessage App for Android devices allows you to send and receive group chat messages. You can also create, rename, or add and remove people from group chats (renaming or adding and removing people does not support SMS Group Chats).

The above were just the highlights of the excellent features iMessage for PC devices has for you. And now that we have informed you about the features and utilities of the iMessage for Windows App. We tell you the best ways to download iMessage on your PC.

How to Download iMessage For PC, Windows 7/8/10

1. Using BlueStacks

Utilizing a free emulator or specifically, BlueStacks is easy to use. You can gain access to a lot of applications on your PC despite the fact that when they are not for PCs. So we should begin.

Download iMessage for PC Using BlueStacks

Step 1. At First, open BlueStacks site and download and Install this application on your Windows/Pc.

Step 2. Then open the BlueStacks application and search for ‘iMessage application’ you will have to demonstrate a few outcomes. When you discover it look play alternative for iMessage for Windows.

Step 3. Afterward, that select, the iMessage Application from google play store and right tap on the Install.

Step 4. When it’s installed successfully, go to the Home page of BlueStacks.

Step 5. Then select the “all applications” option, and you will discover the iMesaage for PC on the Store.

2. Jailbreak Your iOS

Apparently; Jailbreaking iOS technique is a useful event that you have an iPhone. It sounds exceptionally fascinating, yet it is somewhat muddled and also helpful.

Step 1. At First, install the Software called Cydia. Cydia is a store of applications that end up usable due to your JailBreak iOS gadget.

Jailbreak iOS to Use iMessage for PC

Step 2. Then spend $4 to get an application called Remote Messages in Cydia to set up an online connection.

Step 3. Afterwards, you will have the capacity to associate with this electronic interface utilizing. Your iPhone’s IP address found on the Application.

3. Utilize Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1. At First, you ought to have a Mac with iMessage For PC and a Windows PC, to begin off with.

Use iMesage on PC With Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 2. Now, you have to download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both of your PCs.

Step 3. Then at this point when you installed it, move to next part.

Step 4. Afterwards, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on the Mac PC.

iMessage For PC

Step 5. After downloading the file, Install it.

Download iMessage on PC Laptop

Step 6. Finally, Chrome Remote Desktop enables access to another PC’s applications and records safely using the Chrome Software or Chrome book. So enter the two PCs through the security code and use the iMessage For Laptop.

iMessage for PC Windows Lapto

4. Get iMessage For PC utilizing iPadian

The PC or Windows users ought to be grateful to the iPadian emulator for it is an aid to them. It is accessible free of cost. Every one of the applications which have limited to Apple Device users, you can get to those!

Download iMessage on PC Using iPadian

Step 1- At First, visit the site from your Windows.

Step 2- Then download this emulator accessible for free.

Step 3- Now Install the exe file on your PC.

Step 4- Next step is to run the emulator.

Step 5- The window will ask you to Agree to all terms and conditions. Afterwards, Tap on the option to Agree and proceed.

Step 6- Then once the procedure of establishment has efficiently finished. You would now be able to use the iPadian Software on your Windows/PC.

Step 7- Now in the search box window search for the iMessage application.

Step 8- Once comes about has discovered, tap on the iMessage For PC to download iMessage for Windows.

The above the two strategies enable you to appreciate the comprehensive highlights of iMessage For PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About iMessage for PC, Windows and Mac

Now that you know the ways to download this application you might have some doubts left so let me clear them for you.

Q1: Is iMessage Application free of cost?

Ans: Yes it is free of cost, and you don’t need to pay anything to use this application on your PCs or laptop.

Q2: Can we use this on android mobile phones?

Ans: No we still didn’t have found any way to use this application in our Android mobile phones. But if we did then I will let you know the ways to download in your android phones too.

I don’t think that there are any doubts left. So yeah what are you waiting now just go and download this application on your PCs. Experience fantastic chat experience with your friends for free.


The installation of iMessage on PC was just a dream for many till now. But as we have turned the dream into reality, you can now access the compelling features of iMessage for PC App on your Windows device.