Japan Celebrates Ryusuke Hamaguchis Four Drive My Car Oscar …

Japan Celebrates Ryusuke Hamaguchis Four Drive My Car Oscar ...

The three-hour drama “Drive My Car,” directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, is about a man coping with the death of his wife, and the director’s native Japan is overjoyed by the film’s Oscar nominations.

Japan Celebrates Ryusuke Hamaguchis Oscar

All major Japanese media outlets covered the announcement of the four Academy Award nominees, from the respected Nikkei business daily to the tabloid sports publications that typically provide little coverage to local art films.

The Japanese drama “Drive My Car,” helmed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and based on a short tale by the renowned author Haruki Murakami, was named the best foreign picture at the 88th Academy Awards.

Japan Celebrates Ryusuke Hamaguchis Four Drive My Car Oscar ...

“Drive My Car” Triumphed Against the Other Films Nominated for the Award including Denmark’s “Flee,” Italy’s “The Hand of God,” Bhutan’s “Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom,” and Norway’s “The Worst Person in the World.”

It was During his Award Speech that Hamaguchi Thanked the Performers Present as Well as those who were Unable to Attend.

The film, which features Hidetoshi Nishijima and Toko Miura, is an exploration of human connection as a vehicle for love, grief, and acceptance.

Two years after the sudden loss of his wife, acclaimed stage actor and director Yusuke Kafuku (Nishijima) is offered the chance to direct a performance of “Uncle Vanya” at a theatre festival in Hiroshima.

“Being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards is a huge honour. A Twitter user named YasioE expressed his belief that the combination of Haruki Murakami and Anton Chekhov had produced a work that was accessible to readers everywhere.

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Last Words

The author Haruki Murakami has actually watched it. According to an interview I read, he did see it, and one of the things he noticed was that the car was a different colour. In addition, that caught him off guard.

While reading the interview, my first instinct was worry about how he was feeling. He, however, paid me the highest compliment imaginable. He saw the movie and claimed he couldn’t tell what was his contribution and what wasn’t. And I take it to imply we succeeded in preserving the Murakami universe.