Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout After Violence Between Queretaro …

Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout After Violence Between Queretaro ...

The first arrests were made in the wake of the deadly March 5 riot that took place during a Mexican league match in Queretaro, and league owners issued punishments and took other extreme steps following one of the darkest days for the sport in Mexico.

At least 26 people were recognised as being involved in a brawl that broke out in the fans during a Liga MX match between Queretaro and Atlas, and the state police in Queretaro have already arrested 10. As a result of the fighting that broke out on the field, the match was stopped, along with the weekend’s other matches in Mexico’s top division. As of Monday, March 11th, Liga MX action will resume.

Mexico Soccer Riot Latest Fallout After Violence Between Queretaro ...

Images from the Estadio Corregidora violence in Queretaro have sparked indignation and cries for change among Mexico’s soccer community due to their graphic nature and frightening nature. As of March 8, there were no official reports of deaths from the accidents which left 26 hospitalised with five in serious condition and one in critical condition.

In an extraordinary session held on March 8th, Liga MX club owners heard league president Mikel Arriola’s pledge to implement exemplary punishment and reevaluate clubs’ relationships with fan groups. Crowd management and safety measures in Liga MX will be improved by the implementation of a new fan ID registration system that makes use of facial recognition technology.

When did the Riot in Mexico Start?

Some spectators apparently onto the field to get away from the fighting in the stands after fences between the supporter groups were broken. The violence continued, though, and the 63rd minute of the Queretaro-Atlas game was called off.

The video below illustrates how the match deteriorated into anarchy, with a notable absence of security staff in the spectators or on the pitch.

Was there a Fatality Toll From the Riot in Mexico?

Despite numerous gory films depicting lifeless people lying about the Corregidora Stadium grounds being posted online, no fatalities were reported to the Queretaro State Civil Protection agency.

Twenty-six people needed medical attention, and three days after the incidents, 20 had been released from the hospital, while six remained there, with five in serious condition and one in critical condition.

Liga MX has stuck by the official data published by the state of Queretaro, including the zero fatalities, but personal reports from fans who were in the stadium tell a different narrative.

Last Words

One video that surfaced the day after the incident portrayed an intensely upset Atlas supporter who said her companion, who she called as Arturo Buenrostro, killed in the stadium attacks. She claimed she was told 32 people had died, albeit this number has not been independently confirmed. When challenged with this knowledge, the Liga MX president continued to point to the official governmental count.