What We Learned From The 2021 Eurovision Grand Final

What We Learned From The 2021 Eurovision Grand Final

Although Eurovision 2021 was an ambitious attempt to combat the coronavirus, it was about much more than that. What more does this data reveal?

There’s Still Rock ‘n’ Roll Going Strong, at Least in Europe

Not only did Manskin win with his song “Zitti e Buoni,” which features racy lines and references to smoking, but the song was also one of several indicators of a newfound interest in rock music.

Finland’s Blind Channel placed sixth with their violent nu-metal song “Dark Side,” and Portugal’s Black Mamba landed in last place with their 1970s-set love song “Love Is On My Side.” The song “Kay” was an iconic rock tune. Paul McCartney does not belong on the earlier list.

What We Learned From The 2021 Eurovision Grand Final

It’s Possible that French will be the Next International Language of Choice.

Bad Bunny, Rosalia, and C. Tangana are just a few of the Spanish-language pop artists who have helped push the genre up the charts in the United States and Europe in recent years. Is it time to speak French now?

For France, Barbara Pravi came in second on Saturday with “Voila,” a classic piece of chanson that was frequently compared to the work of Edith Piaf. A Swiss band called Gjon’s Tears, who sang in French and took third place with their song “tout l’Univers,” also performed in French.

Britain has Earned the Enmity of European Countries. (Germany, too.) Nonetheless, Somewhat Less.)

The British representative, James Newman, was the night’s biggest disgrace because neither the judges nor the audience voted for him. For the first time since 2003, Britain will end on a nil. Could this be related to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union?

And yet, maybe it isn’t the case either. The political powerhouse of Europe, Germany, garnered the second-fewest votes on Saturday, totaling three. There were only six votes for the Spanish entry and eleven for the Netherlands.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is the most popular Voting Event in the World.

The Eurovision Song Contest voting procedure is lengthy and complicated, comprising juries from 39 different nations (including some that aren’t even in Europe, like Australia), plus a popular vote. The Saturday competition was primarily about the vote count.

There was a lot of back-and-forth as the results came in, with Iceland and Switzerland looking like the most likely victors at one point, until Iceland made a comeback and Italy raised the storm with massive crowd support.

While this may seem difficult, other large award ceremonies, such as the Grammys, may want to implement similar approaches in order to involve the audience.