10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak to Use in 2023


Gone were the days when the audience had to hold back to watch their animes on TV, but with the venture of foreign channels such as Animax, the demand for anime grew so rapidly that it defeated Cartoon Network in terms of viewership. With the rapid increase in demand, many websites were created to compete with Animax, but their viewership was peanuts in front of Animax popularity.

In 2016, Animax made a flabbergasting announcement about its discontinuation of service in India. Since then, anime lovers have started rummage about various websites and sources of streaming anime. After that, anime lovers turned into Anime freaks after watching like a hawk at Anime Freak. Anime Freak provides thousands of anime episodes in 360P to 1080p HD quality for an amazing viewing experience.

It has a fantastic UI, and UX enabled design that contains all genres of anime in its content library. Although its speed of streaming is faster as compared to other platforms yet it lags behind in the process of downloading.

Also, due to copyright issues, it is banned in some countries. Adding to its misery, the version is only suitable for laptops. In phone, it is often subjected to issues such as advertisements, hanging, slow speed, etc.

10 Best Alternatives to AnimeFreak

So people started shifting to youtube, but youtube does not have all the anime-specific content. So to overcome these problems, I mention below the ten best alternatives to Anime Freak that you can catch up on in 20231.

1. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is definitely “of the anime lovers, by the anime lovers, and for the anime lovers”. This spellbinding website contains 45000+ episodes and seasons of various animes and it also houses some hot and trendy manga collections. You can easily find dubbed and subbed versions of anime available 24×7.

It has a voluntary registration required for interacting with the community of anime planet. It keeps you engrossed all the time by providing separate sections of  Popular This Week and the newest recommendations. It is a purely legal website that does not require any VPN to function as it has episodes uploaded in its database by netizens themselves.

2. Baby Anime

Baby Anime is a brand new anime streaming website that offers up-to-date anime content without any charge. It is accessible through VPN, but you will surely enjoy anime streaming here as it is specifically designed for children.

You can keep working, and children will enthrall here, but it does not mean it is not for adults. It has a separate section for teen animes that you can binge-watch without any registration. Animes like Naruto, Boruto are available for teens. Plus, you can shop for the merchandise for your babies, and in the future, it might also sell merchandise for adults.

3. KissAnime

A very well-received and sought-after name amongst the mass for streaming free anime is Kiss Anime. The thing that makes it so commercial is that it provides streaming of ongoing anime series. After the original broadcast of the episode, within an hour or two, the episode is ready to bang Kiss Anime. In its 9 years, of course, it has various genres of animes available in 10 dubbed languages.

It has unlimited free streaming without any registration. Kiss Anime adheres to Digital Millenium Copyright Act that means it does not violate any content thus not banned in any country. This is the reason it is regarded as “one of the biggest anime streaming websites.”

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime attracts millions of views in a month and is the most popular website among anime maniacs. GoGoAnime houses thousands of animes from over 49 genres to choose from. It provides the highest 75% of its anime in the dubbed versions compared to any other website. It has a distinct page for dubbed versions.

You can enjoy Chinese anime as well as anime movies for free as well. GoGoAnime also caters to searches by trending, popular, and recently added also. So you are good to go to GoGoAnime.

5. Crunchyroll

Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll is an American company that focuses on streaming anime, manga, and doramas to 100  million registered users. Crunchyroll provides 1000+ animes and mangas titles to its users without any registration and any charge. It already has amalgamated with Funimation to increase its quality of anime streaming.

It has been tied up with Sony to create a single platform for all anime-related stuff. It also has a paid subscription available that has over 5 million-plus subscribers for a new experience in the anime world. So Crunchyroll will emerge as the Number 1 website for anime streaming in the future.

6. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a subsidiary of Funimation that focuses more on ongoing anime series as the episode is uploaded just after an hour of its scheduled broadcast.  But that does not imply you cannot view old anime.

It has a separate page for popular anime such as My Hero Academia and Naruto for free. You can also download its application that is supported by all kinds of software, to avoid ads on the website.

7. Animeheaven

Anime Heaven is a popular anime streaming website where you can search anime according to dubbed, subbed, popular, series, movie, ongoing, and random status. There are minimal advertisements on the website. It is quite similar to Anime Freak but differs in terms of security and overcomes its problems as it has an SSL security certificate by CloudFare Inc.

8. Animeultima

Anime ultima is an anime streaming platform that features some trending anime free of cost in 3K, 4K, and Ultra HD quality. The content in the database is provided by non-affiliated third parties but has minimal advertisements.

It is the most facile and straightforward navigation system due to genre and keywords below the search bar itself. It also gives the latest updates about all the ongoing animes that you can discuss on the forum available on the website. It also provides the latest and popular section for a better viewing experience.

9. Anime Frenzy

 Anime Frenzy is another alternative to Anime Freak that provides ad-free content to its users. It is quite popular among the netizens because of a huge content library that offers dubbed versions in 11 languages and enables you to use subbed versions. It is also accessible through an application that is free to download and free to use.

You can also make your curated playlist, and the platform regularly updates your playlist with newer recommendations. Its customer care support system is highly responsive and helpful if you are stuck with any problem in the portal. It has a beautiful interface the gasps the sight of the audience very quickly. It is not wrong to add Anime Frenzy to your bucket list if you are in an anime frenzy.

10. Chia-anime

If you want to know A to Z about the anime world, then visit Chia Anime’s A to Z search bar, where you can search all the animes from 1999-present. You can watch anime in High quality for free and binge-watch all the seasons in its Season Heading.

You can search anime by anime list, 42 genres, quick filters, schedule, ongoing series, recommendation, Top anime, etc. So it is overall the best destination for anime maniacs.

Final Words

So concluding, I say animes are the best source of entertainment in the lockdown times. You can try these10 best alternatives to Anime Freak in 2021. All of the abovementioned sites feature trending and ongoing anime episodes in HD quality for free.