How To Delete KIK Account Temporarily or Permanently


Sometimes though, you can get tired of certain things, even if they are amazing, just like you’d get tired of eating ice cream every day. Some of you may wish to Delete your Kik account permanently or temporarily.

The unique thing about Kik is that it doesn’t require a phone number to function. You can talk to anyone as long as you are connected to the internet. Below I am going to outline some ways you can deactivate your account on Kik, permanently and temporarily.

How To Delete KIK Account - Temporarily or Permanently

How To Delete KIK Account – Temporarily or Permanently

How To Delete KIK Account Temporarily

Temporary deactivation will completely erase your profile from the contact lists of other people. Kik will allow you to return if you regret your deactivation, so a temporary deactivation is a flexible approach. Let us cover the First Method, which is the temporary deactivation.

Step One – First of all, deactivation will mean you will not be able to receive any messages. Your profile will fail to appear if searched. Your Kik account will remain deactivated until you sign in. You will require the registered email you used to create your profile. You can even reset your password.

Step Two – After considering the above, head on to this site. This is the temporary deactivation website. All you have to do is, put in the registered email and hit “Go!”. Now you need to check your email account to see if you have received a mail regarding your deactivation.

Step Three – The Kik app’s mail will ask you if you are sure about the deactivation. Just follow the link at the bottom of the mail.

Step Four – Once you follow the link, you will reach a different page, which will ask the reasons for your deactivation. Click on the suitable reasons and hit the GO button.

Step Five – Afterwards, uninstall Kik and carry on!

Now that we know how to deactivate our accounts temporarily let us move on to the Second Method.

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How To Delete KIK Account Permanently

The next, more concrete method is a bit unreturnable. If you deactivate your Kik App account permanently, you will not be able to access your account ever again. You will never receive any kind of message or mail by Kik. Your username and profile will not be searchable on Kik.

However, your username will take a while to be deleted from the profiles of people you interacted with. However, rest assured, they will be deleted. As you can see, once you deactivate permanently, you will lose your account forever. The second method to deactivate your Kik app account permanently is as follows,

Step One – First of all, remember that once this process is done, you will no longer be able to log in. You will not be able to review or read your messages. Your profile will be lost permanently. You will need access to the registered email address.

Step Tow – To permanently deactivate your Kik app account, simply go here. This link will take you to the permanent deactivation page. Read the terms and the points carefully.

Step Three – After you are ready, click on the “Permanent deactivation website.”

Step Four – On the new page, fill out the required details. Put in your email, your profile and summarize the reason for your deactivation. Afterward, click on “Go.”

Step Five – Now, you will receive an email from the Kik app regarding your deactivation. Simply open your email and check the link for permanent deactivation. It will once again ask if you would like to deactivate.

Step Six – Just follow the link, and you have successfully deactivated your Kik app account! No new contacts will be able to look you up, and your data will be erased from the existing ones.

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Two simple methods, and now your Kik account has been “kicked” out of your life!