Have The Giants And Dodgers Ever Met in The Playoffs

Have The Giants And Dodgers Ever Met in The Playoffs

Some rivalries are just more intense than others. Two teams that unquestionably belong in the capital “R” category are the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The rivalry spans oceans, decades, and centuries. There have been many unforgettable moments, as there always are in any long-term partnership.

In keeping with B/Rivalry R’s Week, let’s take a look back at some of the most iconic moments from these long-running shows’ shared history.

Have The Giants And Dodgers Ever Met in The Playoffs

A Few of those Home Runs Will be Game-Changers.

Some playoff races will be extremely close. We can expect fights to break out. And, of course, the Orange and Black will be competing against the Blue as always.

Although it didn’t take place during a game, series, or season of baseball, this one was nonetheless monumental.

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The National League owners approved the relocation of the Giants and Dodgers to Los Angeles and San Francisco on May 28, 1957. It was agreed upon that only if both clubs relocated together would the vote be successful.

This is now the official policy. The Giants and Dodgers have been in a dogfight all season, and now they’ll finally meet in the postseason.

Due to the Dodgers’ 3-1 victory against the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Wild Card Game on Wednesday night, the Giants will face the Dodgers in the National League Division Series. Chris Taylor, an outfielder with the Dodgers, hit a home run in the ninth inning that proved to be the game-winner.

On Friday night at Oracle Park, the National League Division Series will get underway.

A playoff meeting between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers has never happened before despite being one of baseball’s oldest rivals.

In the opening match of the National League Division Series, the two squads will square off against one another. Their first ever postseason meeting promises to be a classic. So far this season, the two teams have the best records in Major League Baseball. With a 107–55 record, the Giants topped the Dodgers in the standings.

(The final score for the LA squad was 106-56.) Each squad has its share of stars, but their backstories couldn’t be more diverse. Los Angeles, the defending champions, had a roster stacked with skill, whereas San Francisco’s performance stunned many.

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Last Words

On Friday, these two squads will face again, raising the stakes in their heated rivalry. The next two games are scheduled for this coming Saturday and Monday. If necessary, Games 4 and 5 would be played on Tuesday and Thursday.

For the first time in their histories as separate franchises, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will square off in the postseason. If you had to pick a winner in this heavyweight fight, who would it be and why?