If The Browns Win Today are They in The Playoffs

If The Browns Win Today are They in The Playoffs

The Cleveland Browns went 8-9 last season, which wasn’t good enough to get them back into the playoffs after they had qualified in 2020 and ’21. Since then, the Browns made one of the most divisive transactions in NFL history by trading for Deshaun Watson after previously trading Baker Mayfield. for more information continue reading about If The Browns Win Today are They in The Playoffs.

If The Browns Win Today are They in The Playoffs

Can Watson’s 11-Game Suspension Keep the Browns From Making the Playoffs?

Only once in the past two decades have the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs, and this year their chances are slim at best. The Browns have a 37.0% chance of making the playoffs, as represented by their +170 odds at FanDuel Sportsbook.

Before Deshaun Watson’s suspension was announced, the Browns had a 50% chance of making the playoffs, but after the news broke, those odds plummeted to a more reasonable 30%.

If the Browns have a rough start to the season, their chances of making the playoffs will decrease even further. There should be a lot to learn about the Browns’ chances of making the playoffs and their performance in the first few games with Baker and Deshaun sidelined.

It’s No Secret that the Bengals have Superior Postseason Odds Than the Browns.

The Browns must now win their last two games to even be considered for a playoff berth. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals are in the same division, and they will be playing each of them in their final two games. Both games will be challenging due to the Bengals’ determination to win the AFC North.

With both the Ravens and Bengals at 8-6 heading into Sunday, the Browns would need the two teams to lose their next three games for a chance at the division title, which is unthinkable given that the two teams are set to play each other in Week 16. The Bengals prevailed, improving their record to 9-6 and giving them first place in the AFC North.

If the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals all end up with 9-8 records, there is a chance that Cleveland will win the AFC North since they have a better win % than Baltimore and Cincinnati. In those games, the Browns are 3-1, the Bengals are 2-2, and after yesterday’s loss, the Ravens are 1-3.

While Cleveland entered the weekend one game adrift of the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens, those two teams played each other on Sunday, with Cincy prevailing 41-21. The Browns would have rather saw the Bengals win, but they still have a chance to beat the Bengals in Week 18.

Last Words

It’s also possible that Baltimore might lose its second straight game against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 17 after starting third-string quarterback Josh Johnson on Sunday. If this occurs, and the Browns beat the Steelers the following week, Cleveland will move ahead of Baltimore in the AFC North.

Although they can no longer win the AFC North, the Browns are not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. That hipe is likewise really slender. Thanks for reading our article If The Browns Win Today are They in The Playoffs.