Kristin Smart Case Two Men Are Arrested In 1996 Disappearance

Kristin Smart Case Two Men Are Arrested In 1996 Disappearance

Police said on Tuesday that they have detained two men in connection with Kristin Smart’s abduction in 1996. The police arrested 44-year-old Paul Flores, and he has been charged with murder. There is currently no bail amount in place.

Kristin Smart Case Two Men Are Arrested In 1996 Disappearance

Sheriff Ian Parkinson of San Luis Obispo County said that while authorities have not yet located Smart’s corpse, they are still holding out hope that they will soon. I’m confident we’ll track down Kristin, he said.

Regardless of legal proceedings, we will not divert our attention from the search for her remains.

Kristin Smart Case Two Men Are Arrested In 1996 Disappearance

Smart, then 19 years old, vanished from her Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo dorm room on May 24, 1996. Flores, who was a suspect, was a fellow student there.

Kristin Smart, a college student in California, vanished over Memorial Day weekend of 1996, and a murder prosecution is currently underway as a result of her disappearance.

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As Smart’s final known companion, Paul Flores stands accused of her murder. Ruben, Paul’s dad, is being accused of being an accessory to murder. The prosecution claims he assisted his son in covering up the disappearance of his daughter’s body.

Evidence from soil tests and cadaver dogs supports the prosecution’s claim that Smart died in Paul Flores’ dorm room and was subsequently buried for some time under the deck of Ruben Flores’ property in Arroyo Grande.

These Two Flores Men have Entered Not Guilty Pleas.

Smart’s parents, who are from Stockton, have never given up hope of finding the person responsible for their daughter’s disappearance, and neither have the authorities. A greater number of eyewitnesses came forward when the true-crime podcast “Your Own Backyard” highlighted the case.

Chris Lambert, a musician, began a podcast about two years after Smart vanished, looking into what might have happened to him. The 2019 season of Your Own Backyard has officially begun airing. Lambert grew up close to the area where Smart went missing and recalls that the case received a lot of attention at first, then died down.

His goal in creating the podcast was to shed light on Smart’s disappearance and give listeners the complete narrative. Authorities hailed Lambert and his podcast with providing “important” fresh information that led to the two suspects’ arrests in 2021, the biggest advancement in the investigation to that point.

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Last Words

Smart disappeared while enrolled at Cal Poly, commonly known as California Polytechnic State University, in San Luis Obispo. According to testimony presented by Margarita Campos in August 2021 during a preliminary hearing on the charges against Paul and Ruben Flores, Smart and Campos, along with other acquaintances, attended a get-together at someone’s house off-campus on 24 May 1996.

Campos testified that Smart intended to stay out after the gathering, but he was fatigued and needed to use the restroom, as reported by KSBY. With that, Campos turned around and went back. Her roommate and she have not seen each other since.