Google Play Store Not Lets You Try Game Without Having to Install Them


Google Play Store has been the absolute best app store for mobile devices, in my opinion. Even though there are many of you who would say that the Apple App store has a better collection of apps, I’ve always found the evolution and the consistency by which the Play Store has been refined to be more desirable.

Google, as you have seen from the past years’ cover has been constantly bring new ideas to the table. Recently, they brought an idea called instant apps in the market which involved direct usage of apps without having to physically install them on your device. This was helpful for developers who wanted to test the compatibility of their apps if it involved working with other apps is well.

Now, the same functionality has been extended to other developers as well, and things have gotten interesting! With the selected few apps and games, you now have a new ‘try now’ button next to the install button of the old. This means that Google Play Store allows you to try out the app for all the games before I actually downloading the full-size version on your local storage.

There are a couple of popular games that have this new feature, and in this article, you will learn my thoughts and experiences. You will also learn how to get into this feature yourself. Let’s get started.

How to Instantly Access Games Without Installing Them

Before you start searching for your favorite games, you need to know that it is possible not all games have this instant app feature available yet. This is still in a closed beta version, meaning that only a selected number of developers have implemented this in their assets. For instance, words with friends 2, Clash Royale, and a few others have this try now button on their app page.

That’s all you need to know. There is a list below where have mentioned a bunch of popular games that I could find with this try now feature. Simply go to there a page and click on the train or button. It instantly starts doing something with the service and lots of the game. Of course, it is not a hundred percent instant, depending on your internet connection.

But it certainly is much faster than physically downloading the game and then playing it from your phone. I tried out clash Royale by clicking on the train or button. I did take a while to fill up the progress bar, and then the game finally launched. When the game launched, I discovered a few things.

The trainer option is more like a demo of the full game. You don’t necessarily get the entire game in the preview. You only get a glimpse of for the game would look like, for instance, you get a trial Clash Royal match for you to play and see if you like it.

It only allows a maximum of two matches for a person to play a comma after which had promised you to install the game. But, it’s not all bad. Supercell offers to free mystery chests if you install the game after trying it out using the instant apps feature. All you have to do is, click on the install now button and then claim your free reward.

I’m not sure if my internet connection is the culprit, but it came to me that clash Royale took slightly longer than usual to load up a match compared to when I had it on my phone, in local storage.

But then again, all of these smart features work with the help of integrated cloud platforms where most of the processing is done over at the server. So obviously, they require faster than average internet connections to give you a great experience. I am sure that you have better internet connections than mine (sigh!), so you shouldn’t have to wait a long time.

But the best part is, once you go through that loading screen, you need not go through the same thing after you close the game. It instantly loads up next time you click that try now button! But I noticed that clash Royale only allowed one game to me, unlike the first time where it allowed two trial matches. But I still think this is a very cool idea regardless.

List of Apps and Games That Support The Try Now Button

Here are a few games that I found with the try now button. I’m pretty sure there are more out there for you to discover!

  1. Clash Royale:
  2. Bubble Witch 3 Saga:
  3. Words with friends 2:

So there you have it. That’s all you need to know about the new Google Instant apps feature and the try now button. Check out the above apps and see if you can find some others with this feature. Enjoy!