Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany Vs. France

Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany Vs. France

France’s Paul Pogba downplayed Antonio Rudiger’s apparent attempted bite on his back during France’s Euro 2020 victory against Germany.

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger was shown on television replays biting Pogba’s shoulder right before halftime of France’s 1-0 win against Germany in Munich on Tuesday. Continue reading for more Info. Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany Vs. France

Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany Vs. France


Germany Vs. France

Pogba immediately yelled out and complained to Spanish referee Carlos del Cerro Grande, but the German was not punished, and Pogba played it down after the game for Manchester United.

Yes, I do believe he nipped at me, but we’ve been friends for a long time. In a nutshell, Toni and I are pals. Not much happened. “The game is over, and we embraced afterward,” Pogba added.

Pogba, the game’s MVP, thought it was “better” that Rudiger didn’t get sent off in Munich.

The Frenchman who was instrumental in setting up Mats Hummels’ game-winning own goal added, “I don’t want him to be suspended because of it.”

Even though Pogba reported the incident to the ref, he expressed relief that no “yellow or red card for such an act” was issued.

Champions League-winning defender Rudiger warned before the game that Germany would need to “act a little rough” to beat France.

If VAR had to get involved, Rudiger would have been in trouble, but Pogba didn’t say anything because it would have stopped the game. UEFA may step in and investigate the incident, so Rudiger is not out of the woods just yet.

The last time this happened was in the World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy in 2014, when Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. An Italian defender’s shoulder showed a bite mark, indicating that his assailant had dug in. Suarez was suspended from international play for four months and given a hefty punishment of 66,000 British pounds.

After defeating Germany, France advanced to second place in Group F. Mbappe and Benzema scored goals when offside, changing the final score significantly. With Ronaldo scoring twice in a 3-0 rout of Hungary, Portugal was in first place.

While the former Liverpool striker received a four-month ban for his acts, this was the third time he had bitten an opponent, and Rudiger is unlikely to suffer such a severe punishment if the event is examined again after the match.

Last Words

Rudiger had warned before the game that Germany needed to “act a little filthy” in order to defeat France, but he seemed to go a touch far with his use of the black arts. Thanks for reading our article Was Paul Pogba Bitten in Germany Vs. France.