Kik for Mac – How to Download Kik on Mac Using Legit Ways

Kik for Mac - Download Kik on Mac

Kik App is one of the most seamless, immersive and all-rounder social media application. It is feature dense yet it has strong security features. With just a username, you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world. Kik does not require a phone number or contacts. Kik for Mac PC has a simple interface which anyone can get used to.

Now, you must be thinking that this Kik can only work on your phone. But that is incorrect, with my help, you can use Kik for MAC PC too! Just follow my steps, and you can easily run Kik for your Mac PC.

Kik for Mac - Download Kik on Mac

Kik for Mac – How to Download On Macbook Free

We will be using an emulator to recreate a virtual android device on your Mac to run the Kik for MAC PC Application. In essence, it means that you will be able to use an on-screen phone to run Kik for Mac.

Method 1: Using NOX

There are various emulators that can run Kik App on your Mac. However, Nox is one of the best emulators to run Kik for Mac. Nox is a surprisingly good emulator, considering how premium and crisp it feels. Nox packs cool features and fast emulation, all for free! Follow the steps below to run Kik on your Mac.

Step One:– Download Nox from Official Website.

Go on their official website, and simply click on the download button of the left. After hitting the download button, wait for the download to begin. Nox is a large file, about 350MB, so have patience.

Step Two:- Install Nox.

Once it is done downloading, install Nox. Once you have successfully installed it, its time to fire it up! Once you open the application, you will see an android OS screen. You can use it however you want.

Step Three:– Go to the Play Store.

Next, head on over to google play store and search the words “Kik”. You should be able to find the application. Once you download and install it, you can use Kik for Mac just like on your phone. Congratulations! Now you can run Kik for Mac easily and connect with all your friends!

Method Two: – Bluestacks

Bluestacks emulator is a dream come true for gamers and android fanatics. It is an app which is back by Intel, Samsung and AMD. Bluestacks uses a layer cake technology which allows it to run even the most power-hungry apps. This would be an ideal app to run Kik for Mac. Bluestacks is made for gaming but it is suitable for any kind of application emulation and supports iOS. Bluestacks is one of the best emulators out there. I’ll show you exactly how to use Bluestacks to install Kik for Mac

Step One:- Download Blue from Official Website

Go on Bluestack’s official website and click on download “Bluestacks 3” and wait for it to finish. After the installation the app will ask you select a language. Put in your google email ID, just like on an android phone. Follow the set-up as given.

Step Two:- Search for KIK.

You should now be successfully inside the application. You are just a few steps away from having Kik on Mac! Go ahead click on the search bar on the top right corner. Put in the word “Kik”. After that, just hit “Visit Google Play”.

Step Three:-Install and Enjoy!

The app will now locate Kik once you see it, simply click on it and press install. Once you have downloaded kik for mac, simply open it! The app will now search the play store for Kik, just like the normal Play store on your phone. You will see the Kik for Mac, now click on install. Accept the permission requests and install normally. After successfully installing the application, you can now sign up or login! Have fun!

Method Three:- Andy Android Emulator

You have probably read this before but Andy is very popular and trusted emulators out in the market today. Andy is fast, supports the latest android OS. Andy will suit our purpose of using Kik for Mac. One of the best parts is, Andy has a free version as well as a paid version, the difference between the two isn’t that great.

Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements to run Andy. You need a system above Windows 7/8 3 GB of RAM and 10 GB disk space. Any is free to use and extremely fast. It is available for free, but the installation takes. Don’t be alarmed if the installation seems stuck.

Step One:- Search on Google for the Andy’s Official Website.

Look up the official website using Google or click here. Scroll down and you’ll find a download button next to a robot. Click on it and you will be redirected to a different page and the download will begin.

Step Two:- Wait for the Installation.

Andy’s installation takes a lot of time so don’t worry about it being stuck. An hour or so later, the download will finish. During the installation Andy.exe might ask you if you wish to download Byteforce Anti-virus and Yahoo! Services.

Step Three:- Open the Play store and search for Kik.

After the installation, Open the Play store as usual and search for Kik for Mac. Install it as you would normally. Follow the permissions and account name.


Enjoy using one of the best emulators for android, Kik will now work on your PC without you needing to put your phone number. Kik for Mac is incredibly easy to get. Just pick any of the above methods and have fun talking and chatting with your friends! The way to start emulating android on your Mac or PC is extremely simple, just use the above tips.